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201 Poulson, Frank G.A study in the training of teachers to evaluate language compositions objectivelyIn this study the word language is used in the sense of its being the means of communicating one's thoughts to others through the media of oral and written expression.Grading and marking (Students); English language - Composition and exercises1930-06
202 Zhou, ChengshangA study of advanced magnesium-based hydride and development of a metal hydride thermal battery systemMetal hydrides are a group of important materials known as energy carriers for renewable energy and thermal energy storage. A concept of thermal battery based on advanced metal hydrides is studied for heating and cooling of cabins in electric vehicles. The system utilizes a pair of thermodynamically...Magnesium hydride; Metal hydride; Thermal energy storage2015-05
203 Burkinshaw, Brenda BoydA study of bladder impedance measurements and cystometry.Tetrapolar impedance is a non-invasive method of measuring urine volume in the bladder. Changes in the urine volume can be measured by alterations in the impedance measurements. Impedance measurements are obtained by using a tetrapolar impedance converter with four electrodes placed on the subject'...Bladder; Exmination; Cytometry1981-12
204 Ray, Marilyn Anne.A study of caring within an institutional culture.Caring is central to the profession of nursing, and cross-cultural caring is central to the sub-field of transcultural nursing. This study is an analysis of the meaning of caring expressions and behavior, principally those which are related to nurses within a hospital culture in the United States. C...Care of the sick; Communication1981-08
205 Lumpkins, Robert WesleyA study of circadian rhythmicity in urinary volume excretion.This research investigated the presence of circadian rhythmicity in urinary volume excretion. A retrospective study medical record was completed to investigate the occurrence of rhythmic variation. Twenty-five subjects were utilized to gather urinary volume data, collected at either four- or six-h...Excretion; Nursing1982-12
206 Surathu, RohitA study of coupling two thermoacoustic lasersThermoacoustics is a field studying the effects of applying heat to particular resonator geometries, resulting in the oscillations of gas and thereby producing sound waves. This field is a rich blend of many other scientific fields: acoustics, thermodynamics, and fluid mechanics. Thermoacoustic engi...2013-05
207 Nguyen, Lam TrungA study of enhanced energy capture by a vertical axis wind turbine in an urban/suburban environmentWind conditions within the urban environment have been found to be more turbulent than that in rural areas, due to the increased surface roughness caused by the presence of buildings, houses, and trees. Furthermore, winds in the urban environment are typiRenewable Energy; Urban/Suburban Area; Urban/Suburban Energy; Vertical Axis Wind Turbine; Wind Energy2017
208 Craig, Seth LorenzoA study of fracturing and heat transfer in enhanced geothermal systemsEnhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) have the potential to tap vast amounts of energy. In order to improve EGS functionality, in depth experimental and computational studies of the heat transfer and fracture mechanics of bench top geothermal rock analogs were performed. These experiments contribute t...EGS; Experimentation; Heat Transfer; Hydraulic Fracturing; Raft River; Thermal Fracturing2016
209 Adams, Jacob LyleA study of international undergraduate students taking online courses: group and organizational socialization theory and sense of belonging/isolationPurpose: This study sought to (1) identify and describe the experiences of international students participating in U.S. cohort- and text-based asynchronous online courses and to 2) analyze perceptions of belonging/isolation within online environments through group and organizational socialization th...International students; Online education; Socialization theory2013-12
210 Kirkham, John SpencerA study of negro housing in Salt Lake CountyAn essay submitted to the faculty of the University of Utah in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the Honors Degree of Bachelor of ArtsAfrican Americans, Utah; Discrimination; Civil Rights; Demographics, Utah1968
211 Wood, Camilla Smith.A study of nursing personnel perceptions of hostile patient behavior.This study of differences in perceptions of one type of behavior of mentally-ill patients has revealed many significant differences in the perceptions of the nursing personnel studied. Undoubtedly the way in which the nursing personnel perceived patient behavior influences their relationships with ...Hostilty; Psychology1960-08
212 McKell, Cyrus M.A study of plant succession in the oak brush (Q̲u̲e̲r̲c̲u̲s̲ g̲a̲m̲b̲e̲l̲i̲i̲) zone after fireThe recovery of Scrub Oak (Quercus gambelii) and associated plants after fire is a very important and interesting phenomenon. Information concerning the overall rate of recovery, the vegetational changes resulting from a fire, the difference in rates of recovery of individual species and the period ...Plant succession -- Utah -- Salt Lake County Quercus gambellie Oak -- Ecology1950
213 Parr, Clayton JosephA study of primary sedimentary structures around the Moab anticline, Grand County, Utah (Thesis and maps)This study was undertaken to describe the structural development of the Moab salt anticline. Special emphasis was placed on a study of primary sedimentary structures in order to detect any influence the rising salt mass had on patterns of sedimentation during various phases of its growth. The study ...Geology; Utah; Grand County; Thesis and dissertation georeferencing project1965-08
