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176 Determination of Upstream Boundary Points on Southeastern Washington Streams and Rivers Under the Requirements of the Shoreline Management Act of 19712003Text
177 Surface-water-quality assessment of the Yakima River Basin in Washington: Overview of Major Findings, 1987-911999Text
178 Hydrogeology of the unconsolidated sediments, water quality, and ground-water/surface-water exchanges in the Methow River Basin, Okanogan County, Washington2003Text
179 Water resources data Washington Water Year 20022003Text
180 Sources of mercury in sediments, water, and fish of the lakes of Whatcom County, Washington2004Text
181 Klamath River Basin hydrologic conditions prior to the September 2002 die-off of Salmon and Steelhead2003Text
182 Upper Klamath Lake Basin nutrient-loading study-assessment of historic flows in the Williamson and Sprague Rivers1999Text
183 Effect of water-column ph on sediment-phosphorus release rates in Upper Klamath Lake, Oregon, 20012004Text
184 Nitrogen and phosphorus loading from drained wetlands adjacent to Upper Klamath and Agency Lakes, Oregon1997Text
185 Mercury concentrations in edible muscle of Lake Whatcom Fish2001Text
186 Watershed analysis of the Salmon River Watershed, Washington: hydrology2003Text
187 Ground-water and water-chemistry data for the Upper Deschutes Basin, Oregon1997Text
188 Relation between selected water-quality variables and lake level in Upper Klamath and Agency Lakes, Oregon1996Text
189 Precipitation-runoff and streamflow-routing models for the Willamette River Basin, Oregon1997Text
190 Sediment oxygen demand in Upper Klamath and Agency Lakes, Oregon, 19992001Text
191 Stream velocity and dispersion characteristics determined by dye-tracer studies on selected stream reaches in the Willamette River Basin, Oregon1995Text
192 Water-quality and algal conditions in the North Umpqua River Basin, Oregon, 1992-95, and implications for resource management1998Text
193 Upper Klamath Basin nutrient-loading study- estimate of wind-induced resuspension of bed sediment during periods of low lake elevation1996Text
194 Modeling water quality in the Tualatin River, Oregon, 1991-19972001Text
195 The effect of chamber mixing velocity on bias in measurement of sediment oxygen demand rates in the Tualatin River Basin, Oregon2003Text
196 Geologic framework of the regional ground-water flow system in the Upper Deschutes Basin, Oregon2002Text
197 Ground - water hydrology of the Upper Deschutes Basin, Oregon2001Text
198 Herbicide use in the management of roadside vegetation, Western Oregon, 1999-2000: effects on the water quality of nearby streams2001Text
199 Occurrence and distribution of dissolved trace elements in the surface waters of the Yakima River Basin, Washington, 1999-20002003Text
200 Estimates of ground-water recharge, base flow, and stream reach gains and losses in the Willamette River Basin, Oregon2002Text
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