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201 Thalos, Mariam G.Molecule-for-molecule duplicationIs a molecule-for-molecule duplicate D of some entity always a perfect duplicate of it? And in particular: is D a being with consciousness if its original is? These questions summarize a certain diagnostic tool used by metaphysicians, and prominently used in service of a form of dualism that is supp...Molecule-for-molecule duplication; MFM2008
202 Plutynski, AnyaModeling evolution in theory and practiceThis paper uses a number of examples of diverse types and functions of models in evolutionary biology to argue that the demarcation between theory and practice, or "theory model" and "data model." is often difficult to make. It is shown how both mathematical and laboratory models function as plausib...Models; Theory; Data; Evolutionary biology2001
203 Battin, Margaret P.Scott Ames: a man giving up on himselfThe tragic story of Scott Ames raises a fundamental question concerning involuntary commitment of patients when suicide seems likely. What right has a physician ever to interfere when apatient proposes to take his own life? Under ordinary cirucmstances one argues that because of depression, or some ...Suicide prevention; Scott Ames2003
204 Kukathas, ChandranMulticulturalism of Fear (Book Review)Reviews the book "The Multiculturalism of Fear," by Jacob Levy.Books; Multiculturalism; Fear2003-10-16
205 Millgram, ElijahOntological meta-argument (and the ontological argument for the actuality of the world)Would the Ontological Argument Greater Than Which None Can Be Conceived prove the existence of God? Might an ontological argument prove the actuality of the world (as Robert Nozick once suggested)? Should you believe that you're actual, even if you're not? And what happens if we attempt to answer t...Meta-argument; Proof of God; Philosophical proofs2004
206 Battin, Margaret P.On the structure of the euthanasia debate: observations provoked by a near-perfect for-and-against book. Review symposium on euthanasia and physician-assisted suicideSomething is amiss with the euthanasia debate, and I want to use a smart new book to try to show what it is. The book is Euthanasia and Physician- Assisted Suicide: For and Against, an eagerly awaited volume by three well-known philosophers, Gerald Dworkin, R. G. Frey, and Sissela Bok. Dworkin a...Physician assisted suicide; Killing and letting die; medical profession2000
207 Kachi, YukioHwa Yol Jung, Question of rationality and the basic grammar of intercultural textsHow can we understand other cultures? How can we talk and write about them without ethnocentric prejudice? These questions are as difficult as they are urgent. To begin with, we may say that to understand other cultures we must be objective. But if objectivity involves epistemological independence f...Lateral universal; Book review; Jung, Hwa Yol1989
208 Thalos, Mariam G.From paradox to judgment: towards a metaphysics of expressionThe Liar sentence is a singularly important piece of philosophical evidence. It is an instrument for investigating the metaphysics of expressing truths and falsehoods. And an instrument too for investigating the varieties of conflict that can give rise to paradox. It shall serve as perhaps the most ...Language; Sentences; Semantic2005
209 Haber, MatthewReframing the ethical issues in part-human animal research: the unbearable ontology of inexorable moral confusionResearch that involves the creation of animals with human-derived parts opens the door to potentially valuable scientific and therapeutic advances, yet invokes unsettling moral questions. Critics and champions alike stand to gain from clear identification and careful consideration of the strongest e...2012-01-01
210 Battin, Margaret P.Telling confessions: confidentiality in the practice of religionWHEN, if ever, may or should a professional practitioner reveal a confidential disclosure? This is a question of moral concern that arises in many areas of professional ethics. Those who have access to private information include many individuals, among them physicians, psychiatrists, attorneys, tea...1983
211 Morrow, CarolynLa "otredad" en el cine español contempóraneo: "Hable con ella y Flores de otro mundoEn 1990 el filósofo de la posmodernidad Gianni Vattimo propone que en la sociedad de los medios de comunicación se abre camino un ideal de emancipación que tiene en su base la pluralidad y la erosión del antiguo "principio de la realidad" (15). Desaparecida la idea de una racionalidad central de...Films, Spain; Postmodernity, Spain; Cinema, Spain2006-07-19
212 Battin, Margaret P.Voluntary euthanasia and the risks of abuse: can we learn anything from the Netherlands?In the United Stares' quite volatile public debates over the legalization of voluntary active euthanasia and physician assisted suicide, much has been made of the risk of abuse. Indeed, it was probably tears of abuse that contributed more than any other single factor to the 1991 defeat of the Unite...Slippery slope; Deliberations; Scruples1992
