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201 Domestic labor and wellbeing: the Evlatlık institution in turkey2016Textir_etd
202 Dynamical systems analysis of gender-related interest development in online coursework2017Textir_etd
203 Gendered poverty in peasant households: a case study of northern mozambique2016Textir_etd
204 The effects of restricted field-of-view on spatial learning while navigating: implications for strategy use and cognitive load2016Textir_etd
205 Openness to experience and awe: examination of dispositional tendencies, laboratory induction, and daily life experiences2016Textir_etd
206 The role of climate variability and disturbances on forest ecology in the intermountain west2016Textir_etd
207 Climatic influences on two cienega complexes from northern baja california: a ~45,000 year paleoecological record2016Textir_etd
208 Three essays on distribution and economic expansion of a dual economy2012-05Textir_etd
209 Parent-adolescent communication about sex and condom use among young men who have sex with men: an examination of the theory of planned behavior2016Textir_etd
210 States, water, and climate: who's planning for change?2015Textir_etd
211 MERLOT: a faculty-focused website of educational resources2001Textir_uspace
212 Older persons' AIDS knowledge and willingness to provide care in an impoverished nation: evidence from Cambodia2007Textir_uspace
213 Labor productivity and energy use in a three sector model: an application to Egypt2010Textir_uspace
214 Dynamic systems theory places the scientist in the system2002Textir_uspace
215 Innovation in human/social guise2006Textir_uspace
216 Careful what you ask for: reconsidering feminist epistemology and autobiographical narrative in research on sexual identity development2006Textir_uspace
217 Spatial-temporal hierarchy of regional inequality of China2010-07Textir_uspace
218 Hadza scavenging: implications for Plio/Pleistocene Hominid subsistence1988-04Textir_uspace
219 Ghettos and jobs in history: neighborhood effects on African American occupational status and mobility in World War I-era Cincinnati, Ohio2005Textir_uspace
220 Obesity in America, 1960-2000: is it an age, period or cohort phenomenon?2004-09-23Textir_uspace
221 Personal, social, and ecological influences on loneliness and satisfaction among rural-to-urban migrants in Shanghai, China2008-02-02Textir_uspace
222 Heterogeneity and dynamics in China's emerging housing marketTextir_uspace
223 A land of work: foraging behavior and ecology2012-03-15Textir_uspace
224 Explaining prehistoric variation in the abundance of large prey: a zooarchaeological analysis of deer and rabbit hunting along the Pecho Coast of Central California2009-11-14Textir_uspace
225 Interpreting abundance indices: some zooarchaeological implications of Martu foraging2010-07-20Textir_uspace
201 - 225 of 1,049