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201 Collaboration and Support in Diabetes Management across Adulthood: The Roles of of Attachment and Diabetes Distress2018Textir_etd
202 Understanding the Effects of Minority Stress on Same-sex Couples: Implications for Downstream Effects on Physical and Mental Health2018Textir_etd
203 Online Homework/Quiz/Exam Applet: Freely available Java software for evaluating performance online2002Textir_uspace
204 Effects of parietal injury on covert orienting of visual attention1984-07Textir_uspace
205 Role of problem interpretations in understanding the development of everyday problem solving1994Textir_uspace
206 Steps to an ecology of emergence2005Textir_uspace
207 Forcing square pegs into round holes: Some comments on "An Analysis-of-Variance Model for the Intrasubject Replication Design1974Textir_uspace
208 Interactional parameters of psychotherapists1964-06Textir_etd
209 A comparison of fixation and fractal measures of eye movement when viewing pictures with affective valence2016Textir_etd
210 Daily feedback improves sun protection among patients with an elevated risk of skin cancer2016Textir_etd
211 An interpersonal analysis of subjective social status and psychosocial risk2011-01-01Textir_uspace
212 Cellular aging and restorative processes: Subjective sleep quality and duration moderate the association between age and telomere length in a sample of middle-aged and older adults2014-01-01Textir_uspace
213 Does the shoe fit? Applying lessons learned in aviation to healthcare2012-01-01Textir_uspace
214 Nonrestorative Sleep in Healthy Adults Without Insomnia: Associations with Executive Functioning, Fatigue, and Presleep Arousal2017Textir_etd
215 More and Less Guilt-Prone Children's Distress Changes Differently when they Narrate Harmdoings, According to Some but Not All Indicators of Distress2018Textir_etd
216 Examining priority of a risk as a predictor of photorotective adherence among individuals at high familial risk for melanoma following genetic testing2018Textir_etd
217 Mapping Gregory Bateson's epistemology to nonlinear dynamic systems theory: dynamic form and hierarchies of knowledge2006-10-23Textir_uspace
218 Course in modern physics for Colombia1970Textir_uspace
219 Between art, science and technology: data representation architecture2005Textir_uspace
220 Clinical validation and cognitive elaboration: signs that encourage sustained recycling2002-08-01Textir_uspace
221 Relationships that support human development2008Textir_uspace
222 Relative status, partner dominance, depression, & self-rated health2011Text; Imageir_uspace
223 External and Internal Factors That Influence Entrepreneurial Intention In Human Resource Development Consultants2013Textir_etd
224 Noninnatist alternatives to the negative evidence hypothesis1992Textir_uspace
225 Using accelerometer feedback to identify walking destinations, activity overestimates, and stealth exercise in obese and nonobese individuals2008Textir_uspace
201 - 225 of 251