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176 Weinstein, DavidA morphing algorithm for generating near optimal grids: applications in computational medicineWe apply morphing to t h e problem of generating the initial mesh for finite element simulations. This algorithm reduces mesh adaptation time by integrating physical and geometric constraints to provide a near optimal initial mesh. We apply this method to large-scale bioelectric field problems invol...Morphing algorithm; Bioelectric field problems1994
177 Subrahmanyam, P.A.A new approach to specifying and handling exceptionsAn operation generally exhibits different patterns of behavior over different parts of its domain. Depending upon the context, such behavior may either be conceived of as "normal" or as an "exception." Thus, the behavior of an operation Is quite naturally characterized by the set of partial operatio...Computer operations; Exceptions; Exception handling1980
178 Bruderlin, BeatA new approach to tolerance analysisTolerance analysis is seen as part of a more general problem, namely handling data with uncertainty. Uncertain geometric data arises when interpreting measured data, but also in solid modeling where floating point approximations are common, when representing design tolerances, or when dealing with l...Tolerance analysis1994
179 Mathews, V. JohnA new carrier frequency estimator for modem signalsABSTRACT A novel carrier frequency estimation scheme for a relatively broad class of voiceband data signals (modem signals) is presented in this paper. The class of signals being studied includes different types of phase-shift-keyed (PSK) and frequency-shift-keyed (FSK) signals. The frequency estim...1988
180 Miller, Jan D.A new cone beam X-ray microtomography facility for 3D analysis of multiphase materialsThree-dimensional x-ray microtomography offers a unique imaging capability. Spatial resolution on the order of ten microns can be achieved with the use of microfocus x-ray generators. Recently, a state-of-the-art, flexible cone beam x-ray microtomography system has been installed at the University o...2001-01-01
181 Swalberg, AJaA new denazinemys (baenid turtle) specimen from the upper cretaceous wahweap formation2012-04-18
182 Kirby, Robert Michael II; Johnson, Christopher R.A new family of variational-form-based regularizers for reconstructing epicardial potentials from body-surface mappingWe propose a new family of regularizers for the inverse ECG problem, using a variational principle that underlies finite element approximation methods. As an alternative to traditional Tikhonov regularizers, the variational formulation has several advantages: 1)it enables a simple construction of ...2010
183 Gerig, GuidoA new framework for analyzing white matter maturation in early brain developmentThe trajectory of early brain development is marked by rapid growth presented by volume but also by tissue property changes. Capturing regional characteristics of axonal structuring and myelination via neuroimaging requires analysis of longitudinal image data with multiple modalities. Complementary ...2010-01-01
184 Chamberlin, Ralph V.A new genus in the family agelenidaeMr. J. H. Emerton in 1911 described a new species of spiders under the name Liocranum calcaratum, mistakenly placing it in the family Clubionidae (Trans. Conn. Acad. Arts and Sci., vol. X V I , p. 402, pi. V, ff. 4 -4 f ) . This disposition o f the species was natural in view of its resemblance to c...1933-07
185 Chamberlin, Ralph V.A new genus of theridiid spiders in which the male develops only one palpusThe discovery of the male of Theridion fordum Keyserling, reveals characteristics for that species which set it off as genericallv different, from Theridion proper. The erection of a new genus is thus found necessary for this species; and several other species which are closely related to it natural...1934-04
186 Durrant, Stephen D.A new gopher from Antelope Island, Great Salt Lake, UtahThe present paper presents the results of a study of a series of specimens taken around the Great Salt Lake and on Antelope Island in this lake, the series forming part of the collection of the University of Utah. The form from Antelope Island differs sufficiently from the described subspecies of Th...1936-10
