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176 Fernandez, FlorenceEvaluation of environmental education in high school science courses across Salt Lake City, UtahWhile the effects of pollution become Incredibly more evident in the air of the Salt Lake Valley, many Utah high school students still lack the knowledge and information necessary to take preventative and immediate actions to protect their health and their environment. In this study, the reasons for...Environmental education -- Utah -- Salt Lake City; Science -- Study and teaching -- Utah -- Salt Lake City; Air -- Pollution -- Utah -- Salt Lake City2015-05
177 Kerr, Lindsay TarbetNotes and a narrative to accompany a piano recitalI wrote this thesis in connection with my hour-long senior recital, held April 19, 2015 as the culmination of my work as an undergraduate student in the piano performance program. The thesis includes extended and short program notes for each of the compositions included in my recital: Frederic Chopi...Piano - Performance2015-05
178 Tang, NicolasEl Argenchino: A personal memoirThis personal memoir follows the life of Nicolas Tang, a 25 year old student at the University of Utah. Though still very young, Nicolas has already traveled much of the world and speaks fluently in three languages. He was born in Argentina, raised in Bolivia, and is of Chinese heritage. Recently, h...Tang, Nicolas Immigrants -- United States -- Biography Chinese Americans -- Biography South Americans -- United States2014-12
179 Ellingson, DrewBitangent lines to planar quartic curves in algebraic and tropical geometryBitangents are lines which are tangent to a curve at two points. The bitangents of a classical quartic are well understood, and a result originally due to Cayley tells us that there are always precisely 28 bitangents to a generic quartic plane curve. When looking at Tropical Geometry, the situation ...Tropical geometry; Curves, Quartic; Curves, Algebraic; Bitangents2015-04
180 Wang, ZhirongThe role of the autism-associated gene kirrel3 in synapse formationAlterations in the gene Kirrel3 are repeatedly associated with intellectual disability and autism. Kirrel3 regulates synapse formation in C. elegans but the role of Kirrel3 in synapse formation in the mammalian brain is unknown. In mice, Kirrel3 is expressed in specific cell types throughout the bra...Autism -- Genetic aspects; Synapses; Kirrel3 gene; Synapse formation2015-04
181 Shimko, TylerMapping suppressors of premature sperm activation in C. ElegansThe sperm of the roundworm Caenorhabditis elegans move by a crawling motion, in contrast to mammalian sperm, which exhibit a swimming motion. This method of locomotion makes the sperm of C. elegans an excellent model for examining cell motility. In order to become motile, the sperm must undergo the ...Caenorhabditis elegans -- Spermatozoa; Sperm activation2015-05
182 Waller, Rosalie G.Exome sequence comparison of seventy-seven multiple myeloma cases identifies potential risk allelesMultiple Myeloma (MM) is a heritable cancer of plasma cells with poor prognosis. Although a few genomic risk-loci have been identified for MM, no risk variants have been published that explain MM heritability. We hypothesize MM heritability is due to rare germ-line variants that can be discovered th...Multiple myeloma -- Genetic aspects; Exomes; Exome sequence; Risk alleles2015-05
183 Endow, Danielle MiyakoModern representation of female protagonists in media: An exploration of identityComing from the perspective of a woman living in Utah, I have explored what it means to be an ambitious, yet lost individual in today's media. Over the course of one year I wrote a full-length screenplay that follows the journey of a woman who loses her sense of self and must find her way back by te...Screenplay writing2014-12
184 McWhorter, Bryn A.A nuclear Iran: The economic, political, and social impetus behind negotiationsIn a shocking 2013 policy shift, the Islamic Republic of Iran entered into negotiations with the United Nations Security Council in an attempt to resolve the longstanding issue of the alleged militaristic components of its nuclear energy program. Following decades of hostile tensions with Western po...Nuclear nonproliferation -- Iran; Iran -- Politics and government -- 1997- Iran -- Foreign relations -- 1997-2015
185 Welsh, Timothy BrittonFamily curds and ways: Divergent representations of U.S. families through cheese makingIn this essay, I examine how contemporary cultural politics around family and gender are reflected in representations of food, specifically in two different styles of cheese: industrially produced and handcrafted, artisanal cheeses. The growing rift between handcrafted, artisan cheese and industrial...Cheesemaking - Social aspects2015-04
186 Chandler, JuliaDialectical behavioral therapy, mindfulness, emotion regulation, and respiratory sinus arrhythmia: A preliminary investigation into the effects of mindfulness practice in a transdiagnostic clinical populationResearchers have shown that mindfulness based therapies, such as Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), are effective treatments in trans-diagnostic clinical populations with emotion dysregulation. Researchers have yet to determine the effect of mindfulnessbased therapies on respiratory sinus arrhyth...Dialectical behavior therapy; Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy; Paranasal sinuses -- Diseases; Respiratory sinus arrhythmia2015-03
187 Khoury, MarkMuscle activity changes due to immobilization and partial weight bearing of the lower legTibial fractures account for half a million hospitalizations per year. Although clinical treatment of tibial fractures requires immobilization of the affected limb and partial weight bearing (PWB) prescriptions, the effects of this treatment protocol on gait and muscle activity have not been studied...Muscles -- Physiology; Tibia -- Wounds and injuries; Muscle activity; Partial weight bearing2015-05
