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176 Fluidized Bed Combustion of Feedlot Manureuu_afrcText
177 The Simultaneous Drying and Pyrolysis of Single Wood Particles and Pellets Made of Peatuu_afrcText
178 Synthetic Fuel Combustion Characterizationuu_afrcText
179 Incineration of Hazardous Waste in a Mobile Systemuu_afrcText
180 The Incineration Characteristics of DichloromethaneThe Incineration Characteristics of Dichloromethane (CH2Cl2)uu_afrcText
181 Flameless Combustion Safetyuu_afrcEvent
182 Emissions Estimation Methodologies for Industrial Flaresuu_afrcEvent
183 Oxygen Enhanced Biomass Combustionuu_afrcEvent
184 Hydrogen and syngas flares-comparison between experimental data and model predictionsuu_afrcEvent
185 Chemical Looping Combustion-Research for Power and Process Heat Applicationsuu_afrcEvent
186 PM Emission Factors: Past, Present, and Futureuu_afrcEvent
187 Oxy-fuel Combustion in the Claus Process and Using CFD Modeling in Burner Design Optimizationuu_afrcText
188 Use of CFD in Evaluation Pyrolysis Furnace Designuu_afrcText
189 Know the Secret of Fired Heater Design and Operation with Ultra Low NOx Burneruu_afrcEvent
190 Objectives for Optimizing Combustion Systems in Refinery and Petrochemical Applicationsuu_afrcEvent
191 Achieving Environmental Compliance through Proper Destruction Efficiency of Low-Profile Flare Systemsuu_afrcEvent
192 Evaluation of Electric Power Generation from Sugar Cane Wasteuu_afrcEvent
193 Development and Demonstration of a Fuel-Flexible Burner for Fired Heatersuu_afrcEvent
194 My 60-year History of Fuel Dilution Technologyuu_afrcEvent
195 Toxic Combustion Byproductsuu_afrcText
196 Development of an Advanced Low NOx Landfill Gas Burner for Utility Boiler Applicationuu_afrcText
197 NOx Reduction by NOx Recycle Approachuu_afrcText
198 GRI's Industry Combustion R&D Preparing Industry for the Challenges of the Clean Air Actuu_afrcText
199 Uncontrolled Pollutant Emissions from Biomass Combustion Under Simulation Boiler Furnace Conditionsuu_afrcText
200 Oxy-Fuel Burner Characterization: From Laboratory to Industryuu_afrcText
176 - 200 of 890