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201 UGT1A1*28 polymorphism as a determinant of irinotecan disposition and toxicityThe metabolism of irinotecan (CPT-11) involves sequential activation to SN-38 and detoxification to the pharmacologically inactive SN-38 glucuronide (SN-38G). We have previously demonstrated the role of UGT1A1 enzyme in the glucuronidation of SN-38 and a significant correlation between in vitro glu...UGT1A1*28 polymorphism; Irinotecan disposition; Irinotecan toxicity; Glucuronidation; SN-382002
202 Visual perception without awareness in a patient with progressive posterior cortical atrophy: impaired explicity but not implicit processing or global informationA patient with progressive posterior cortical atrophy (PCA) was examined on several tests of visual cognition. The patient displayed multiple visual cognitive deficits, which included problems identifying degraded stimuli, attending to two or more stimuli simultaneously, recognizing faces, tracing...Posterior cortical atrophy; Global-local processing; Consciousness; Balint's syndrome; Simultanagnosia2002
203 Vines of complexity - egalitarian structures and the institutionalization of inequality among the EngaThe initial stages of the institutionalization of hierarchical social inequalities remain poorly understood. Recent models have added important perspectives to "adaptationist" approaches by centering on the agency of "aggrandizers" who alter egalitarian institutions to suit their own ends through de...Egalitarian structures; Political evolution; Social d2002-04
204 Clinical validation and cognitive elaboration: signs that encourage sustained recyclingThree field experiments coupled the clinical psychology concept of validation with Elaboration Likelihood Model-Heuristic-Systematic Model theorizing to increase the influence of persuasive messages on aluminum can recycling. Signs that validated students' complaints that aluminum can recycling was ...Psychology; Recycled products; Refuse, disposal; Clinical Psychology; Field experiments2002-08-01
205 Double impact: what sibling data can tell us about the long-term negative effects of parental divorceMost prior research on the adverse consequences of parental divorce has analyzed only one child per family. As a result, it is not known whether the same divorce affects siblings differently. We address this issue by analyzing paired sibling data from the 1994 General Social Survey (GSS) and 1994 Su...Siblings; Marital stability; Educational attainment2003
206 Dollarization in Latin America: wave of the future or flight to the past?Ecuador undertook official dollarization in 2000 when it destroyed its own currency, the sucre, and adopted the dollar. El Salvador converted all financial instruments to dollars, and Guatemala now allows transactions to be carried out in any currency. Both assumed that the dollar would soon displac...Domestic currencies; Latin America; Dollarization2003
207 For cost-reducing technologies, knowing markets is to change themSponsored research from a NSF Foundation/Whitaker Foundation initiative on cost-reducing technologies brought together faculty from engineering, medicine, and social sciences to link economic and policy assessments to engineering design. The technology under development is to be an inexpensive, e...Cost-reducing technologies; PKU monitors2003
208 Double impact: what sibling data can tell us about the long-term negative effects of parental divorceMost prior research on the adverse consequences of parental divorce has analyzed only one child per family. As a result, it is not known whether the same divorce affects siblings differently. We address this issue by analyzing paired sibling data from the 1994 General Social Survey (GSS) and 1994 Su...Divorce; Siblings; Educational attainment; Marital stability2003
209 Politiques sociales, changements économiques et démographiques et vieillissement de la population canadienne : leurs interactionsNecessaire à la decision politique, la prévision des effets qu'aura le vieillissement demographique sur la société doit débrouiller un écheveau de changements économiques, démographiques, politiques et sociaux. Pour comprendre le jeu de ces facteurs, l'auteur analyse, à partir de faits conc...2003
210 Evaluation of a cardiovascular display in a high fidelity simulatorHuman error in anesthesia can be attributed to misleading information from patient monitors or to the physician's failure to recognize a pattern. A graphic representation of monitored data may provide better support for detection, diagnosis, and treatment. We designed a graphic display to show hemod...Patient monitors; Visual information; Graphic displays2003
211 Attachment security among mothers and their young children living in poverty: associations with maternal, child, and contextual characteristicsIn order to extend previous research and inform intervention programs, the goal of the present study was to further understand variability in mother-child attachment security among high-risk families living in poverty. Mothers (65% Hispanic) and their young children who were in a home visitor progr...Attachment security2003
212 Social cohesion and gender: reflections on tendencies and tensionsSocial cohesion, in various guises, has become a topic of great interest in recent years -- to policy, to sociologists and other social scientists, and to the public. The knit of social fabric is dependent on relationality, on social caring and connectedness, on a sense of social cohesion. Questio...Social cohesion; Gender; Diversity; Inequality2003
