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176 Jeppsen, Juliann Marie cookA qualitative study of military veterans' resilience and body esteem following combat-related limb amputationThis dissertation is presented in a three-article format. Article 1, "The impact of disability on body esteem: A review of the literature," is a review that examines the existing literature regarding body esteem in individuals with various disabilities. The purpose of the article was to highlight pr...amputation; body esteem; combat; military; resilience; veteran2016
177 Zhang, YuanA rangeland predictive phenological model for the upper Colorado River Basin and its web deliveryUnderstanding the spatially and temporally variant phenological responses and cycles can greatly assist the administrative planning, policy making and management in grazing, planting, and ecosystem conservation. The linkages of analysis as a basis for management have received increasing attention in...Decision support system; Multivariate adaptive regression splines; Phenological modeling; Phenology; Remote sensing; Upper Colorado River Basin2013-08
178 McCoy, William DennisA reinterpretation of certain aspects of the late quaternary glacial history of little Cottonwood Canyon, Wasatch Mountains, UtahHolocene and late Pleistocene deposits in the cirques and at the mouths of Little Cottonwood and Bells Canyons are reexamined. Stratigraphy, radiocarbon dating, lichenometry, and relative age dating methods provide evidence for a new age interpretation of glacier and rock glacier deposits. Of the re...1977
179 Hudgins, Charles GordonA relational approach to the moral value of privacyThis dissertation constructs a theoretical approach to understanding the moral value of personal privacy. In its current state, the philosophical literature on the moral value of privacy is fractured in that there are several differing approaches, each emphasizing different aspects of the problem. S...Autonomy; Internet; Privacy; Relational autonomy2013-08
180 Liang, BoA relational view of consumer social learning in virtual communitiesSocial learning is an important part of consumers' lives. A major limitation of previous research in consumer social learning is the lack of attention to the effects of relationships built among participants on the learning process in online communities. Within a thread in an online forum, when a po...Community; Consumer engagement; Social learning; Social media; Social networks2014-12
181 Musunuru, AnushaA reliability-based geometric design approach to freeway number of lanes decisionsFor more than twenty years, the introduction of reliability-based analysis into roadway geometric design has been investigated. This type of probabilistic geometric design analysis is well suited to explicitly address the level of variability and randomness associated with design inputs when compare...Annual average daily traffic; design hourly volume; Free flow speed, Level of service; Monte Carlo simulation; reliability2014-05
182 McCormick, Mary AliceA retrospective review of calcium channel blocker poisonings for the calendar year 1984Verapamil was first introduced in the early 1960's as a smooth muscle relaxant with potent vasodilator properties. Antiarrhythmic effects were demonstrated in the mid-1960's, but it V83 not until August, 1981 that the Food awl Drug Administration (FDA) approved the intravenous form of the drug for ...1987-03
183 Smith, Samuel SchwartzA review of the developments of the principles of staticsIn the development of Statics we have an introduction to mechanics, which is the oldest and simplest; of the branches of physics, and also an instructive example of the processes by which natural science; generally is developed.Statics1917
184 Burroughs, Michelle L.A sarrus-based passive mechanism for rotorcraft perchingFlying rotorcraft, such as helicopters and quadrotors, can gather useful information without the need for human presence, but they consume a great deal of power and have limited on-board energy resources. Our work aims to provide a passive perching mechanism so that a rotorcraft is able to grip bran...Mechanism; Perching; Robotics; Rotorcraft; Sarrus2014-12
185 Kumar, SidharthA scalable and tunable adaptive resolution parallel i/o frameworkThe increase in computational power of supercomputers is enabling complex scientific phenomena to be simulated at ever-increasing resolution and fidelity. With these simulations routinely producing large volumes of data, performing efficient I/O at this scale has become a very difficult task. Large-...File system; HPC; Parallel I/O2016
186 Stryker, Donald LA schools and staffing survey analysis of teacher job attitudes and working conditions in native american communitiesThe United States federal government funds two distinct types of school systems on or near indigenous lands: tribally controlled schools and Bureau of Indian Education (BIE)-operated schools. This study fills a void in the scholarly research on differences in teacher working conditions and job attit...Bureau of Indian Education; Native American Alaskan Native; Organizational commitment; Schools and Staffing Survey; Teacher job satisfaction; Teacher pay satisfaction2016
187 Tsegay, Yonas T.A simple poroelastic-based algorithm for evaluating anomalous fluid pressure attributed to surface loading: case study of michigan basin glaciationIn Michigan and surrounding states, anomalous high fluid pressures at depth are attributed to Pleistocene glaciation. Specifically, surface loading of ice and glacial till is hypothesized to compact deep subsurface sediments, and low hydraulic diffusivity of those sediments may require 105 years or...Civil engineering2016
