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176 Low-Temperature Combustion Kinetics of Western Kentucky No 9 Coal1983uu_afrcText
177 Combustion of Coal-Water Mixture in Test Furnace1983uu_afrcText
178 Coal Preparation for Coal Utilization Purposes1983uu_afrcText
179 A Differential Ultraviolet Resonant Absorption System for the Non-Intrusive Measurement of Nitric Oxide in a Combustion Environment1983uu_afrcText
180 An Interpretation of Time-Resolved Oxygen Concentration Measurements in Coal-Burning Fluidized Beds1983uu_afrcText
181 In-Situ Size Measurements in an Industrial Boiler1983uu_afrcText
182 Standardized Flame/NonFlame, Coal/Non-Coal Ignition/Burnout Time Tests for Neat Pulverized Coals and their Slurries1983uu_afrcText
183 Cars Temperature Measurements in a Coal-Fired MHD Environment1983uu_afrcText
184 In Situ Particle Counting for Research and Industry1983uu_afrcText
185 A Study of the Performance of a Compression-Ignition Engine with Modifications to Enhance Atomization Using Alternative Fuels1983uu_afrcText
186 The International Flame Research Foundation as an Example for International Industrial Joint Research1981uu_afrcText
187 Combustion Characteristics of Alternative Liquid Fuels-I: Fuel-Bound-Nitrogen-to-NOx Conversion Efficiency as a Function of Coal-Derived Liquid Fuel Boiling Range1981uu_afrcText
188 Development of a Low NOx Burner for Gas Fired Firetube Boilers1981uu_afrcText
189 Measurement of Local Particle Velocities in the Freeboard of a Wood-Fueled Fluidized Bed by Laser Doppler Velocimetry1984uu_afrcText
190 Cyclonic Combustor for Low-Btu Off-Gas Incineration1984uu_afrcText
191 Operation of a Modular, Movable Waste Incinerator on a Site1985uu_afrcText
192 Development of a Slit Burner1985uu_afrcText
193 Sensitivity of Combustion Calculations to Devolatilization Rate Expressions1985uu_afrcText
194 Ignition Modes of PMMA Under Convective Heating1985uu_afrcText
195 Experimental Study of the Effect of Air Preheat Up to 1200 degree F on NOx Emissions1981uu_afrcText
196 Applied Combustion Research at the Gas Research Institute1981uu_afrcText
197 Flue Gas Condensation Heat Recovery for Industrial Boilers1981uu_afrcText
198 Kinetic Mechanism for Fuel Nitrogen Conversion in Lean to Rich Flames1981uu_afrcText
199 Operational Experience with NOx Reduction on a Gas and Oil Fired Industrial Boiler1981uu_afrcText
200 Institute of Gas Technology Applied Combustion Research Facilities1981uu_afrcText
176 - 200 of 994