187 Cohen, ElaineA new local basis for designing with tensioned splinesRecently there has been a great deal of interest in the use of "tension" parameters to augment control mesh vertices as design handles for piecewise polynomials. A particular local cubic basis called p-splines, which has been termed a "generalization of B-splines", has been proposed as an appropriat...Tensioned splines1985
188 A new look for CONENTdm: a user-centered approachCONTENTdm Western Users Group, June 3 2010.2010-06-03
189 Mathews, V. JohnA new model of perceptual threshold functions for application in image compression systemsThis paper discusses the development of a perceptual threshold model for the human visual system. The perceptual threshold functions describe the levels of distortions present at each location in an image that human observers can not detect. Models of perceptual threshold functions are useful in ima...1995
190 Durrant, Stephen D.A new pocket gopher from the Oquirrh Mountains, UtahContinued studies of the pocket gophers of the talpoides group from Utah have disclosed the existence of an hitherto undescribed race indigenous to the Oquirrh Mountains, which are located in Utah, Tooele and Salt Lake Counties.1939-10-24
191 Durrant, Stephen D.A new pocket gopher of the thomomys quadratus group from the Northern Great Basin RegionCritical examination of specimens of Thomomys quadratus from Utah has brought to light the existence of an hitherto unnamed race from the Raft River region in the northwest corner of the state and contiguous areas of Idaho and Nevada. Extensive material from northeastern Nevada in the collection of ...1939-02-28
192 Brenckle, J. F.A new polygonum from Garfield County, UtahThe plant described below was collected 6 miles north of Escalante, Garfield Co., Utah, by W . P. Cottam, Sept. 17, 1935. It was found growing in great abundance along sandy ravines on the rocky Navajo sandstone spur which projects southward from the Aquarius Plateau. The type specimen, No. 65 0 7 ,...1940-06-27
193 Cottam, Walter P.A new violet from UtahA beautiful violet strikingly different from any species heretofore reported from Utah was discovered by the writer growing 011 vacant property on the outskirts of Salt Lake City at the corner of 13th South and 17th E as t streets, April 17, 1937.*' This property and neighboring areas to the east ha...1939-06-28
194 Warner, Homer R.A Non-Stready-State Kinetic Evaluation of the Mechanism of Cortisone-Induced GranulocytosisBiomedical Informatics1968
195 Wunderlich, Adam JamesA nonparametric procedure for comparing the areas under correlated LROC curvesIn contrast to the receiver operating characteristic (ROC) assessment paradigm, localization ROC (LROC) analysis provides a means to jointly assess the accuracy of localization and detection in an observer study. In a typical multireader, multicase (MRMC) evaluation, the data sets are paired so that...2012-01-01
196 Pryor, T. AllanA Note on Filtering ElectrocardiogramsBiomedical Informatics1971
197 Sikorski, KrisA note on optimal algorithms for fixed pointsWe present a constructive lemma that we believe will make possible the design of nearly optimal 0(dlog | ) cost algorithms for computing eresidual approximations to the fixed points of d-dimensional nonexpansive mappings with respect to the infinity norm. This lemma is a generalization of a two-...Fixed points; Constructive lemma2009
198 Lyche, TomA note on the Oslo algorithmThe Oslo algorithm is a recursive method for updating the B-spline representation of a curve or tensor product surface when extra knots are added. In the present note the derivation of this method is simplified.Oslo algorithm; B-spline; Curve product surface; Tensor product surface1987
199 Simpson, Jamesina J.A novel ELF radar for major oil depositsThis letter proposes a novel extremely low frequency (ELF) radar for major oil deposits. Using our recently developed whole-Earth electromagnetic wave propagation model based upon the finite-difference time-domain method, we have determined that detection of the radial (vertical) component of the sc...2006-01-01
200 Dale, ColinA novel human-infection-derived bacterium provides insights into the evolutionary origins of mutualistic insect-bacterial symbiosesDespite extensive study, little is known about the origins of the mutualistic bacterial endosymbionts that inhabit approximately 10% of the world's insects. In this study, we characterized a novel opportunistic human pathogen, designated ‘‘strain HS,'' and found that it is a close relative of th...2012-01-01
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