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176 Singlet s-wave scattering lengths of 6Li and 7Liir_uspaceText
177 Tip-enhanced fluorescence microscopy at 10 nanometer resolutionir_uspaceText
178 Exploring the value of supporting multiple DSM protocols in Hardware DSM Controllersir_uspaceText
179 Combining scheduling strategies in tabled evaluationsir_uspaceText
180 Video based animal behavior analysisir_uspaceText
181 Contryphan is a D-tryptophan-containing Conus peptideir_uspaceText
182 John Steele Gordon, Thread across the ocean: the historic story of the transatlantic cableir_uspaceText
183 Linewidth-limited energy transfer in single conjugated polymer moleculesir_uspaceText
184 Respiratory motor correlates of song plasticity in young adult zebra finchesir_uspaceText
185 Determining the adsorptive and catalytic properties of strained metal surfaces using adsorption-induced stressir_uspaceText
186 Overview of the ANITA projectir_uspaceText
187 Expanding access to published research: open access and self-archivingir_uspaceText
188 Solvent extraction reagents for gold recovery from alkaline cyanide solutionsir_uspaceText
189 Corpus-based semantic lexicon induction with web-based corroborationir_uspaceText
190 Contribution of Hox genes to the diversity of the hindbrain sensory systemir_uspaceText
191 Synthesis, structural, and magnetic characterization of substituted benzoimidazole-l-yl N,N'-dioxidesir_uspaceText
192 Millennium minutes: a look back at licensingir_uspaceText
193 Guidelines for the performance of fusion procedures for degenerative disease of the lumbar spine. Part 3: assessment of economic outcomeir_uspaceText
194 Multicenter prospective cohort study of the Strata valve for the management of hydrocephalus in pediatric patientsir_uspaceText
195 Porous polyethylene implant for cranioplasty and skull base reconstructionir_uspaceText
196 Photoelectron spectra of transition-metal carbonyl complexes: comparison with the spectra of adsorbed COir_uspaceText
197 Hox genes and mammalian developmentir_uspaceText
198 Dark matter axions revisitedir_uspaceText
199 Anomalous charge transport phenomena in the molecular-based magnet V(TCNE)x.y(solvent)ir_uspaceText
200 Reaction of Cu+ with dimethoxyethane: competition between association and multiple dissociation channelsir_uspaceText
176 - 200 of 21,719