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201 Two ribs and caudal vertebrae, Allosaurus (UUVP 0261, 0106, 0012).Image
202 Uncommon association of two articulating limb elements, femur and tibia of Allosaurus (UUVP 0826, 0827).Image
203 Unidentified.Image
204 Vertebrae, ischium, and tibia, Camarasaurus (?) (UUVP 2426-tibia).Image
205 Vertebrae, ribs, etc., Allosaurus (UUVP 0012, 0106, 0261, 0262, 0267).Image
206 View from above, looking south(?).Image
207 View from the quarry, looking south with the 1961 trailer Accommodation in the background.Image
208 View of the sizeable crowd turned out for the dedication.Image
209 The Visitor Center at the C-LDQ, which became a United States Natural Landmark in 1968, has some interesting graphics that interpret and detail the operation and history of the Quarry. Included in the exhibits are some prepared, original dinosaur bones, and a mounted free- standing skeleton of a medium-sized Allosaur, which consists of less than 50% of the original, fossil bones. The skull of the Allosaur can be seen through the window in the front of the building.Image
210 When a fossil bone is prepared for removal from the Quarry in a plaster jacket, it is first uncovered and left supported on a narrow matrix pedestal. (June 1961)Image
211 Will Stokes, Jim Madsen, and Kermit Horn (U of U field crew).Image
212 William Lee Stokes (U of U, Department of Geology).Image
213 Young cow on Cow Flat (Cow Flat Quadrangle)Image
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