188 Memmott, Magdalen GraceDRM & driving: Creation of false memories under cognitive workloadNot only are humans unable to recall things that actually occur, they may also recall information that did not occur. Such findings contribute to the pervasive hypothesis that people are not more productive by combining tasks, instead such productivity is an illusion. It was hypothesized that when m...False memory syndrome2015-04
189 Reyes, Abby MichelleChicana/o student journalism, Peldaños 1974­-1977My engagement with a local student news publication named Venceremos, which had first been published 1993 and was later revived after a five-year hiatus in 2008, provoked larger-scale critical inquiry on the history of alternative Chicano/a journalism in the state of Utah and the University of Utah ...Martinez, Gilbert A -- Interviews; Student newspapers and periodicals -- Utah -- Salt Lake City; Mexican American newspapers -- Utah -- Salt Lake City; Mexican American college students -- Utah -- Salt Lake City; National Geographic peldaños2015-04
190 Palomaki, KyaA world without nukes: International relations perspectivesWhat if nuclear weapons had been neither invented nor discovered? This is the question I take into consideration in this paper. This interesting scenario begs the answer parroted by bloggers and students of politics alike-without nuclear weapons, there would be nothing to stop belligerents from inva...Security, International; International relations; Nuclear weapons; World politics -- 21st century2015-05
191 Romero, DanaThe process improvement initiative at the University of Utah hospitals and clinics in period 2011-2014Due to increasing financial pressures, which have been further magnified by the recently-enacted Affordable Care Act, health care organizations have been on a lookout for a long-term solution to their questionable prospects in regards to their financial sustainability. In recent years, the Universit...University of Utah. Health Sciences Center; Hospitals -- Utah -- Administration Hospitals -- Utah -- Cost control2015-04
192 Wallace, Joshua J.Lyman-alpha emission as a probe of galaxy environmentsAs a result of resonant scatterings off hydrogen atoms, Lya emission from star-forming galaxies provides a potential probe of the neutral gas environment around them. In order to determine the utility of Lya emission as a probe of gas environments we study the effects of environmental anisotropy on ...Galaxies - Spectra2014-05
193 Sadler, AlexandriaOrganizational structure and framing process in the Chilean University student movementThe 2011-2015 Chilean university student movement for free, public and quality education has brought education to the forefront of Chilean politics. In 2015 students continue to mobilize through student federations at each university, even as the government beings to implement free higher education....Student movements - Chile2015-05
194 Mortensen, MatthewDo caps on non-economic damages decrease medical malpractice insurance premiums?This paper examines whether tort reform, like caps on non-economic damages for medical malpractice claims, actually lower insurance premiums for physicians. Proponents of tort reform argue that large jury awards against physicians have driven up physician insurance premiums, and as a result, overall...Physicians' malpractice insurance - United States; Insurance premiums - United States2015-04
195 Watkins, Ryan DavisSuppression of lymphangiogenesis using VEGF-C trapThe lymphatic system is responsible for controlling systemic fluid buildup. Lymphangiogenesis is a dynamic process involving sprouting, and maintaining new lymphatic vasculature. Vascular endothelial growth factor C (VEGF-C) is as a key growth factor that induces lymphangiogenesis by binding VEGF re...Lymphatics - Growth; Vascular endothelial growth factors - Antagonists; Lymphangiogenesis; VEGF-C trap2014-05
196 Willis, Brendan M.Investigating the mediational role of meaning making in the association between moral injury and well-beingMost people at some point in their lives will encounter a situation where they witness, perpetrate, or fail to stop an action that seriously violates their moral beliefs, events that have recently been termed moral injuries. Litz and colleagues (2009) proposed a theoretical framework that suggests s...Ethics - Psychological aspects; Mental health - Moral and ethical aspects2014-05
197 Sammann, SuzyDandelions among the wheat: A novelMy Honors Creative Thesis is a manuscript of a novel I completed in Professor Gills Honors Novel Writing Workshop. Dandelions Among the Wheat is 74,782 words, 239 pages. It addresses the complex issues of alcoholism and abuse in families through humor and heartfelt truth, offering raw and relatable ...American fiction -- 21st century2015-04
198 Hanswille, IsaOrigins of a monotheistic worldview among the ancient IsraelitesThe early Israelites, like all of their closest Ancient Near Eastern neighbors, began their journey as a people with the worship of a pantheon full of gods. However, as the books of the Hebrew Bible progress chronologically, a shift in thinking occurs toward an alternate worldview. Proscriptions aga...Monotheism -- History; Judaism -- History -- To 70 A.D; Jews -- History -- To 70 A.D2015-04
199 Foote, Charles R.Measuring an ideas-based economy: an assessment of total factor productivityThis study presents a new empirical assessment of the ability of Total Factor Productivity (TFP) to measure the effects of innovation in aggregate and across different industries. Typically, TFP is estimated as a scale parameter of a production function fit to output and input data from industries o...Industrial productivity; Total factor productivity2015-04
200 Tonks, JacobPolitics without character: Liberal virtues and the situationist critiqueA critique of virtue ethics has recently been raised by social psychologists who believe experimental psychology has all but proved the non-existence of character. In morally compromising situations, external situational factors have the greatest influence on choice, and therefore virtue as a stable...Situation ethics; Virtue Choice (Psychology); Autonomy (Philosophy)2015-05
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