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176 Plant signalling: The opportunities and dangers of chemical communicationThe notion of chemical communication between plants and other organisms has gone from being viewed as a fringe idea to an accepted ecological phenomenon only recently. An Organized Oral Session at the August 2010 Ecological Society of America meeting in Pittsburgh examined the role of plant signall...2011
177 Coherent random lasing: trapping of light by the disorderRecent discovery of the coherent lasing from various disordered materials adds a new dimension to the conventional physics of light propagation in multiply scattering media. It suggests that in the situation, when the propagation of light is diffusive on average, the coherent feedback can be provid...Coherent random lasing; Coherent lasing; Disorder; Disordered materials; Random lasers; Random resonators; Power Fourier transform; Light propagation2004
178 Thermodynamic aspects of organometallic VPEOrganometallic vapor phase epitaxy (OMVPE) is a new crystal growth technique which is rapidly gaining popularity due to its simplicity, flexibility and proven ability to grow excellent quality III/V compounds and alloys for device applications.Organometallic vapor phase epitaxy; Thermodynamics1982
179 Developmental expression of REGA-1, a regionally expressed glial antigen in the central nervous system of grasshopper embryosGlial cells are a large component of the developing nervous system, appearing before the onset of axon outgrowth in a variety of developing systems. Their time of appearance and their location in conjunction with developing axon pathways may allow them to define the position of axon pathways.Antibody; Axons; Pathways1991
180 Processes in KaffeOS: lsolation, resource management, and sharing in JavaSingle-language runtime systems, in the form of Java virtual machines, are widely deployed platforms for executing untrusted mobile code. These runtimes provide some of the features that operating systems provide: inter-application memory protection and basic system services. They do not. however, p...KaffeOS; Single-language; Java virtual machines; Mobile code; Runtimes2000
181 Synthesis of timed asynchronous circuitsIn this paper we present a systematic procedure to synthesize timed asynchronous circuits using timing constraints dictated by system integration, thereby facilitating natural interaction between synchronous and asynchronous circuits. In addition, our timed circuits also tend to be more &dent, in b...1993
182 South from Alaska: a pilot aDNA study of genetic history on the Alaska Peninsula and the Eastern AleutiansAbstract The Aleutian Islands were colonized, perhaps several times, from the Alaskan mainland. Earlier work documented transitions in the relative frequencies of mtDNA haplogroups over time, but little is known about potential source populations for prehistoric Aleut migrants. As part of a pilot i...2010
183 Measurement of the gluon parton distribution function at small x with neutrino telescopesWe analyze the possibility that neutrino telescopes may provide an experimental determination of the slope λ of the gluon distribution in the proton at momentum fractions x smaller than the accelerator reach. The method is based on a linear relation between λ and the spectral index (slope) of th...Neutrino telescopes; Charm2001-01
184 Theoretical and experimental studies of metal-infiltrated opalsThe optical properties of metal-infiltrated synthetic opals have been studied analytically, numerically, and experimentally in the visible and infrared spectral ranges. A simple model of weakly interacting resonant cavities is proposed to qualitatively understand the dispersion of electromagnetic ...Metal infiltrated opals; Metallic photonic crystals2005-04
185 Stream bundles - cohesive advection through flow fieldsStreamline advection has proven an effective method for visualizing vector flow field data. Traditional streamlines do not, however, provide for investigating the coarsergrained features of complex datasets, such as the white matter tracts in the brain or the thermal conveyor belts in the ocean. In ...Stream bundles; advection; Streamline advection; vector flow field data1999
186 Climate change and Utah: the scientific consenusThis report, entitled \"Climate Change and Utah: The Scientific Consensus\" was prepared for Utah Governor Jon Huntsman Jr. under the direction of his Blue Ribbon Advisory Council on Climate Change (BRAC). It summarizes current (2007) scientific understanding of climate change and its potential imp...Climate, Climate Change, Utah2007-09
187 Nonlinear Ŵ∞ current algebra in the SL(2,R)/U(1) coset modelWe show that in the world-sheet SL(2,R)/U(l) coset model there exists a hidden nonlinear W∞ current algebra, which incorporates all higher-spin (s≥ 2) currents including the energy-momentum tensor. Our proof is based on a free-field realization of Woo in terms of two scalars, as well as an ele...W-algebras; Coset model; World-sheet; String theory; Spacetime; Quantum currents1992-05
188 Multisensor knowledge systemsWe describe an approach which facilitates and makes explicit the organization of the knowledge necessary to map multisensor system requirements onto an appropriate assembly of algorithms, processors, sensors, and actuators. We have previously introduced the Multisensor Kernel System and Logical Sen...Multisensors; Multisensor Kernel System; Multisensor systems1986
