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176 Staged Air Fuel Injection for NOx Reduction-- Modelling and Experiments in a 125MW Boiler1991uu_afrcText
177 Air Staging and Reburning Mechanisms for NOx Abatement in a Laboratory Coal Combustor1991uu_afrcText
178 Reburning Scale-Up Methodology for NOx Control From Cyclone Boilers1991uu_afrcText
179 Innovations of Catalytic Combustion1991uu_afrcText
180 Development of a Technique for Removal of Organic Sulfur Compounds in Coke Oven Gas1991uu_afrcText
181 Application of Low NOx Combustion Technique for Regenerative System1991uu_afrcText
182 Effect of Trace Combustion Species on SNCR Performance1991uu_afrcText
183 Achieving Ultra-Low Sulfur Levels in Refinery Fuel Gas1991uu_afrcText
184 Demonstration of Combined NOx and SO2 Emission Control Technologies Involving Gas Reburning1991uu_afrcText
185 Optical Pyrometry for In-Furnace Temperature Monitoring and Combustion Control1991uu_afrcText
186 The Use of Oxygen for Transient Incinerator Puff Reduction: Control Strategy and Field Results1990uu_afrcText
187 Heat Recovery From Oxy-Fuel Based Glass Melting Processes1990uu_afrcText
188 Test Results from California Full-Scale Hazardous Waste Combustors1990uu_afrcText
189 Control of Trace Metals in Flyash at the Tacoma, Washington Multifuels Incinerator1990uu_afrcText
190 Development of a Sludge Slagging Combustor1990uu_afrcText
191 Waste Gasification by the Texaco Gasification Process1990uu_afrcText
192 Size Distribution of Trace Metals in Flue Gas Particulate from a Pilot Scale Rotary Kiln Incinerator1990uu_afrcText
193 Clean Fuel Injection for Toxics Abatement1990uu_afrcText
194 Affect of System Operation on Toxic Air Emissions1990uu_afrcText
195 An Inquiry Into the Fundamental Causes of Incineration Emissions1990uu_afrcText
196 Simultaneous SOx/NOx/Particulate Removal in a High-Temperature Baghouse -- Clean Coal 2 Program Update1991uu_afrcText
197 International Flare Consortium Flare Emissions Literature Survey, Dec 20092012-09-05uu_afrcText
198 Combustion Enhancement Introducing Electrodynamic Combustion Control Technology-Colannino, Joseph2012-09-06uu_afrcText
199 Performance Test of Steam-Assisted and Pressure Assisted Ground Flare Burner Arrays with Passive FTIR2013-09-25uu_afrcEvent
200 Progress and Recent Advances Using Electrodynamic Combustion Control (ECC)-Colannino, Joseph2014-09-23uu_afrcEvent
176 - 200 of 890