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176 Safe social distance visit to family member2020-04Image
177 Saying goodbye with safe social distance [2]2020-04-11Image
178 Saying goodbye with safe social distance [1]2020-04-11Image
179 Sign at Starbucks2020-03-17Image
180 Social distance at funeral2020-04Image
181 Zoë Foster, age 3, plays with child in opposite building2020-04Image
182 Family on hike, overlooking Salt Lake City, Utah2020-04Image
183 Temporary curbside pickup, Jimmy Johns2020-04Image
184 Vertical Diner, temporary takeout sign2020-04Image
185 Temporary drive through sign [2]2020-04Image
186 Temporary drive through sign [1]2020-04Image
187 Shopping carts to ensure social distancing, Walmart2020-04-09Image
188 Disinfecting groceries2020-04-09Image
189 Curbside signage2020-04-09Image
190 Curbside shopping, American Fork2020-04-09Image
191 Mario and Milo Hobbs, Liberty Park [2]2020-04-09Image
192 Mario and Milo Hobbs, Liberty Park [1]2020-04-09Image
193 Playground closed, Centerville, Utah2020-04Image
194 Essential truck driver, South Salt Lake, Utah2020-04Image
195 Line of customers entering Home Depot2020-04Image
196 Customers in line, Costco, Salt Lake City2020-04Image
197 Grocery pick-up orders, Walmart, Layton, Utah2020-04Image
198 Line of shoppers outside Sam's Club2020-04-10Image
199 Shoppers wait in line, Trader Joe's2020-04Image
200 Jennifer Hamilton (Grandmother) embraces Millie Church (Granddaughter) before hospital stay2020-04Image
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