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201 Parent self concept change through a parent education program1978-06ir_etdText
202 Postpartum blood loss and hematocrit levels of Navajo women1978-06ir_etdText
203 With loving hands; the life stories of four nurse-midwives1978-06ir_etdText
204 Measurement of effects of restraint on injured children in the emergency room.1978-06ir_etdText
205 Changes in children's self concept and parents' prediction of their children's self concept1978-06ir_etdText
206 The Role of the traditional birth attendant during the childbearing process of rural Iranian women.1978-06ir_etdText
207 Pregnancy control knowledge, practices and attitudes of multiparous women in rural Utah.1978-06ir_etdText
208 Physical fitness levels of pregnant and nonpregnant women.1978-06ir_etdText
209 Father's first infant contact1978-08ir_etdText
210 Evaluation of hospital prenatal education classes1978-12ir_etdText
211 Incidence of postacute myocardial infarction complications between alcohol users and nonalcohol users1978-12ir_etdText
212 Group reminiscing experience with aging people .1978-12ir_etdText
213 Comparison of perceptions of infant behaviors and development by adolescent and nonadolescent mothers1979-03ir_etdText
214 Neonatal physiologic jaundice and visual-motor development at age six years1979-03ir_etdText
215 Prenatal education among low-income groups.1979-03ir_etdText
216 The effect of body position upon pulmonary artery and pulmonary capillary wedge pressure in critically ill patients.1979-03ir_etdText
217 Relationship between placental site and birth weight of the human infant1979-03ir_etdText
218 The Effect of assignment change on the job satisfaction of the registered nurse and licensed practical nurse.1979-03ir_etdText
219 Pattern of the maturity of the neurological system related to a mathematical model of the incidence of sudden infant death syndrome1979-03ir_etdText
220 Serum calcium and blood loss at delivery1979-06ir_etdText
221 Analgesic management of postoperative pain in children: a retrospective study1979-06ir_etdText
222 The effect of teaching/learning groups on retention of hypertension education.1979-06ir_etdText
223 Windows : do patients need them?1979-06ir_etdText
224 A Survey of methods used by nurse-midwives to facilitate delivery over an intact perineum.1979-06ir_etdText
225 Food choices of five-year-old white female preschool children1979-06ir_etdText
201 - 225 of 810