213 Determinants of old-age mortality in TaiwanRelationships among socio-demographic characteristics, general assessments of health, and old-age mortality are well established in developed countries. There is also an increasing focus on the connection between early-life experiences and late-life health. This paper tests these and other associat...Mortality determinants; Gompertz regression2003
214 Living arrangements of older adults in sub-Saharan Africa in a time of HIV/AIDSThe detrimental consequences of the AIDS epidemic for older adults in sub-Saharan Africa suggest the need to investigate their characteristics, living situations, and well-being. In this study, we examine the living arrangements of persons aged 60 and older in 16 countries. Data come from the house...Living arrangements; Older adults; Sub-Saharan Africa; HIV/AIDS2003
215 Heterogeneity in Asian American homeownership: the impact of household endowments and immigrant statusRecently, research has begun to investigate the reasons for differences in homeownership rates between Asian and whites. This paper extends this research by examining the heterogeneity that exists across Asian groups in the United States. We find that there are important differences across geog...Immigrants; Homeownership2003
216 How indicators of socioeconomic status relate to physical functioning of older adults in three Asian societiesIn developed countries, socioeconomic status has been identified as one of the most important demographic and social determinants of older adult health. The relationship has not been well studied or contrasted across much of the developing world. Yet, with population aging occurring rapidly in much ...Physical functioning; Older adult health2003
217 Family size and support of older adults in urban and rural China: current effects and future implicationsChina will experience rapid growth in the proportion and number of older people in its population in the near future as a consequence of an extraordinarily rapid decline in fertility over the past several decades. Total fertility rates were as high as 7.5 in the early 1950s, but have fallen to below...Urban China; Rural China; Support; Older adults; One-child policy2003
218 Human life histories: primate trade-offs, grandmothering socioecology, and the fossil recordHuman life histories differ from those of other animals in several striking ways. Recently Smith and Tompkins (1995, p. 258) highlighted the combination of "slow" and "fast" features of human lives. Our period of juvenile dependency is unusually long, our age at first reproduction is late, and we h...Meat; Maturity; Life Span2003
219 The hazards of training: attrition and retention in construction industry apprenticeship programsApprenticeship programs in the United States, which provide workers with the broad-based skills required for practicing a trade via on-the-job training, are sponsored either unilaterally by employers or jointly by employers and trade unions. A comparison of the attrition and retention rates in these...2003
220 Shared norms and the evolution of ethnic markersUnlike other primates, human populations are often divided into ethnic groups that have self-ascribed membership and are marked by seemingly arbitrary traits such as distinctive styles of dress or speech (Barth 1969, 1981). The modern understanding that ethnic identities are flexible and ethnic bou...Ethnic groups; Ethnic identity; Migration; Markers2003-02
221 Influence of participation in the national school lunch program and food insecurity on child well-beingThis study examines two research questions: the child- and family-specific factors that predict food insecurity and participation in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and the effects on school-age children of food insecurity and participating in the NSLP. Results show that factors representin...Children's nutrition; Children's diet; Child development2003-03
222 Shifting fortunes in a changing economy: trends in the economic well-being of divorced women*Income losses resulting from marital disruption have traditionally contributed to high rates of poverty for single women. This paper explores trends in the economic consequences of divorce using data from the 1980-2001 Current Population Survey March Demographic Supplement. Divorce still adversel...Divorce; Separation; Finances; Financial independence2003-10-01
223 Family structure and child well-being: examining the role of parental social connectionsThis paper examines the role of parental social connections in accounting for subgroup differences in the influence of family structure on children. Our previous work found that white, but not black, children were negatively influenced by living in a singleparent family (Dunifon and Kowaleski-Jon...Sociology; Parenting; Offspring2003-10-03
224 Multiculturalism of Fear (Book Review)Reviews the book "The Multiculturalism of Fear," by Jacob Levy.Books; Multiculturalism; Fear2003-10-16
225 Differential outcomes among adolescent fathers: understanding fatherhood as a transformative processIn response to the rising numbers of mother headed households, there is a great debate about whether to encourage young unwed parents to marry. Policies designed to pursue and/or punish fathers who do not meet their legal and financial responsibilities and to promote marriage, carte blanche, are ref...Parenting; Gender; Matrimony2003-10-18
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