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176 W.T. Ext. of Grant Store Showing Sign1931-02-11Image/StillImage
177 W.T. Ext. of Grant Store1931-02-11Image/StillImage
178 Lester Wire, Copy of Photo of Man (from an old portrait)1931-02-11Image/StillImage
179 Miller Floral Co., Valentine Window at Night1931-02-13Image/StillImage
180 Dr. Greg Van Scoyer, Copy of Diploma from Creighton Univ.1931-02-18Image/StillImage
181 Frank Groesbeck1931-02-20Image/StillImage
182 Wolf's Department Store1931-02-24Image/StillImage
183 Wolf's Department Store1931-02-24Image/StillImage
184 Pacific National Life Assurance Company1931-03-10Image/StillImage
185 Pacific Manifolding Book Company1931-03-12Image/StillImage
186 Pacific Manifolding Book Company1931-03-12Image/StillImage
187 W.C. Bingham News Agency1931-03-14Image/StillImage
188 H.T. Covey1931-03-20Image/StillImage
189 Ocean Insurance Company1931-03-24Image/StillImage
190 Ocean Insurance Company1931-03-24Image/StillImage
191 El Kalah Temple1931-03-28Image/StillImage
192 El Kalah Temple1931-03-28Image/StillImage
193 El Kalah Temple1931-03-28Image/StillImage
194 El Kalah Temple1931-03-30Image/StillImage
195 State of Utah, D.A. Office1931-03-30Image/StillImage
196 State of Utah, D.A. Office1931-03-30Image/StillImage
197 State of Utah, D.A. Office1931-03-30Image/StillImage
198 Billy Sharp, Interior of Utah Poultry Producers Co-op Association1931-04-01Image/StillImage
199 Baker Ice Machine Company, Interior of Safeway Meat Market1931-04-11Image/StillImage
200 H.W. Gibson, Apartment House and Surrounding Grounds1931-04-15Image/StillImage
176 - 200 of 8,412