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176 Invitation from Mr. and Mrs. Macy, 18971897uum_sbtsText
177 Invitation from William H. Mullins to Susan Tallmon for his birthday party, May 27, 18891889-05uum_sbtsText
178 Iowa College Academy, anniversary exercises of the forty-eighth year, Friday, June 7, 1895, Grinnell, Iowa1895uum_sbtsText
179 Iowa College Glee Club and Amphion Orchestra (1897)1897; 1889uum_sbtsText
180 Joint meeting, Chrestomathian Ellis, Iowas College, Oct. 12, 1895. An evening with O. W. Holmes1895-10uum_sbtsText
181 Junior Endeavor Letters, Grinnell, 1890s1894-01-15; 1894-01-10; 1896-07uum_sbtsText
182 Label for Edith Tallmon accounts papersuum_sbtsText
183 Lecture notes from 1916 on medical work at the Chinese missions1916uum_sbtsText
184 Leter dated 24 June 1927 from Edith (Tallmon) Park to Clara Jonesuum_sbtsText
185 Letter (1916?) from Mabel Hubbard to Doctor [Susan Tallmon Sargent]uum_sbtsText
186 Letter (undated but 1939-1941) from Myra L. Sawyer at Chengtu, western Chinauum_sbtsText
187 Letter (undated but Summer 1906) from Edith Tallmon to Hester Tallmon1906uum_sbtsText
188 Letter (undated but early 1920s) from Edith C. Tallmon to her fatheruum_sbtsText
189 Letter (undated but from 1916) by Ben F. Sargent to a frienduum_sbtsText
190 Letter (undated but from March and April of 1910) from Susan Tallmon to Hester Tallmon1910-03; 1910-04uum_sbtsText
191 Letter (undated) from Susan Helen (Connelly?) to Edith Tallmonuum_sbtsText
192 Letter (undated, prob. 1905) from Susan Tallmon to Mrs. Wagner1905uum_sbtsText
193 Letter begun 1 August 1908 from Susan Tallmon to her family1908-08-01; 1908-08-09uum_sbtsText
194 Letter begun 1 February 1921 from Dr. Susan Tallmon Sargent to friends and family1921-02-01; 1921-02-06; 1921-02-12uum_sbtsText
195 Letter begun 1 January 1922 from Edith Tallmon to her family1922-01-01; 1922-01-04; 1922-01-08uum_sbtsText
196 Letter begun 11 February 1921 from Edith Tallmon to Dr. Susan Sargent1921-02-11uum_sbtsText
197 Letter begun 13 July 1910 from Susan Tallmon to her nieces and nephews1910-07-13; 1910-07-15uum_sbtsText
198 Letter begun 13 November 1909 from Susan Tallmon to her family1909-11-13; 1909-12-05; 1909-12-15uum_sbtsText
199 Letter begun 13 September 1911 from Dr Susan Tallmon to her sister Clara Jones1911-09uum_sbtsText
200 Letter begun 14 April 1910 from Susan Tallmon to her family, with undated letter to her father1910-04-14uum_sbtsText
176 - 200 of 797