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176 Sonoran Gopher Snake hiss (090814)2009-08-14Sounduu_wss
177 National Park Service audio recording - Yosemite National Park - Great Horned Owl screechSounduu_wss
178 American Coot various pops and calls (100515)2010-05-15Sounduu_wss
179 American robins defending nest2008-05-10Sounduu_wss
180 Elephant seals at Piedras Blancas rookery (California) - Male and female2009-02-26Sounduu_wss
181 Gray wolves (Yellowstone National Park)2004Sounduu_wss
182 Northern Pygmy-Owl three note sequence (100729)2010-07-29Sounduu_wss
183 Red Squirrel trills squeaks and chatter (100717)2010-07-17Sounduu_wss
184 Ringtail eating (captive)2009-08-14Sounduu_wss
185 Eared Grebe distant with noise 1011022010-11-02Sounduu_wss
186 Lowland Burrowing Treefrog chorus2009-08-13Sounduu_wss
187 Eastern Gray Squirrel 12008-10-15Sounduu_wss
188 National Park Service audio recording - Devil's Postpile National Monument - Great Horned Owl 1Sounduu_wss
189 Columbia Spotted Frog underwater vocalizations 2 in Washington 0904112009-04-11Sounduu_wss
190 Bobcat greeting vocalization 0908042009-08-04Sounduu_wss
191 Northern Raccoon scream (100221)2010-02-21Sounduu_wss
192 Utah prairie dogs alarm call response to diving hawk (100409)2010-04-09Sounduu_wss
193 Bushy-tailed Woodrat low frequency sound (100820)2010-08-20Sounduu_wss
194 Red Squirrel trill (100715)2010-07-15Sounduu_wss
195 Coyotes near Tucson2010-03-14Sounduu_wss
196 North American River Otter chirps 22009-08-04Sounduu_wss
197 Northern Raccoon chatter 22009-08-04Sounduu_wss
198 SanRafaelSwell_080711_00_at25min40sec2008-07-11Sounduu_wss
199 American Crow at Birch Bay State Park 0903302009-03-30Sounduu_wss
200 National Park Service audio recording - Yellowstone National Park - Clark's Nutcracker2007-03-18Sounduu_wss
176 - 200 of 1,570