189 Production and R&D networks of foreign ventures in China: implications for technological dynamism and regional developmentThis paper analyzes the nature of FDI local networks in production and R&D activities in China and discusses their implications for technological dynamism and regional development. We investigate foreign ventures (or foreign-invested enterprises, FIEs) in the information and communication technology...2012-01
190 Digitizing Sanborn fire insurance maps for a full color, publicly-accessible collectionDescribes the digitization of 1300 full-color Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps at the University of Utah's Marriott Library. Issues of copyright, digitization specifications, digital asset management system (CONTENTdm), and web presentation are discussed.Digitization of library materials; Fire insurance maps2002-07
191 Online SAG mill pulse measurement and optimization semi-annual technical progress reportThe grinding efficiency of semi autogenous milling or ball milling depends on the tumbling motion of the total charge within the mill. Utilization of this tumbling motion for efficient breakage of particles depends on the conditions inside the mill. However, any kind of monitoring device to measure...2006
192 Gains in economic energy efficiency as the impetus for increasing atmospheric carbon dioxideGrowth of anthropogenic carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions is frequently diagnosed as a product of population, per capita economic production, the energy intensity of economic production (or inverse of its energy efficiency), and the carbon intensity of energy. This paper introduces an alternative, p...carbon dioxide, energy efficiency, economics2007-12-17
193 Mismatch distributions of mtDNA reveal recent human population expansionsAlthough many genetic studies of human evolution have tried to make distinctions between the replacement and the multiregional evolution hypotheses, current methods and data have not resolved the issue. However, new advances in nucleotide divergence theory can complement these investigations with a ...1994
194 On the inversion of certain nonlinear systemsAbstract-In this letter, we present some theorems for the exact inversion and the pth-order inversion of a wide class of causal, discrete-time, nonlinear systems. The nonlinear systems we consider are described by the input-output relationship y(n) = g[x(n)]h[x(n - 1); y(n - 1)]+f[x(n - 1); y(n - 1)...1997
195 A generic operational memory model specification framework for multithreaded program verificationGiven the complicated nature of modern architectural and language level memory model designs, it is vital to have a systematic ap- proach for specifying memory consistency requirements that can support verification and promote understanding. In this paper, we develop a spec- ification methodolog...Multithreaded program verification2003
196 Interconnect-aware coherence protocols for chip multiprocessorsImprovements in semiconductor technology have made it possible to include multiple processor cores on a single die. Chip Multi-Processors (CMP) are an attractive choice for future billion transistor architectures due to their low design complexity, high clock frequency, and high throughput. In a...Interconnects; Chip multiprocessors; Coherence2006
197 Ground-state symmetry in XY model of magnetismNumerical studies by Betts and Oitmaa have led those authors to conjecture that in the XY model the ground-state magnetization Mz is zero. This is a model of spins on a lattice with interactions - J(SnxSmx+SnySmy), that can also describe a hard-sphere boson fluid. In the present note I prove the c...Ground state; Magnetization; Bipartite lattice1979-06
198 Instrumented sensor system - practiceIn previous work, we introduced the notion of Instrumented Logical Sensor Systems (ILSS) that are derived from a modeling and design methodology [4, 2]. The instrumented sensor approach is based on a sensori-computational model which defines the components of the sensor system in terms of their func...Instrumented Logical Sensor Systems; ILSS1997
199 Optical studies of triplet excitations in poly(p-phenylene vinylene)We have studied energy states in the triplet manifold in films of poly(p-phenylene vinylene) (PPV) using a multitude of optical spectroscopies including photoinduced absorption, photoluminescence, their optically detected magnetic resonances, as well as their photogeneration action spectra. We foun...Triplet excitations; PPV1999-10
200 Differences between neurosurgeons and orthopaedic surgeons in classifying cervical dislocation injuries and making assessment and treatment decisions: a multicenter reliability studyVariability exists in the management of cervical spinal injuries. The goal of this study was to assess the effect of training specialty (orthopedic surgery vs neurosurgery) on management of cervical dislocations.Cervical dislocation injuries; Classification; Orthopedic surgeons; Orthopaedic surgeons; Assessment decisions; Treatment decisions2008
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