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176 Three essays on the social context of wealth accumulation and racial wealth inequality in the U.S.ir_etdText
177 Application of synthetic aperture radar interferometry for mine subsidence monitoring in the western United Statesir_etdText
178 Analytical methods for studying intratumoral drug delivery in solid tumorsir_etdText
179 Watershed-scale life cycle assessment of rainwater harvesting systems to control combined sewer overflowsir_etdText
180 Metamorphosis: radically imagining the body through collage and the grotesqueir_etdText
181 Lattice field theory studies of magnetic catalysis in grapheneir_etdText
182 Race, sexuality, and power in Ivens Machado's video performance Escravizador-Escravo (1974)ir_etdText
183 The influence of caring, curiosity, and knowledge on visitors' conservation intentions: an exploratory investigation at the Tracy Aviaryir_etdText
184 Spectrum measurement with the telescope array low energy extension (tale) fluorescence detectorir_etdText
185 High school involvement and student engagement as protective factors for at-risk studentsir_etdText
186 A comparative study of selected secondary school preservice music teacher education programs in the republic of korea and the united statesir_etdText
187 Oxide materials for spintronic device applicationsir_etdText
188 Effects of a peer tutor training program on tutors and tutees with severe disabilities in adapted physical educationir_etdText
189 Si se puede! (yes we can!): a critical ethnography of students' identities in an urban debate leagueir_etdText
190 Intuitive telemanipulation of micromanipulators with piezoelectric stick-slip actuators with application in retinal surgeryir_etdText
191 Soot oxidation and the mechanisms of oxidation-induced fragmentation in a two-stage burner for ethylene and surrogate fuelsir_etdText
192 The effects surcharging has on the rate of secondary settlement on clays along the Wasatch frontir_etdText
193 Detecting slip in a vehicle perched on a dynamic perchir_etdText
194 Relationship power, sociodemographics, and their relative influence on sexual agreements among gay male couplesir_etdText
195 Expressive suppression deleteriously impacts cognitive aspects of motor outputir_etdText
196 Evaluating the environmental impact of woody biomass removal for biofuel productionir_etdText
197 Using similarity in content and access patterns to improve space efficiency and performance in storage systemsir_etdText
198 Protein quality control at the endosome: a novel modelir_etdText
199 Applying the experience economy framework to better understand the visitor experience at the natural history museum of utahir_etdText
200 The quantitative study of changes in anatomyir_etdText
176 - 200 of 21,725