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176 Gardiner, Jamie DianeCharacterization of genomic subtypes of Ewing sarcoma based on copy number alterations2018dissertation
177 Pyne, Michael TerryCharacterization of intronic variants in BRCA1 and BRCA2Breast Cancer; Mutations2000-08thesis
178 German, CodyCharacterization of OCA-B Induction in Naive CD4+ T Cells2015-08thesis
179 Margraf, Rebecca LynnCharacterization of Pactolus: transcription and functionMice; Neutrophil; Gene Regulation2003-05dissertation
180 Shiflett, Shelly LynnCharacterization of proteins regulating vesicular trafficking and protein sortingPhysiology; Amino Acids2004-08dissertation
181 Novak, Jeanne MarieCharacterization of receptor redistribution and regulatory volume decrease in rabbit alveolar macrophagesPhysiology; Rabbits; Signal Transduction1987-12dissertation
182 Ebbert, Mark Tyler WilkinsonCharacterization of Technical Uncertainty in the Classification of Centroid-Based Multivariate Assays2012-08thesis
183 Hammond, Saher SueCharacterization of the Genetic and Epigenetic Status of Fertile and Fertile Men2011-05dissertation
184 Sankar, SavitaCharacterization of the Mechanisms of Transcriptional Regulation by EWS/FLI in Ewing Sarcoma2013-08dissertation
185 Ward, Diana McVey.Characterization of the movement of receptors and ligands through the endocytic apparatus in alveolar macrophages.Ligand-Receptor Complexes; Cells1991-03dissertation
186 Xu, Gangfeng CloningCharacterization of the NF1 gene and its gene product, neurofibromin.cDNA; Genes1994-08dissertation
187 Landesman, Michael BenjaminCharacterization of the Retroviral Budding Factor ALIX2012-05dissertation
188 Sonderegger, F. LynnCharacterization of the Source and Function of Interleukin-10 During Lyme Arthritis Development2011-12dissertation
189 Kasten, Margaret MarieCharacterization of the yeast Sin3 repressor complex1996-12dissertation
190 Higa, Meda MichikoCharacterization of the zinc finger domain of the nuclear pore protein Nup153Proteins; Membranes; Cellular Processes2007-05dissertation
191 Wang, HongfangCharacterization of thymocyte progenitors in adult bone marrow and effects of cytokines on T cell developmentBone Marrow; Cell Differentiation2006-12dissertation
192 Li, LiangtaoCharacterization of yeast genes involved in intracellular iron homeostatisMetabolism; Metal Sensitivity1998-12thesis
193 Wright, William EvanCharacterization of zeolite fibers using scanning electron microscopy.Borosilicate Glass; Mesothelimoa1979-08thesis
194 Bagley, Dustin C.Characterizing the Function of MON1A in Membrane Traffic and Organelle Maintenance in the Secretory Pathway2013-08dissertation
195 McFadden, Mary LouiseChemical studies of antibodies and other serum gamma globulinsImmunoglobulins; Gamma globulins1954-07thesis
196 Knight, Ralph A.Chemical, serologic and skin test activities of polysaccharides extracted from Histoplasma capsulatum and Blastomyces dermatitidisFungi; Polysaccharides1958-08thesis
197 Proctor, Charles M.The chemistry of egg white lysozymeLysozyme; Chemical Reactions1949thesis
198 Westcott, Wayne L.The chemistry of the nucleic acids.Analysis; Nucleotides1949thesis
199 Kern, Earl RayChemotherapy of a herpesvirus hominis infection in newborn miceGamma Globulin; HVH Infections1973-08dissertation
200 Saha, AnjanabhaChromatin remodeling involves ATP-dependent DNA translocationGenetis; Metabolism; Adensoine Triphosphate2005-12dissertation
176 - 200 of 1,318