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176 Baby in Casket, Mar. 19381938-03-09dha_cbfmImage
177 Baby, May 19371937-05-06dha_cbfmImage
178 Back Bar and Counter, Feb. 19341938-02-16dha_cbfmImage
179 Back Bar and Counter, May 19331937-05-14dha_cbfmImage
180 Back Bar at Granite Drug Co., Apr. 19341938-04-07dha_cbfmImage
181 Back Bar Display, May 19331937-05-14dha_cbfmImage
182 Back of Large Beer Counter, June 19331937-06-24dha_cbfmImage
183 Baer Equipment, Sept. 19361936-09-14dha_cbfmImage
184 Baer equipment, Sept. 19361936-09-14dha_cbfmImage
185 Baker Motor Co. Men, Apr. 19351939-04-11dha_cbfmImage
186 Baker Motor Co., Mechanic, Apr. 19351939-04-11dha_cbfmImage
187 Baker Motor Exterior, Apr. 19351939-04-11dha_cbfmImage
188 Baker Motor Exterior, Apr. 19351939-04-11dha_cbfmImage
189 Baker Motor Mechanics, Apr. 19351939-04-11dha_cbfmImage
190 Baker Motor Parts Dept., May 19371937-05-29dha_cbfmImage
191 Baker Motor Used Car Lot at Night, May 19371937-05-11dha_cbfmImage
192 Bakery Products at Murdock Store, Aug. 19371937-08-03dha_cbfmImage
193 Ball Team and New Bus, May 19361936-05-17dha_cbfmImage
194 Ball Team at White Park, Aug. 19371937-08-01dha_cbfmImage
195 Ball Team at White Park, Aug. 19371937-08-01dha_cbfmImage
196 Ball Team, June 19361936-06-02dha_cbfmImage
197 Ball Team, June 19361936-06-02dha_cbfmImage
198 Ball Team, May 19361936-05-17dha_cbfmImage
199 Bamberger Coal Co. Window, Jan. 19381938-01-17dha_cbfmImage
200 Band, Nov. 19341934-11-21dha_cbfmImage
176 - 200 of 3,100