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201 The fate of edited RNA in caenorhabditis elegans2007-08Textir_etd
202 The functional analysis of mitochondrial fission adaptors in yeast and human2012-12Textir_etd
203 The metabolism of intravenous testosterone.1951-06Textir_etd
204 The protein network of HIV-1 budding2010-08Textir_etd
205 The role of Cox20 in Cox2 maturation and cytochrome C oxidase assembly2011-11Textir_etd
206 The role of HFL1 in lysosomal homeostasis2013-12Textir_etd
207 The role of replication fidelity in mutator phenotypes and carcinogenesis.1999-12Textir_etd
208 The role of ubiquitin in ATP-dependent proteolysis.1984-03Textir_etd
209 The structural and functional roles of mitochondrial fission adaptors in yeast and humans2012-08Textir_etd
210 The structural basis for molecular recognition of the capsid protein of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 by human cyclophilin A.1997-12Textir_etd
211 Towards defining off-target cleavage sites for zinc finger nucleases in vitro2013-05Textir_etd
212 Transcriptional programming of thermogenic adipocytes by TLKE3 and the role of MPC1 in Thermogenesis2019Textir_etd
213 Transfer of Preformed Iron-Sulfur Clusters to Client Proteins2017-05Textir_etd
214 Virion stiffness and human immunodeficiency virus type 1 entry2011-12Textir_etd
215 Zinc finger nuclease-induced double-strand breaks mediate targeted mutagenesis in Caenorhabditis elegans2007-05Textir_etd
201 - 225 of 215