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201 Denervation Atrophy of Motor Cranial NervesFelton III, W L; Smoker, W R K; Laine, F J; Russo, C P
202 Posterior Fossa Vascular Malformation Presenting as Isolated IV Nerve PalsySadun, Federico; Pivetti Pezzi, P; Galluci, M
203 Horizons in Neurosurgery: Skull Base SurgerySternau, Linda
204 Intrasellar Arachnoid Cyst: A Case Study of Spontaneous DecompressionChun, Benjamin; Coughlin, W; Floyd, D; May, E
205 Cyclosporin Induced Leukodystrophy: A Case ReportPiracha, Asim R; O'Halloran, H; Baker, R S
206 Central Cone DystrophyLesser, Robert L; Brodie, S
207 Advances in Neuroradiology: Coils and AngioplastyDion, Jacques E
208 A Painful 6th Nerve Paresis Caused by Metastatic Breast Carcinoma to the ClivusLincoff, Norah; Rath, P
209 Prognostic Value of Contrast Enhanced MRI in Acute Isolated Optic Neuritis: A Short Term Follow Up StudyBianchi-Marzoli, S; Rojo, C; Scomazzoni, F; Ciasca, P; Filippi, M; Brancato, R
210 Unusual Ocular Motility Disturbances in Pseudotumor CerebriFriedman, Deborah I; Forman, S; Levi, L; Lavin, P J; Donohue, S
211 Stereotactic Thalamotomy in the Treatment of Patients with Movement DisordersKelly, Patrick J
212 Spontaneous Regression of a Familial Optic Glioma: Documentation by Serial MR Scans Over Eight Years in a Boy with Probable NF-1Parsa, Cameron F; Rubtsova, I V; Hoyt, W F
213 The Effect of Unreliable Visual Fields on Recruitment in the Ocular Hypertension Treatment Study (OHTS)Keltner, John; Johnson, C A; Spurr, J O; Kass, M A; Gordon, M O; OHT Study Group
214 Papilledema in the Pulmonary PatientEllis, Brian D; Kosmorsky, G
215 Acquired Supranuclear Ocular Motor Paresis After Cardiac SurgeryLee, Andrew G; Devere, T; Orengo, S; Bowes Hamill, M; Coselli, J; Bhasin, D
216 Optic Atrophy: Effectiveness of Diagnostic ProceduresLeiba, Hana; Kesler, A; Goldhammer, Y
217 Midbrain Disorders of Eye MovementsWaitzman, David M
218 Attentional and Psychiatric Influences on GazeMunoz, Douglas P
219 Smooth Pursuit: Its Function and DysfunctionMorrow, Mark J
220 Eye Movements and the Dizzy PatientPaige, Gary D
221 Saccadic Intrusions and OscillationsFletcher, William
222 Normal and Abnormal Eye Movements and AgingJohnston, Janine L
223 Control of Saccadic Eye MovementsMunoz, Douglas P
224 Brain AbscessesMeckler, Roy J; Meckler, Jason M
225 Utility and Validity of Pulfrich's Phenomenon in Optic NeuropathyWroblewski, Keith; May, E; Grazko, M B; Torres, M F; Pulos, E
201 - 225 of 4,728