213 Holzner, Claudio A.; Jameson, Kenneth P.; Maloney, Thomas N.; Abebe, Berhanie; Lund, Matthew; Schaub, KristenEconomic impact of the Mexico-Utah relationshipThis study began during the Summer of 2005 and set out to examine the complexity of the globalized relation between Utah and Mexico, concentrating on broadly defined "economic linkages." It was designed to build upon earlier similar studies done in Arizona and in Texas on those states' relations wit...Economics, Utah; Migration; Immigration; Mexico; Undocumented immigrants2006-03-10
214 Thalos, Mariam G.The lens of chemistryChemistry possesses a distinctive theoretical lens?a distinctive set of theoretical concerns regarding the dynamics and transformations of a perplexing variety of organic and nonorganic substances?to which it must be faithful. Even if it is true that chemical facts bear a special (reductive) relati...2012
215 Anderson, James A.Epistemological movements in communication: reference tablesThis publication supports the chapter EpistemologicalMovements in Communication: An Analysis o f Empirical and Rhetorical/Critical Scholarship to be published in the NCA Centennial Volume. It provides the extended data tables that could not be presented in the chapter because of space limitations. I...2014-01
216 Battin, Margaret P.Age-rationing and the just distribution of health care: Is there a duty to die?The author analyzes the argument that a policy involving distributive justice in the allocation of scarce health care resources, based on the strategy of rational self interest maximation under a veil of ignorance (Rawls/Daniels), would result in an age rationing system of voluntary, socially encour...Health care providers; Death; Euthanasia1987-01
217 Millgram, ElijahPleasure in practical reasoningPractical reasoning often strikes philosophers as ungrounded. It seems to them that desires are to be justified by reasoning that proceeds from, inter alia, further desires, and these further desires are to be justified by reference to still further desires. Avoiding circularity and infinite regres...1993
218 Nichols, ShaunDo children think of the self as the soul?Bering's work provides new insight into the child's concept of the self. For his results indicate that children don't regard bodily identity as required for identity of self across time. Bering's methodology for investigating afterlife beliefs might also be exploited to explore the extent to which c...2006-10
219 Goldberg, Robert A.Esther Rosenblatt Landa: her price is far above rubiesDr. Robert Goldberg has been a professor of history at the University of Utah since 1980. His teaching and research field is twentieth-century America with a focus on the American West, social, and political history. He has won five teaching awards and is the author of four books: Hooded Empire: Th...Landa, Esther Rosenblatt1996
220 Battin, Margaret P.Dreariness of aesthetics (continued), with a remedyIn 1951, J. A. Passmore shamelessly titled an essay "The Dreariness of Aesthetics." Drawing on John Wisdom's earlier complaints, he denounced aesthetics' dullness, its pretentiousness, and the fact that it was "peculiarly unilluminating." What Passmore had in mind were the vapid abstractions and m...Aesthetics; Aestheticians; Art; Beauty1986
221 Millgram, ElijahIris Murdoch. Existentialists and Mystics (Book Review)Three of the essays in this career-spanning collection make up Dame Iris Murdoch's The Sovereignty of Good, a little classic which I regularly assign in my ethics courses. When I do, some of the students who have been impressed by it pick up one or another of her novels, and of those students, s...Philosophy; Book Review1998
222 Battin, Margaret P.To die or not to die? cross-disciplinary, cultural, and legal perspectives on the right to choose deathOne things to lament, as public discussion of the right to die approaches a rolling boil, is the insularity of American View about withholding and with-drawing treatment, euthanasia and suicide. To Die or Not to Die? presents ten papers which challenge this insularity from the points of view of vary...1992
223 Millgram, ElijahWho was Nietzsche's genealogist?Nietzsche's Genealogy of Morals is deservedly part of the ethical canon, but it is also enormously and insistently absent-minded. I'm going to first present, as a textual puzzle, a handful of forgetful moments in the first two essays of the Genealogy. To address the puzzle, I will take up a familiar...2007-07
224 Battin, Margaret P.Contributions of aestheticsThe most tempting answer to the question posed as the topic for these remarks -- "what can aesthetics contribute to a young person's ability to understand and value art?" -- is "nothing", or, at least, "embarrassingly little". Aesthetics, after all, is a field of philosophy, and hence a field dedi...1988
225 Andreou, ChrisoulaOn natural goodness by Philippa FootIn her 1972 paper 'Morality as a System of Hypothetical Imperatives', Philippa Foot boldly challenged the common assumption that viciousness is a form of irrationality and embraced a picture of practical rationality according to which an agent's reasons for action are grounded in nothing other th...Irrationality; Evaluation; Natural defect2005
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