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201 History of Orson Smith in the home of Mrs. Lucy Smith Cardon1936-11-03Text
202 History of Provo, Lafayette Holbrook1941-02-18Text
203 History of Richard Franklin Shumway1939-09-07Text
204 History of Richard Henry Spencer and family1938-07-22Text
205 History of Sage Treharne Jones1942Text
206 History of Salt Lake City Fire Department, reminiscences of Mr. John Cardwell, veteran volunteer fireman of 18791936-05-14Text
207 History of Stephen Markham in connection with the settlement of Palmyra and Spanish Fork, Utah1941-03-27Text
208 History of the life of Phebe Hanna McMillian Bethers, wife of William Samuel Bethers1934Text
209 History of Thomas Bingham, Sr. and Thomas Bingham, Jr.1934Text
210 History of Thomas Washington Smith1939-07-18Text
211 History of William Adams, written by himself1894-01; 1937-03-23Text
212 History of William Samuel Bethers1923; 1934Text
213 Hon. Hector Wieler Haight1938Text
214 Howell Plummer Myton1937-04-23Text
215 Incidents in the life of Elizabeth Brown Later, as told by her granddaughter1936-12-20Text
216 Incidents in the lives of Harry and Eliza Ann Powell Qulter1938-07-19Text
217 Incidents in the lives of Thomas Price Smith and Mary Dugard Smith, as recalled by their daughter Lydia Ann Smith Johnson1938-07-13Text
218 Individual family record, Arnel Henry Holyoak1938-07-27Text
219 Individual family record, Dorothy Knox Corless1938-09-09Text
220 Individual family record, Pauline Bluemell Hoffman1938-09-23Text
221 Individual family record, Ray Elbert Cox1938-07-16Text
222 Individual family record: Hannah Brough Telford1938-10-06Text
223 Individual family record: Lucile Lavore Mortensen Richens1936-12-07Text
224 Interesting instances in the lives of my husband's parents, told by Rosina Beacham1934Text
225 Interesting personalities: John W. Weber, O. P. Wiggins1934; 1935; 1936; 1937; 1938; 1939; 1940; 1941; 1942Text
201 - 225 of 865