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201 Financial impact of part-time enrollments on two-year colleges: a marginal cost perspective1985ir_uspaceText
202 Teacher teams: promoting teacher involvement and leadership in secondary schools1997ir_uspaceText
203 Schoolwide behavior support: creating urban schools that accommodate diverse learners2003ir_uspaceText
204 Decision making in videotaped selection interviews: age and position effects retested1985ir_uspaceText
205 Using DIBELS to improve reading outcomes2004ir_uspaceText
206 What's helpful in secondary schools: behavior programs for older students2005ir_uspaceText
207 Theory to practice in administrator preparation: an evaluation study1995ir_uspaceText
208 Representation of memory for order of mental operations in cognitive tasks2002ir_uspaceText
209 Concepts of cost and cost analysis for higher education1986ir_uspaceText
210 Coordinating preservice and in-service training of early interventionists to serve preschoolers who engage in challenging behavior1996ir_uspaceText
211 Will work for a college education: an analysis of the role employment plays in the experiences of first-year college students2007ir_uspaceText
212 Factors affecting instructional costs at major research universities1981ir_uspaceText
213 What matters in student loan default: a review of the research literature2009ir_uspaceText
214 Options for cost analysis1989ir_uspaceText
215 Replacing challenging behavior: the role of communication intervention1993ir_uspaceText
216 Extending the study of learning environments: Connecting the field to other literatures2002ir_uspaceText
217 Preventing problem behavior : implementing a school-wide system of behavior support2003ir_uspaceText
218 Preservice special education service providers' attitudes on diversity2007ir_uspaceText
219 Student price response in higher education: the student demand studies1987ir_uspaceText
220 Preparing for the silver tsunami: the demand for higher education among older adults2010ir_uspaceText
221 Developing an initial communicative repertoire: applications and issues for persons with severe disabilities1993ir_uspaceText
222 Beginning augmentative communication systems1992ir_uspaceText
223 Intervening in midlife for optimal retirement: a guide for health educators1991-10ir_uspaceText
224 Six factors of successful school improvement: blueprint for reform or process for continual school improvement?2000ir_uspaceText
225 Counselor recall of specific details: implications for counseling and counselor training1988ir_uspaceText
201 - 225 of 314