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176 Touch relaxation and response to labor contractions1976-06ir_etdText
177 Home births in Salt Lake County in 19751976-08ir_etdText
178 Temperature change in the newborn : its implication for flexible nursing care1976-08ir_etdText
179 Relationship of manifest dream content to labor outcome1976-08ir_etdText
180 Knowledge, attitudes and practice of contraception in multiparous women1977-06ir_etdText
181 Dermatoglyphics of fullterm and premature infants.1977-06ir_etdText
182 Personality traits of Navajo children living in a semi-urban community1977-06ir_etdText
183 Toxemia, illness proneness and stress.1977-06ir_etdText
184 Primiparous versus multiparous women's questions and concerns regarding infant care.1977-06ir_etdText
185 Newborn nutritive behaviors associated with eating related behaviors at six weeks of age1977-06ir_etdText
186 Occurrence of peak-experience at delivery: mothers' perceptions1977-06ir_etdText
187 Physiological changes in the heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure and peripheral blood flow in low birth wight premature infants following oral gavage feedings1977-06ir_etdText
188 Patient satisfaction with prenatal care among three low-income clinics in Salt Lake City1977-06ir_etdText
189 Factors influencing the utilization of women's health services in arural county.1977-06ir_etdText
190 The assessment of physicians' attitudes toward the practice of nurse-midwifery in the state of Alaska1977-06ir_etdText
191 Nurse-initiated telephone follow-up of postpartum women1977-06ir_etdText
192 The B+ program: a behavior modification program incorporated into a therapeutic milieu for emotionally disturbed children.1977-08ir_etdText
193 Incidence of postoperative pulmonary complications in a group of smoking patients compared to a group of nonsmoking patients1977-08ir_etdText
194 Self concept of intensive care nurses as compared to nonintensive care nurses.1977-08ir_etdText
195 The occurrence of peak-experience at childbirth: fathers' perceptions1977-08ir_etdText
196 The relationship of life stress in preschool children and their mothers.1977-12ir_etdText
197 Changes in self-actualization among senior nursing students1977-12ir_etdText
198 Application of Herzberg's motivational theory on a surgical unit1978-03ir_etdText
199 Physiological responses of myocardial infarction patients to transfer from the coronary care unit.1978-06ir_etdText
200 The Relationship between self-actualization and consistency of oral contraceptive use.1978-06ir_etdText
176 - 200 of 810