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201 Mace, Dylan J.Where dry rivers meet: a palimpsest of the Pahvant Valley, Black Rock and Sevier desertsThe lands of the Great Basin are often considered to be bleak, empty places without history or stories. When I was fifteen, my grandfather led me on a short journey around the center of the Pahvant Valley, a relatively small portion of the Great Basin. Using this trip as a frame, I illustrate the co...Black rock desert; Deseret; Pahvant valley; Sevier2012-08
202 Worthen, Bruce W.The runaway officials revisited: remaking the Mormon image in antebellum AmericaIn September of 1851, four federal officials left Utah Territory after serving less than four months. Chief Justice Lemuel G. Brandebury, Associate Justice Perry E. Brocchus, Territorial Secretary Broughton D. Harris, and Indian Subagent Henry R. Day created a furor in Congress with their reports of...Brigham Young; Mormon; Utah territory; Utah war2012-05
203 Glick, Robert DaleTranscendent wasteTranscendent Waste is a collection of stories that explores the difficulties of bereavement through what we literally and metaphorically throw away. Characters in Transcendent Waste question the validity of ritual in healing, displace guilt and grief onto relationship and career, and attempt to empa...Creative writing2012-08
204 Kite, Lindsay D.Healthy media literacy: bridging critical media literacy and health literacy to promote positive body image and healthIn light of rampant body shame, disordered eating, physical inactivity, and widespread misunderstanding of what constitutes a healthy body, it is crucial to identify mechanisms by which women can resist distorted health discourse and redefine health for themselves outside of appearance-oriented idea...Body image; Health promotion; Healthy media literacy; Media literacy; Media studies; Objectification2013-12
205 Jeong, HeeokExploring the spaces of culturally relevant pedagogy: the discursive (trans)formation of the pedagogical practices of two teachers of English language learnersThis discourse-oriented ethnographic case study, using constant comparison, critical discourse analysis (CDA) and cultural-historical-activity theory (CHAT) within a Foucauldian framework, investigates how the pedagogical practices of 2 teachers of English learners were (trans)formed over the course...Critical discourse analysis (CDA); Cultural-historical activity theory (CHAT); Culturally relevant pedagogy; Discursive (trans)formation of pedagogical practices; English language learners; Literacy2013-12
206 Warriner, Jennifer AnneDifficult choices: autonomy and the liberal stateThis project concerns a deeply contested moral ideal: autonomy. To be autonomous is to have authority over one's self and to govern one's life on the basis of value commitments one deems important. One of the dominant views of liberalism - antiperfectionist comprehensive liberalism - distinguishes i...Autonomy; Liberalism; Socio-relational autonomy; Will kymlicka2014-05
207 Stirling, KellieDictatorship is democracy: the persuasive power of performance, repetition, and silence in Arabic political speechmaking in Assad's SyriaThis thesis is an analysis of performance, linguistic repetition, and silence in Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's March 30, 2011 speech to the People's Assembly given 2 weeks after riots erupted in the Syrian province of Deraa on March 15, 2011. Various types of repetition including syntactic para...Arabic; Critical discourse analysis; Political speechmaking; Repetition; Syria; Textual silence2014-12
208 Harris, David AlmaTesting a conditional process model for the diffusion of use of "nonprofessional" journalismUsing a survey of 167 professional journalists, this study examined the motivations to adopting what is defined in the study as "nonprofessional" journalism. Previous research was used to provide for a definition of "nonprofessional" journalism as being related to professional journalism ethics. Dif...Conditional process analysis; Internet; Media; News; Newspaper2014-12
209 Miller, Angela EveIs everything under control? a reexamination of individual variations in cognitive controlTo investigate controlled processes, cognitive psychologists often rely on oppositional logic, pitting automatic and controlled processes against one another, measuring speed and accuracy of responding to incongruent stimuli (e.g., RED printed in green ink). These investigations have been critical t...Executive functions; Goal-directed behavior; Individual differences in cognitive control; Inhibition; working memory2014-12
210 A descriptive grammar of Koho-Sre: a Mon-Khmer languageKơho, a Mon-Khmer (Austroasiatic) language, is spoken by an indigenous population of more than 207,000 people located in Lâm Đồng province in the highland region of Vietnam. There are also several thousand additional members of this ethnic group who live in France and the United States (primari...Austroasiatic languages; Grammar; Mon-Khmer languages; North Carolina; Vietnam2014-12
211 Magnusson, Ammon PatrickThe other political problem: Montagnard Nationalism and the effects on the Vietnam WarThe FULRO rebellion in September 1964 was the direct result of Vietnamese meddling with Montagnard political identity, political identity created through Catholic missionaries, French colonialists, and American attempts to use the Montagnards to further their own political objectives. The overarchin...FULRO; Highlands; Montagnard; Nationalism; Vietnam; War2014-12
212 Jones, Kelly RaeSilence as strategy in public energy discourse: oil and gas fracking in Eastern UtahThis study examines silence in rural and national newspaper coverage of oil and natural gas fracking. Silence in public discourse reflects and shapes public discourse about the valuing of land. Silence about fracking may create and allow gaps where environmental and human health concerns are unequal...Communication strategy; Environment; Fracking; News; Oil and natural gas; Silence2014-12
