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176 WHESA (UUSAC)Membership list of WHESA.
177 University of Utah Staff Advisory Committee (UUSAC) minutes 1996Minutes for the University of Utah Staff Advisory Committee.University of Utah employees1996
178 LEED 2009 for healthcare: new construction and major renovations (UUSAC)Project checklist categories including: sustainable sites, water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, materials and resources, indoor environmental quality, innovation in design, and regional priority credits.Healthcare; University of Utah staff2009
179 President notes (UUSAC)Notes on committee seats and things done by the president.University of Utah employees
180 2011 Group Ticket Pricing (UUSAC)Group ticket pricing for the Rio Tinto stadium in 20112011
181 University of Utah Staff Advisory Committee (UUSAC) minutes 1997Minutes for the University of Utah Staff Advisory Committee.University of Utah employees1997
182 Votes (UUSAC)A list of the number of applicants and votes.
183 Komas (UUSAC)Aerial photograph of Komas including parking and entrance. It is shown in relation to the Ortho Hospital and Marriott Library.University of Utah campus buildings
184 Luncheon invitation (UUSAC)An invitation from President David W. Pershing and Dr. Sandi J. Pershing to the University of Utah Staff council to attend a luncheon at Eccles House. Included it a map and instructions for parking.Luncheon; Staff Council2013-09-18
185 U Staff Council (UUSAC)A photograph of the members of the University of Utah Staff Council
186 3-D structure of a local minimum of the Siskin model of oil shale kerogen using the RHF/STO-3G methodKerogen is a mixture of organic chemical compounds that make up a portion of the organic matter in sedimentary rocks. It is insoluble in normal organic solvents because of the huge molecular weight (upwards several thousand Daltons). When heated in the Earth's crust, (oil window ca. 6 ∞-120∞C; g...Siskin model; oil shale kerogen; RHF/STO-3G method; kerogen; 3-D structure of kerogen; oil shale2008
187 Water for commercial oil shale development in Utah: Allocating scarce resources and the search for new sources of supplyBACKGROUND A. What Is Oil Shale and Why Do We Care? Oil shale is a sedimentary rock containing solid bituminous materials. When oil shale is heated, petroleum-like liquids and gasses are released. The process of heating shale and capturing resulting liquids and gasses is called retorting and can occ...commercial oil shale development; allocating resources; oil shale; bitumen2010
188 Treatment of produced water by pressure-assisted ozonation and sand filtrationEver increasing energy demand worldwide necessitates energy production from heavy petroleum sources such as oil sands and oil shale. Extraction of bitumen from oil sands and in situ extraction of kerogen from oil shale result in large quantities of water containing hydrocarbon contaminants. The cont...produced water; pressure assisted ozonization; sand filtration; energy production; heavy petroleum sources; oil sands2009
189 Heightened oil sands extraction by pressure cyclesHot water extraction of bitumen from oil sands has been commercially applied for decades. The extraction process is greatly aided by the addition of caustics and other reagents, which can adversely impact handling and disposal at process end. Recent attention has been on increasing process efficienc...oil sands extraction; pressure cycles; hot water extraction of bitumen2009
190 Development of baseline data and analysis of life cycle greenhouse gas emissions of petroleum-based fuelsAlternative transportation fuel options are currently being explored or implemented across the nation to (1) reduce climate change impacts from the release of greenhouse gases (GHGs), (2) reduce our reliance on foreign sources of energy, and (3) provide an economically-stable transportation fuel sou...baseline data and analysis; life cycle greenhouse gas emissions; petroleum based fuels; alternative transportation fuel options; GHG emissions; reduce greenouse gass emissions2008-11-26
191 Propulsion and power rapid response research and development (R&D) support - Delivery order 0011: Advanced propulsion fuels research and development -- Subtask: Framework and guidance for estimating greenhouse gas footprints of aviation fuelsAlthough there have been extensive analyses of the greenhouse gas emissions associated with petroleum based fuels and alternative fuels, there are still substantial uncertainties associated with some of the estimates of the greenhouse gas impacts of these fuel systems. Nevertheless, a variety of gov...propulsion research and development; power rapid response research and development; R and D; greenhouse gas emissions; petroleum based fuels; alternative fuels; propulsion fuels2009-04
192 An evaluation of the extraction, transport and refining of imported crude oils and the impact on life cycle greenhouse gas emissionsThe National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) has analyzed the full life cycle greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of transportation fuels derived from domestic crude oil and crude oil imported from specific countries. Estimates of the well-to-tank (WTT) GHG emissions associated with producing diesel ...imported crude oils; life cycle of greenhouse gas emissions; greenhouse gas emissions; crude oil; GHG emissions2009-03-27
193 13C NMR Spectroscopy: A key contributor for development of the molecular structure of coal and other kerogensThis presentation goes over: A brief history of kerogen formation, coal macerals, development of molecular structures and modeling, oil shales, and the role played by combustion science.13C NMR; spectroscopy; molecular structure of coal; coal; molecular structure of kerogens; kerogens; coal macerals; molecular structures and modeling; oil shales; combustion science; kerogen formation
194 University of Utah Staff Advisory Committee (UUSAC) 1995-96 Cathey Eckart Chair1996
195 Skyline 16: SW SW sec. 10 11S 25E Uintah County, Utah. Box 1 Depth: 20.0 - 30.0 ft.Core sample photograph by the Utah Geological Survey, University of Utah. Skyline 16, SW SW sec. 10 11S 25E Uintah Country, Utah. Box 1 Depth: 20.0 - 30.0 ft.core samples; Skyline 16; box 1; Green River Formation2015-07
196 Clean and Secure Energy from Domestic Oil Shale and Oil Sands Resources: Quarterly progress report - January 2015 to March 2015The Clean and Secure Energy from Domestic Oil Shale and Oil Sands Resources program, part of the research agenda of the Institute for Clean and Secure Energy (ICSE) at the University of Utah, is focused on engineering, scientific, and legal research surrounding the development of these resources in ...quarterly report; domestic oil shale resources; domestic oil sands resources; unconventional fuels; oil shale; oil sands2015
197 University of Utah Staff Advisory Committee (UUSAC) By-laws Revision, 1996Revision of the UUSAC By-lawsBy-laws; University of Utah employees; University of Utah staff1996-05-22
198 University of Utah Staff Advisory Committee (UUSAC) presidential staff awards, 1996This is the "bible" for the Presidential Staff Awards. Everything you need to know about the process is contained in this binder. Annually the chair of the nominating and selection committees should each file a report, noting problems, recommendations, ideas. Then, this binder should be passed to ne...University of Utah awards; Staff guidelines; University of Utah employees; Presidential awards1996
199 University of Utah Staff Advisory Committee (UUSAC) 1996-1997Year end report of UUSAC activities, membership and other committee work.Year end report; University of Utah staff; University of Utah employees1997
200 University of Utah Staff Advisory Committee (UUSAC) 1997-19981998
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