188 Schmidt, Clinton ToddA simplified model for understanding the evolution of Cirrus cloudsDeveloping an understanding of cloud evolution is central to understanding the climate system as a whole. Stratiform cirrus layers play a significant role in the radiative interaction with the climate system. Radiational effects are a driving force in the dynamic evolution of these layers, particul...Cirrus; Clouds; Mammatus; Microphysics; Thermodynamics2011-05
189 Smith, Edward Albert.A simulator of a multiphasic patient-screening facility.A SIMULTOR of the Multiphasic Patient Screening Facility at the L.D.S. Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah was developed. The SIMULATOR run "on-line" from the MEDLAB terminal on the research computer in the Department of Biophysics and Bioengineering at the L.D.S. Hospital. The purpose of the SIMULAT...MEDLAB; Digital Computer Stimulation1970-08
190 Winslow, Dustin W.A single electron tunneling force spectroscopy study of dielectric materialsSingle electron tunneling force microscopy has been developed over the last decade as a tool to manipulate the occupation and probe the properties of trap states in completely non conducting materials. The technique has been advanced through the efforts of several generations of graduate students in...Atomic force microscope; Atomic scale; Defect state; Dielectric; Trap state; Single electron; Tunneling force spectroscopy2012-05
191 Wright, Samuel E.A singularity-free mechanism for holonomic orientation control of a spherical permanent magnetUntethered magnetic devices such as magnetic capsule endoscopes, magnetic swimming microrobots, and magnetic screws, as well as tethered magnetic devices such as magnet-tipped catheters and magnet-tipped cochlear-implant electrode arrays, can be actuatedApplied sciences2014
192 Redd, BennionA small low-power wireless integrated microsystemAdvancements in process technology and circuit techniques have enabled the creation of small chemical microsystems for use in a wide variety of biomedical and sensing applications. For applications requiring a small microsystem, many components can be integrated onto a single chip. This dissertation...Integrated circuits; Low voltage integrated circuits; Microsystems2015
193 Christensen, James BoydA social survey of the negro population of Salt Lake City, UtahPrior to world War II the average oitizen in Salt Lake City was not conscious of the Negroes. From the time they arrived in the Great Salt Lake Basin with the original company of Mormon colonizers in 1847 until 1941 they constituted an average of .25% of the total population of Utah.1948
194 Pischnotte, Zebulon AaronA sociolinguistic study of bitburger platt germanBitburger Platt, spoken in the Eifel region of western Germany, exhibits a merger of the Standard German (d) and (t) sounds, the reflexes of West Germanic *6 and *d, respectively. A chain shift yielded the modern Standard German variants. Biburger Platt, however, did not follow through ...German; Phonetics; Sociolinguistics2015-05
195 Allen, Joseph E.A sociological study of Mexican assimilation in Salt Lake CityThe mere act of migration does not make a foreigner into a real member of a new community or a new nation. Consciously or unconsciously one takes much of the old group to the new. He carries his nationality with him wherever he may go. He will forget it or change it only with the passing of time and...Mexicans -- Utah -- Salt Lake City; Assimilation (Sociology)1947
196 Clegg, Reed K.A sociological survey of the Murray communityAIMS AND PURPOSES OF THE STUDY The general purpose of this study is to make an analysis of contemporary social life In Murray, its population, its folkways and Its Institutions* It is hoped that the author has been able to portray a true picture of life in the community, SCOPE AND METHOD Most commun...Murray Utah; Communities; Community life1937-08
197 Barrett, William Arthur.A stochastic model for probabilistic determination of left ventricular borders.BiophysicsLeft ventricular angiography has gained wide-spread clinical acceptance in cardiac catheterization centers as an important diagnostic tool in the assessment of heart functions in normal and diseased states. The extraction of left ventricular contours from angiographic recordings has facilitated qua...Biophysics; Biophysics1978-08
198 Hyer, Tony ClaytonA study comparing changes in loading conditions of an extended service life aircraft using 17-7PH stainless steelIndustry and the military are always looking for ways to stretch their dollar. One way to do this is to make the equipment they currently own last longer in lieu of buying new. For example, many of the aircraft in the USAF have gone beyond their expected service life and over that time have experien...17-7PH; Spectrum; Stainless2014-08
199 Beal, Roger ZackA study comparing changes in loading conditions of an extended service life system using aluminum 2024-T351The current fiscally austere environment prevalent in the military and industry is driving extreme measures to save money. In the United States Air Force, this has driven enormous efforts to trim sustainment spending on extended life aircraft. The challenge to the aerospace engineer is to ensure fli...2014-08
200 Miner, PaulA study in correlations between discriminative abilities, hard opposites and class standingIn the study of the transfer of training or formal discipline; and in the attempt to standardize a series of mental and physical tests for the determining of the general intelligence of individuals, practically all the tests used have brought out the importance of the sensory discriminative ability ...Intelligence tests1916
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