213 Jackson, Gregory RichardMuslim Marseille: the metropolization of imperial practices (1900-19039)During the first four decades of the twentieth century, Muslim North Africans were French colonial subjects and started to become a sizable minority in France. A few thousand in the first decade, France brought over 300,000 of them to Europe as soldiers and workers during World War I. Though many re...Algeria; Colonialism; France; Imperialism; Morocco; Tunisia2014-12
214 Jenson, Debra ElaineDinosaur dammed: an analysis of the fight to defeat Echo Park damIn the early twentieth century, the United States Bureau of Reclamation proposed a series of dams along the Colorado River to help control the violent and destructive fluctuations of the river that ran through six western states. The sites of two of the dams, Echo Park and Split Mountain, were locat...Environmental movement; National parks and monuments; Political communication; Social movements; Strategic communication; Western history2014-12
215 Souza, Vitor Marconi deAction research: perceptions of content-based instruction in an English as a foreign language settingContent-based instruction (CBI) aims to develop students' content and language knowledge as well as their ability to use learning strategies to become autonomous learners. It is a language teaching methodology that uses content as the organizing principle and makes a dual commitment to both language...Content-based instruction; Culture; EFL; Perceptions; Teaching; Vocabulary2014-12
216 Driscoll, Matthew WilliamLiterary soundscapes of the American WestInfluenced by the continued growth of the interdisciplinary field of sound studies, my dissertation examines sounds and soundscapes in several prose works of Western American literature. Literary Soundscapes of the American West examines literary sounds-the collective, but varied, representations of...Contemporary literature; Soundscapes; West2014-08
217 Ecsedy, Kathryn LynCharting a new course: mapping, ethnicity, and the forging of national identity in ChinaUpon the conclusion of the Qing Dynasty in 1912, the areas formerly under their control experienced an era of uncertainty regarding their political future. Although early Western historians of China have mistakenly held the Qing Empire to be synonymous with China, more recent work in the field of Ch...Borders; China; Ethnicity; Explorers; Mapping; Nationalism2014-08
218 Martin, William KarlCartography as an expression of empire: mapping colonial North America and the young American RepublicDuring the last third of the twentieth century, the history of cartography caught the interest of more than a few historians who would have otherwise viewed maps as interesting, but not entirely essential to the focus of their chosen research. Since the pioneering work of J. B. Harley, David Woodwar...Cartography; Empire2014-12
219 Christensen, Douglas ForsgrenGood people make good friends: critical friendship and ethos in college compositionThis dissertation argues that scholarship on ethos in first-year writing courses overlooks important articulations in the relationship between teacher and student and between peer students. I apply a theory heretofore little known in the American writing studies conversation called critical friendsh...Composition; Levinas; Montaigne; Pedagogy; Response to student writing; Writing studies2014-08
220 Peterson, John DelonHistory of the Mormon missionary movement in South America to 1940religious thought and practice that is American in origin. From a beginning in western New York in 1830 it has grown into an organization which is worldwide in scope. Those largely responsible for this expansion are Mormon missionaries- members of the Church who devote two to three years in voluntar...Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints; Mormons; Missionaries; South America; Proselyting1961-11
221 Hansen, Lindsay A.Second-language writer and instructor perceptions of the effectiveness of a curriculum-integrated research skills library guidePrior research and best teaching practices in L2 academic writing suggest that a combination of information literacy content and language teaching is effective in helping L2 writers learn the skills needed to become effective researchers (Bordonaro, 2011; Grabe & Stoller, 1997; Stoller, 2004). Resea...Content-based instruction; Curriculum assessment; English as a second language; Information literacy; L2 writing2014-08
222 Willoughby, JenniferThe hygienic childhood: morality, segregation, and the discrepancy between theory and practice in Treaty Port ChinaThis thesis examines the impact that colonial isolationist theory had upon childrearing techniques in treaty port China between 1881 and 1937. It works from the hypothesis that proper physical, moral, and identity development were all treated as components of good child health. It argues that obsess...Child; China; Health; Hygiene; Port; Segregation2014-08
223 Carroll, Patrick NealViolence and disavowal in Victorian narrativeThis dissertation demonstrates the Victorian novel's preoccupation with what it understands as liberal society's disavowed reliance on arbitrary and often violent decisions as a means of overcoming political and moral incommensurability, or, in other words, what Carl Schmitt has rather infamously ca...Carl schmitt; Conrad; Dickens; Eliot; Novel; Victorian2014-08
224 Mathis, Don RichardCamp Floyd in retrospectDuring the period of United States History typified by the westward movement, military posts were established along the main routes of travel for the principal purpose of providing protection to those hardy souls who looked to the setting sun for a better way of life. There was at least one exceptio...Camp Floyd; Military posts; Western United States expansion1959-06
225 Moreno, Robyn A.Participatory service-learning and identity in intercollegiate forensics organizationsOne of the most significant ways to address the ongoing problem of college student dropout is through student engagement. Student engagement includes institutional access to and participation in educationally purposeful activities. When educationally purposeful activities are combined with opportuni...Forensics; Higher education; Organizational identity; Student engagement2014-08
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