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201 Balasubramonian, RajeevDynamically tuning processor resources with adaptive processingUsing adaptive processing to dynamically tune major microprocessor resources, developers can achieve greater energy efficiency with reasonable hardware and software overhead while avoiding undue performance loss.Adaptive processing; Energy efficiency; DRI-cache2003-12
202 Carter, John B.Supporting persistent C++ objects in a distributed storage systemWe have designed and implemented a C++ object layer for Khazana, a distributed persistent storage system that exports a flat shared address space as its basic abstraction. The C++ layer described herein lets programmers use familiar C++ idioms to allocate, manipulate, and deallocate persistent share...persistent C++ objects; distributed storage; Khazana; flat shared address space1999
203 Subrahmanyam, P.A.On proving the correctness of data type implementationsIn order to prove the correctness (or consistency) of an implementation of a data type with respect to the data type's specifications, the minimal amount of information that needs to be provided consists of: (i) a specification of the type being implemented; (ii) a specification of the representati...Data type; Consistency1980
204 Regehr, JohnCorrectness proofs for device drivers in embedded systemsComputer systems do not exist in isolation: they must interact with the world through I/O devices. Our work, which focuses on constrained embedded systems, provides a framework for verifying device driver software at the machine code level. We created an abstract device model that can be plugged...2010
205 Kuramkote, Ravindra; Carter, JohnExploring the value of supporting multiple DSM protocols in Hardware DSM ControllersThe performance of a hardware distributed shared memory (DSM) system is largely dependent on its architect's ability to reduce the number of remote memory misses that occur. Previous attempts to solve this problem have included measures such as supporting both the CC-NUMA and S-COMA architectures is...DSM; Controllers1999
206 Freire, JulianaCombining scheduling strategies in tabled evaluationsTabled evaluations ensure termination for Datalog programs by distinguishing calls to tabled subgoals. Given several variant subgoals in an evaluation, only the first (the generator) will use program clause resolution, the rest (consumers) must perform answer resolution using answers computed by th...SLG; SLG-WAM; Tabling; Local scheduling; Batched scheduling1997
207 Henderson, Thomas C.Video based animal behavior analysisIt has become increasingly popular to study animal behaviors with the assistance of video recordings. The traditional way to do this is to first videotape the animal for a period of time, and then a human observer watches the video and records the behaviors of the animal manually. This is a time ...Hidden Markov Model; HMM; Animal Behavior Analysis2006-06-06
208 Riloff, Ellen M.Corpus-based semantic lexicon induction with web-based corroborationVarious techniques have been developed to automatically induce semantic dictionaries from text corpora and from the Web. Our research combines corpus-based semantic lexicon induction with statistics acquired from the Web to improve the accuracy of automatically acquired domain-specific dictionari...Corpus-based; Text corpora; Domain-specific dictionaries; Bootstrapping algorithm2009
209 Freire, JulianaBeyond depth-first strategies: improving tabled logic programs through alternative schedulingTabled evaluation ensures termination for programs with finite models by keeping track of which subgoals have been called. Given several variant subgoals in an evaluation, only the fi rst one encountered will use program-clause resolution; the rest will resolve with the answers generated by the f...Alternate scheduling; SLG-WAM; Tabled logic programs1998
210 Brunvand, Erik L.HDL modeling for analysis and optimization of asynchronous controllersWe propose a simulation-based technique for analysis and optimization of extended burst-mode (XBM) asynchronous controllers. In asynchronous controllers of this sort, timing information on control signals is significant both for performance enhancement and timing validation. Timing information, ...2005
211 Boll, Steven F.Suppression of acoustic noise in speech using two microphone adaptive noise cancellationAcoustic noise with energy greater or equal to the speech is suppressed by filtering a separately recorded correlated noise signal and subtracting it from the speech waveform. This approach was investigated to determine the degree of noise suppression possible using an external correlated input. The...Suppression; acoustic noise; adaptive noise cancellation1979
212 Hibler, Michael J.Interface and execution models in the fluke kernelWe have defined and implemented a new kernel API that makes every exported operation either fully interruptible and restartable, thereby appearing atomic to the user. To achieve interruptibility, all possible states in which a thread may become blocked for a "long" time are completely representable ...Fluke kernel; Interruptibility1998
213 Henderson, Thomas C.Implementing multi-sensor systems in a functional languageWe discuss a methodology for configuring systems of sensors using a functional language. To date no such general methodology exists, and existing multi-sensor systems have been hand-crafted around a particular application. Our main point is that the use of abstraction and of functional language fe...Multi-sensor systems; Multisensor systems1984
