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201 Brain Imaging in Idiopathic Intracranial HypertensionBidot, Samuel; Saindane, Amit M; Peragallo, Jason H; Bruce, Beau B; Newman, Nancy J; Biousse, Valérie2015-12
202 Corresponding Ganglion Cell Atrophy in Patients With Postgeniculate Homonymous Visual Field LossMitchell, Jamie R; Oliveira, Cristiano; Tsiouris, Apostolos J; Dinkin, Marc J2015-12
203 Optical Coherence Tomography in Neuro-Ophthalmology: Do We Really Need It?Monteiro, Mario LR2016-12
204 20/40 or Better Visual Acuity After Optic Neuritis: Not; as Good as We Once Thought?Sabadia, Sakinah B; Nolan, Rachel C; Galetta, Kristin M; Narayana, Kannan M; Wilson, James A; Calabresi, Peter A; Frohman, Elliot M; Galetta, Steven L; Balcer, Laura J2016-12
205 Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder: Disease Course and Long-Term Visual OutcomeBrody, Judith; Hellmann, Mark A; Marignier, Romain; Lotan, Itay; Stiebel-Kalish, Hadas2016-12
206 Cobalt-Chromium Metallosis With Normal ElectroretinogramGrillo, Lola M; Nguyen, Huy V; Tsang, Stephen H; Hood, Donald C; Odel, Jeffrey G2016-12
207 Longitudinal Study of Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Thickness and Macular Volume in Patients With Neuromyelitis Optica; Spectrum DisorderManogaran, Praveena; Traboulsee, Anthony L; Lange, Alex P2016-12
208 Central Trochlear Palsy: Report of Two Patients With Ipsilesional Palsy and Review of the LiteratureJeong, Seong-Hae; Kim, Sung-Hee; Lee, Seung-Han; Park, Seong-Ho; Kim, Hyo-Jung; Kim, Ji-Soo2016-12
209 Odontogenic Sinusitis Resulting in Abscess Formation Within the Optic Chiasm and Tract: Case Report and ReviewGhobrial, George M; Pisculli, Mary L; Evans, James J; Bilyk, Jurij R; Farrell, Christopher J2016-12
210 Intralesional Injection of Bevacizumab for the Treatmentof an Apical Orbital Cavernous Venous MalformationSweeney, Adam R; Chappell, Michael; Khorsand, Derek A; Jian-Amadi, Arash; Francis, Courtney E2016-12
211 Optic Disc Metastasis as the Presenting Sign of Lung AdenocarcinomaMicieli, Jonathan A; Margolin, Edward A2016-12
212 Nonglaucomatous Cupping: Fundus Photography and Spectral Domain Optical Coherence Tomography Imaging FeaturesAboobakar, Inas F; Mettu, Pradeep; El-Dairi, Mays A2016-12
213 Avoiding Clinical Misinterpretation and Artifacts of Optical Coherence Tomography Analysis of the Optic Nerve, Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer, and Ganglion Cell LayerChen, John J; Kardon, Randy H2016-12
214 Retrolaminar Migration of Intraocular Silicone OilBoren, Rance A; Cloy, Carson D; Gupta, Ankur S; Dewan, Vinay N; Hogan, R Nick2016-12
215 Optical Coherence Tomography Should Be Used Routinely to Monitor Patients With Idiopathic Intracranial HypertensionChen, John J; Trobe, Jonathan D2016-12
216 Optic Neuropathy and Stroke Secondary to Invasive Aspergillus in an Immunocompetent PatientHersh, Carrie M; John, Seby; Subei, Adnan; Willis, Mary A; Kosmorsky, Gregory S; Prayson, Richard A; Bhimraj, Adarsh2016-12
217 Opsoclonus-Myoclonus Syndrome in Primary Central Nervous System LymphomaGrubbs, Joseph; Trobe, Jonathan D; Fisher-Hubbard, Amanda2016-12
218 An 82-Year-Old Man With DiplopiaValenzuela, Reuben M; Byrd, Julia; Kramer, Gregory D; Palmer, Cheryl A; Osborn, Anne G; Digre, Kathleen B; Warner, Judith EA2016-12
219 Congenital Tonic Pupils Associated With Congenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome and Hirschsprung DiseaseMehta, Viraj J; Ling, Joseph J; Martinez, Elizabeth G; Reddy, Anvesh C; Donahue, Sean P2016-12
220 Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension Induced by Topical Application of Vitamin AMohammad, Yousef M; Raslan, Ismail R; Al-Hussain, Fawaz A2016-12
221 Literature CommentaryMoster, Mark L; Bhatti, M. Tariq2016-12
222 Food and Drug Administration Adverse Event Reports of Retinal Vascular Occlusions Associated With Phosphodiesterase Type 5 Inhibitor UseLi, Albert S; Pomeranz, Howard D2016-12
223 Temporal Arteritis With Arteritic Anterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy is Bilateral Until Proven Otherwise: ResponseMiller, Neil R; Alvin Liu, Tin Yan2016-12
224 Giant Cell Arteritis With Arteritic Anterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy Is Bilateral Until Proven OtherwiseSingh, Nandini; George, Adarsh; Tan, Jeremy; Ewe, Shaun YP; Francis, Ian C2016-12
225 Diagnostic Algorithm for Patients With Suspected Giant Cell Arteritis" Useful, but No Substitute for Thorough Histopathology: Response.M. Tariq Bhatti, MD, Duke Health; Mays A. El-Dairi, MD, Duke Health; Thomas J. Cummings, MD, Duke Health; Alan D. Proia, MD, Duke Health2016-09
201 - 225 of 650