214 Thorpe, Verne B.A study of the Utah public school costs of the W.P.A recreation project for the school year of 1939-1940The Recreation Project of the Works Progress Administration has been sponsored by the State Board of Education since 1935. The project was written on a state-wide basis, to operate in each and every county. It was required that in each county or unit, a co-sponsor, having legal authority to conduct ...Utah, United States; Work Projects Administration; Recreation - Utah - Finance; Education - Utah - Finance1942-08
215 Cox, JeanA study of the development and history of projects in homemaking with special reference to methods, attitudes, values, and purposesThe facilities afforded by the home economics department of the average high school are inadequate for the best training in homemaking activities and in establishing ideals. The department work is not closely enough related to either the needs of the girl or to actual home conditions. Thoughtful t...Home economics1922
216 Stuckenschneider, Victor H.A study of the impact of mining on Utah's economy during the great depressionThis chapter introduces the reader to the hypothesis, importance of the probelm, sources of information, population uniqueness of Utah, and manner of presentation.Mines and mineral resources -- Utah Utah -- Economic conditions1959
217 Tyndale, Elsie HonnA study of the philosophical proofs of the existence of God"Canst thou by searching find out God?" This is one of the profound problems to which countless thinkers throughout the ages have directed their attention. Behind the marvellous facts which science daily unfolds, beyond the incomprehensible phenom of evolution, back of the silent forces which cease...God--Proof1911
218 Bohman, Charles FrederickA study of the recreation program in veterans hospitalsDuring World Wars I and II recreation received important emphasis as an aid in shortening convalescent periods for the ailing. Most Army, Navy , and Veterans Administration hospitals have included recreation programs in their organizations as an important part of the welfare service to the patient.Recreational therapy; Veterans' hospitals -- United States1950
219 Cavilla, Matthew StephenA superelastic helicotome for capsulorhexisWe design and characterize a novel, single-use device to perform capsulorhexis, a critical step during cataract surgery, during which a 5 mm diameter incision is made in the anterior lens capsule. This device, the Helicotome, is a handheld tool based on a superelastic shape-memory-alloy blade to per...Capsulorhexis; Cataract; Design; Medical device; Nitinol; Ophthalmology2016
220 Groth, Richard ArthurA survey of University of Utah varsity football athletesA survey was taken to compare the status of University of Utah football athletes who lettered in varsity football in 1961 through 1966. The comparison was made between three groups. Group I was the group of athletes who did not go on to play any form of post college organized football; Group II were...University of Utah -- Football ; University of Utah -- Sports ; Football1969-06
221 Phillips, Jeffrey Owen.A survey of the clinical pharmacy services provided in medium-size hospitals in the United States.Pharmacists have provided clinical pharmacy services in hospitals for at least 20 years. This survey of community hospital pharmacy departments has revealed that current clinical pharmacy involvement does not include performing the essential problem-solving activities necessary to assure safe and a...Hospitals; Clinical Pharmacy1985-05
222 Oniki, Thomas AlanA table-driven system for representing and executing clinical rules.The need for computerized decision support in medicine becomes more and more critical as both the amount of data available and the complexity of data requirements increase to a point that exceeds the clinician's capacities and/or his time constraints. This work addresses a specific decision support ...Data Processing; Clinical Care Management2001-05
223 Schmitt, Casey SylviaA tale of two port cities: contraband trade, the asiento contract, and conflict in the early modern CaribbeanThe long and lucrative history of smuggling in the early modern period receives the attention of colonial scholars only as it relates to their isolated geographic field of study, ignoring the broader history that linked imperial economies in a mercantilist age. This thesis addresses the history of e...Asiento contract; Caribbean; Cartagena; Contraband trade; Jamaica; South sea company2011-05
224 Mackaronis, Julia E.A taxometric analysis of pedophiliaSexologists continue to lack understanding about a fundamental aspect of pedophilia: do men with pedophilia represent a unique group distinguished by their sexual interests, or are they high-scorers on a continuum of sexual interest in children? No existing evidence points conclusively to pedophilia...Latent structure; Multiphasic sex inventory; Pedophilia; Taxometrics2011-05
225 Barker, Emmy PaiserA thousand steps around me: a study of discovering metaphor through manipulating repetition in danceThis research presents questions and ideas about repetition and metaphor. It addresses the question: What is it about repetition that drives home a point, unravels ideas and opinions, and creates metaphor and connection to lived experiences? The thesis explores a very personal experience of dysfunc...Metaphor; Modern dance; Repetition2011-08
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