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176 How to Nurse Flu Patients is Told by State Board of HealthRichfield Reaper1920-02-07
177 Flu Conditions Not Alarming Cases Very MildRichfield Reaper1920-01-31
178 Flu is Spreading in All Parts of State is ReportRichfield Reaper1920-02-07
179 Flu Claims Four Victims This MorningRichfield Reaper1920-02-14
180 Flu Situation is Clearing UpRichfield Reaper1919-01-25
181 Flu Outbreak Creates ExcitementRichfield Reaper1919-03-29
182 Flu is over: Education Campaign is OnRichfield Reaper1920-03-13
183 Monkeys Die of FluParowan Times1919-04-16
184 Monkeys Die of FluMt. Pleasant Pyramid1919-04-11
185 Monkeys Die of FluRoosevelt Standard1919-04-30
186 Wearing "Flu" MaskRoosevelt Standard1918-12-04
187 Schools at Four Places in the County Remain Closed because of Flu EpidemicSun1919-01-03
188 New Vaccine Method Used to Check the FluRoosevelt Standard1919-11-12
189 Chlorine May Prevent FluRichfield Reaper1920-09-04
190 The FluRichfield Reaper1919-01-04
191 Judge Frees Man with FluRichfield Reaper1919-01-04
192 Preaches from His CellRichfield Reaper1919-01-25
193 Fearful Toll from FluRichfield Reaper1918-12-07
194 Advice to "Flu" ConvalescentsRichfield Reaper1918-12-07
195 Advice to "Flu" ConvalescentsSun1919-01-10
196 Spanish "Flu" Fast AbatingPiute Chieftain1918-11-21
197 Hawaii Escapes Ravages of 'Flu'Piute Chieftain1918-12-19
198 Players Prevent Flu by Flying to BattlePiute Chieftain1918-12-26
199 Flu Takes Terrible TollPiute Chieftain1919-01-09
200 Fearful Toll from FluPiute Chieftain1918-12-05
176 - 200 of 1,172