214 Riloff, Ellen M.OpinionFinder: a system for subjectivity analysisOpinionFinder is a system that performs subjectivity analysis, automatically identifying when opinions, sentiments, speculations and other private states are present in text. Specifically, OpinionFinder aims to identify subjective sentences and to mark various aspects of the subjectivity in the...OpinionFinder; Subjectivity analysis2005
215 Carter, Tony M.The path programmable logic (PPL) user's manualThis manual describes the primitive NMOS path programmable logic cells currently in use at the University of Utah. It contains detailed descriptions, schematics and composite layout of all cells. Also included are PPL programming rules as well as layout design rules for each cell set.1982
216 Hansen, Charles D.; Shirley, Peter S.Parallel point reprojectionImprovements in hardware have recently made interactive ray tracing practical for some applications. However, when the scene complexity or rendering algorithm cost is high, the frame rate is too low in practice. Researchers have attempted to solve this problem by caching results from ray tracing an...Point reprojection; Ray tracing2001
217 Lefohn, Aaron; Kniss, Joe; Hansen, Charles D.; Whitaker, Ross T.Interactive deformation and visualization of level set surfaces using graphics hardwareDeformable isosurfaces, implemented with level-set methods, have demonstrated a great potential in visualization for applications such as segmentation, surface process- ing, and surface reconstruction. Their usefulness has been limited, however, by two problems. First, 3D level sets are relativel...Interactive deformation; Deformable isosurfaces; Level-set methods2003-04-16
218 Hansen, Charles D.CAD-based computer vision: the automatic generation of recognition stragtegiesThree-dimensional model-based computer vision uses geometric models of objects and sensed data to recognize objects in a scene. Likewise, Computer Aided Design (CAD) systems are used to interactively generate three-dimensional models during these fields. Recently, the unification of CAD and vision s...1988
219 Watkins, Gary ScottA real time visible surface algorithmWith the increasing use of computer graphics, a need is growing for a processor capable of displaying solid objects. Environmental simulation and architectural modeling are only two areas that would benefit from such a diplay processor. This dissertation describes an algorithm designed for such a ...Surface algorithm1970
220 Bruderlin, BeatInteraction with constraints in 3D modelingInteractive geometric modeling is an important part of the industrial product design process. This paper describes how constraints can be used to facilitate the interactive definition of geometric objects and assemblies. We have implemented a geometric modeling system that combines the definition o...Interactive geometric modeling; Industrial product design; Geometric constraints1990
221 Johnson, Christopher R.Map3d: scientific visualization program for multichannel time series data on unstructured, three-dimensional meshes. program user's guideThere are many examples in biomedical research of recording time signals with multi-sensor arrays whose elements are arranged in irregular, three-dimensional grids [1, 2, 3, 4]. If the nodes in such arrays can be connected into "surfaces", it is possible to employ linear interpolation techniques to ...Map3D; Multi-sensor arrays; Scientific visualization; Multichannel time series data; Three-dimensional meshes1994
222 Smith, Kent F.Automatic rapid prototyping of semi-custom VLSI circuits using FPGAsWe describe a technique for translating semi-custom VLSI circuits automatically, integrating two design environments, into field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) for rapid and inexpensive prototyping. The VLSI circuits are designed using a cell-matrix based environment that produces chips with densi...Semi-custom; VLSI circuits1994
223 Balasubramonian, RajeevReducing the complexity of the register file in dynamic superscalar processorsDynamic superscalar processors execute multiple instructions out-of-order by looking for independent operations within a large window. The number of physical registers within the processor has a direct impact on the size of this window as most in-flight instructions require a new physical register a...Dynamic superscalar processors; Register file; Instruction-level parallelism; Microarchitecture; Reorder buffer2001
224 Hansen, Charles D.; Whitaker, Ross T.Streaming narrow-band algorithm: interactive computation and visualization of level setsAbstract-Deformable isosurfaces, implemented with level-set methods, have demonstrated a great potential in visualization and computer graphics for applications such as segmentation, surface processing, and physically-based modeling. Their usefulness has been limited, however, by their high computa...2004-07
225 Hansen, Charles D.Interactive texture-based volume rendering for large data setsVisualization is an integral part of scientific computation and simulation. State-of-the-art simulations of physical systems can generate terabytes to petabytes of time-varying data where a single time step can contain more than a gigabyte of data per variable. As memory sizes continue to increase, ...Parallel rendering; Volume rendering; TRex2001
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