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176 Levels of secretory immunoglobulin A in the saliva of children with acute upper respiratory infectionsir_etdText
177 Physical separation of bitumen from utah tar sandsir_etdText
178 Synthesis and evaluation of novel hepatoprotective L-cysteine prodrugsir_etdText
179 Effects of chlorpromazine upon some innate behaviors of miceir_etdText
180 Asphalt ridge tar sands: flotation behavior and process designir_etdText
181 Nurses' attitudes and beliefs regarding AIDS and patients with AIDSir_etdText
182 Biodegradable star-shaped block copolymer hydrogels for drug deliveryir_etdText
183 Novel neutrophil agonists : oxidatively-fragmented phosphatidylcholinesir_etdText
184 Comparative pharmacology of some psychopharmacologic and anticonvulsant drugsir_etdText
185 Nursing diagnosis: a tool to written care planningir_etdText
186 Retropective, exploratory analysis of predictive and structural variables related to metabolic energy expenditure in traumatic brain injuryir_etdText
187 Induction and inactivation of cytochrome P-450 by macrolide antibioticsir_etdText
188 Pyridoacridines as cytotoxic and anti-neoplastic agentsir_etdText
189 Clinical master dictionary for coding patient problemsir_etdText
190 The evaluation of erythrocyte and platelet engraftment in peripheral blood following bone marrow transplants in miceir_etdText
191 Adolescent development of migrant youthir_etdText
192 Cytokine signaling in endothelial cellsir_etdText
193 Role of fluoride in mineral dissolution and remineralization of dental enamelir_etdText
194 Simultaneous comparison of three neonatal pain scales during common newborn intensive care unit proceduresir_etdText
195 Structural investigations of metabolites from four marine invertebratesir_etdText
196 Nurses' perception and judgment of patients' behavior as a problemir_etdText
197 Preparation for childbirth classes and the mother's response to laborir_etdText
198 Modeling a coupled fluidized-bed process for extraction of tar sand bitumenir_etdText
199 Metabolism of 3,4-(Methylenedioxy)-methamphetamineir_etdText
200 Effectiveness of sensory stimulation in producing voiding in hemorrhoidectomy patients with postoperative urinary retentionir_etdText
176 - 200 of 21,717