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204 Cahoon, Judd MichaelPreventing and Reversing Blindness: COMP-ANG1 and Endothelial Progenitor Cells as a Novel Therapeutic Approach in Diabetic RetinopathyDiabetes affects 25.8 million people in the United States and its prevalence is expected to triple in the next 20 years. Diabetic retinopathy (DR) affects nearly 30% of people with diabetes and is the leading cause of blindness in the working-age population. Current treatments for DR improve vision ...2015-08
205 Campbell, Michael StephenTools and Training for Genome Annotation and AnalysisThe MAKER genome annotation and curation software tool was developed in response to increased demand for genome annotation services, secondary to decreased genome sequencing costs. MAKER currently has over 1000 registered users throughout the world. This wide adoption of MAKER has uncovered the need...2015-12
206 Chen, Yu-ChanFunctionalizing the Mitochondrial Proteome-Mitochondrial Metabolism, Protein Quality Control and BeyondThis dissertation is to characterize two evolutionarily conserved but uncharacterized mitochondrial proteins using yeast and mammalian cells. The first protein, which we named respiratory supercomplex factor 1 (Rcf1), is required for the assembly of respiratory supercomplexes. Deletion of the RCF1 g...2015-08
207 Cook, Sarah FogleyPopulation Pharmacokinetics of Intravenous Acetaminophen (Paracetamol) and Its Metabolites in NeonatesPain management is a critical component of neonatal intensive care, not only for ethical reasons, but also because the failure to provide adequate analgesia during early life has been associated with poor outcomes. Intravenous acetaminophen is an attractive option for treatment of neonatal pain; how...2015-12
208 Duncan, Jeffrey DeanBirth of Identity: Understanding the Value and Policy Considerations of Using Birth Certificates for Identity ResolutionExchanging patient specific information across heterogeneous information systems is a critical but increasingly complex and expensive challenge. Lacking a universal unique identifier for healthcare, patient records must be linked using combinations of identity attributes such as name, date of birth,...2015-12
209 Flygare, StevenComputational Approaches to Biological Data With Applications in Image Analysis, Human Variant Prioritization, and MetagenomicsAdvances in technology have produced efficient and powerful scientific instruments for measuring biological phenomena. In particular, modern microscopes and nextgeneration sequencing machines produce data at such a rate that manual analysis is no longer practical or feasible for meaningful scientifi...2015-08
210 Hwang, Hee SookStimuli-Responsive Polymers and Their Applications in Gene DeliveryPolymeric gene delivery is introducing specific genes to enhance or silence gene expression using synthesized polymers which have low immunogenicity and good biocompatibility. This dissertations specifically focused on the synthesis and characterization of stimuli-responsive polymers for gene delive...2015-12
211 Jacobsen, Michael ThomasAny Way You Want It: Pushing the Limits of Chemical Protein SynthesisChemical protein synthesis, via solid-phase peptide synthesis and chemoselective ligation of peptides, is a powerful approach for preparing peptides and proteins. These techniques enable complete atomic control over protein composition with both mechanistic and practical applications for biochemistr...2015-12
212 Judd, David PaulEnhancing the Synthesizability of DP04 PolymeraseThe total chemical synthesis of 361-residue Dpo4 DNA polymerase (including N-terminal His-tag) is an ambitious undertaking that pushes the limits of solid-phase peptide synthesis (SPPS). In chemical protein synthesis projects, smaller peptide segments are synthesized using SPPS and these segments ar...2015-08
213 Kronenberg, Zev NachmanGenotype-Phenotype Association Using High Throughput Sequencing DataGenotype Phenotype Association (GPA) is a means to identify candidate genes and genetic variants that may contribute to phenotypic variation. Technological advances in DNA sequencing continue to improve the efficiency and accuracy of GPA. Currently, High Throughput Sequencing (HTS) is the preferred ...2015-08
214 Kuo, Kuan-LingCharacteristics and Optimal Combination Pharmacotherapy for Newly-Treated Patients with Diabetic Painful NeuropathyTo compare patient characteristics and healthcare costs between newly-treated DPN patients receiving mono-pharmacotherapy and those receiving combination pharmacotherapy. A patient cohort was identified diagnosed with DPN during 2006-2013 in Inovalon's MORE2® registry, a healthcare data warehouse w...2015-12
215 Romero-Carvajal, Marco AndresRegeneration of Sensory Hair Cells and Progenitor Self-Renewal Require Localized Interactions Between the Notch and WNT Signaling PathwaysMechanosensory hair cell damage leads to permanent hearing loss. The zebrafish mechanosensory organs (neuromasts) are an excellent model for the study of hair cell regeneration. Neuromasts have a central group of sensory hair cells surrounded by support cells and the outermost mantle cells. While ad...2015-08
216 Myers, JasmineExternal and Internal Factors That Influence Entrepreneurial Intention In Human Resource Development ConsultantsExternal and Internal Factors that Influence Entrepreneurial Intention I n Human Resource Development Consultants Jasmine Myers T his study examined both external push factors (economy, job flexibility, job loss, job satisfaction, family income) and pull factors (self - efficacy, intuition, demand...2013
217 Cummings, Margarita BorelliRethinking teacher preparation: Conceptualizing skills and knowledge of novice teachers of secondary mathematicsThis dissertation examines the extent to which novice secondary mathematics teachers (licensed and currently teaching in Utah) perceive they are prepared to do the work of teaching secondary mathematics. It first examined if novice secondary mathematics teachers' perceptions of their knowledge and s...Mathematics education; Teacher education; Secondary education2010
218 Chernyshev, Vasiliy SergeyevichDetermination of biophysical and chemical properties of short-chain molecules and biological nanoparticlesKnowledge of physical and chemical properties such as size, diffusivity, concentration and stability of an analyte in a sample is critical in science and engineering. When working in a small size range (0.1-100 nm), which includes short-chain molecules (e.g., ethanol) and nanoparticles, the number o...Biomedical engineering; Chemical engineering2015
219 Kaufman, Willam Felix SamuelNo Window2012
220 Han, HanStructural and biochemical study of Vps4Vps4 is an AAA ATPase that functions in the ESCRT-mediated membrane fission process. Vps4 can use the energy from ATP hydrolysis to disassemble the ESCRT-III complexes. However, the mechanism of ESCRT-III disassembly by Vps4 is not clear. I have tried to address two major questions of Vps4 mechanism...Biochemistry2014
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224 Chiaro, Tyson RichardA member of the mycobiome modulates a host metabolite to increase intestinal permeability and diseaseThe human body is a fascinating arrangement of cellular organization necessary to support life; it is also home to trillions of microorganisms. The largest concentration of these commensal microbes exists within the gastrointestinal tract (GI) where bacteria dominate the landscape. Accordingly, the ...Microbiology; Immunology2015
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