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176 The Combustion Characterstics of Coal in Oil Fuels1981
177 Combustion Control1986
178 Combustion Control Equipment and the Impact on Atmospheric Pollution1994
179 Combustion Control Using Infrared Tunable Acoustooptic Filters as a Smart Sensor for On Line Determination of Gas Temperature and Composition1985
180 Combustion Design Issues in Fluids and Refinery Heating1997
181 Combustion Diagnostics Based on Frequency Spectra Analysis1995
182 Combustion efficiency of full scale flares measured using DIAL technology2004Flares are used in Alberta's oil and gas industry to safely treat H2S containing gas releases during emergencies, and gas well flow tests and as a means of disposing of gases that cannot be recovered economically. Despite the wide use of these flares, little data exists on the combustion efficiency ...
183 Combustion efficiency of industrial flares revisited the current status of this multivariate, multiphysics, multichemistry morass and what to do about it2011Last year, with its focus on "Industrial Flaring," TOTeM361 was the first in the IFRF TOTeM series to tap into an area which has been explored in AFRC Symposia for many years.2 Taking place 30 September - 1 October at the Sheraton Maui immediately following the AFRC 2010 Pacific Rim Combustion Sympo...
184 Combustion Efficiency Performance Evaluation of a Variable Speed Drive Air-Assisted Flare using Passive FTIR2016-09-13Conference paper
185 Combustion Enhancement and Flame Stabilization Due to Vortex Generation1997
186 Combustion Enhancement Introducing Electrodynamic Combustion Control Technology-Colannino, Joseph2012-09-06
187 Combustion Evaluation of Advanced Coal Cleaning Products: Test Program and Initial Results1988
188 Combustion Gas Scrubbing Using Free-Jet Technology1991
189 Combustion In Industrial Furnaces And Boilers1989
190 Combustion in the 21st Century1996
191 Combustion Inhibition Physico Chemistry of Coal-Derived Syngas Air Flames1981
192 Combustion Measurements in an Industrial Gas Fired Aluminum Recycling Furnace1998
193 Combustion Method to Reduce NOx and Save Fuel for Burners for Forge Furnace1998
194 Combustion Modifications for Coal-Fired Stoker Boilers1982
195 The Combustion of a Fuel Mixture Composed of Coal and Light Fuel Oil1983
196 The Combustion of Alternative Fuels, Coal and Liquid Fuels at the IFRF Research Station in 1997-19981998
197 Combustion of Coal-Water Mixture in Test Furnace1983
198 The Combustion of Highly Fluorinated Organic Compounds1995
199 Combustion of mixtures: A modified IFC approach2011While most studies on flares have been done with single hydrocarbon fuels or binary mixtures, the reality of most industrial flares is that they see different mixtures of many gases. Over the past 5 years the International Flare Consortium (IFC) has been conducting research on just this issue. In a ...
200 Combustion Problems in the Steel Industry1986
176 - 200 of 927