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176 Ie, FumikoTemporary workers: their perceived interactional justice, stigmatization, identification and behaviors at workDespite the widespread use of temporary workers in all types of organizations, their work experiences and behaviors have not been comprehensively studied. This study investigated temporary workers' perceived interactional justice and stigmatization by workplace permanent employees. It further expl...Identification; Interactional justice; Organizational behavior; Organizational justice; Stigmatization2015-05
177 Pischnotte, Zebulon AaronA sociolinguistic study of bitburger platt germanBitburger Platt, spoken in the Eifel region of western Germany, exhibits a merger of the Standard German (d) and (t) sounds, the reflexes of West Germanic *6 and *d, respectively. A chain shift yielded the modern Standard German variants. Biburger Platt, however, did not follow through ...German; Phonetics; Sociolinguistics2015-05
178 Pescaru, George-MichaelCoordination and interaction in markedness suppressionMarkedness Suppression (MS) is a formal treatment of gradient variation in Optimality Theory that permits certain markedness constraints to have any number of violations ""suppressed,"" or ignored, by EVAL. This theory was designed for systems where the ""locus of variation"" is a single segment/fea...Markedness suppression; Optimality theory; Phonology2015-05
179 Wall, Spencer KennethMapping milton's multiverse: paradise lost and the poetics of creationMilton represents the cosmos of Paradise Lost as an analog to the world views of his time, but also as literal poetic material-text on a page, and the corresponding oral recitation of such text. By representing cosmological space as poetic work, Milton demonstrates the role of human creativity in c...Chaos; Cosmology; John Milton; Paradise Lost; Renaissance epic2015-05
180 Blevins, Maria DawnAdopting sustainability into the mechanical engineering design process: organizational change through a lens of structurationGlobal climate change presents large-scale challenges to humanity. Vast, urgent, and creative changes are necessary to reduce impending consequences. Although technology cannot be viewed as a cure all, changes in energy sourcing, manufacturing, and industrial emissions are necessary to reduce carbo...Environmental communication; Organizational communication; Structuration; Sustainability education2015-05
181 Borders, Derron S.The role of gender socialization and sibilants in the perception of gay- and straight-sounding voices: a study of returned latter-day saint missionaries in utahThis study explores the roles that gender socialization and the acoustics of [s] play in the sociophonetics of perceived gay and straight speech. There have been two main approaches to the study of why some men sound gay and some sound straight: acoustic and social reasons. Many sociolinguistic stud...Gender; Latter-day Saints; Sibilants; Socialization; Speech; Utah2015-05
182 Kasmiskie, Natalee G.Understanding the communicative construction of emotion in nonprofit organizationsThe current study sought to understand the communicative construction of emotion in nonprofit organizations. Two research questions asked how nonprofit workers communicatively construct their emotion regarding the nature of nonprofit work and concerning their relationships with other nonprofit worke...Affect theory; Communication; Construction; Emotion; Nonprofit organizations; Qualitative2015-05
183 Krakow, Melinda MicheleTelling stories for cervical cancer prevention: the impact of narrative features and processes on young women's hpv vaccination intentionsNarrative persuasion research has identified two promising features that could influence behavior: (a) whether the character lives or dies (narrative outcomes) and (b) whether the character overcomes key barriers (narrative barriers). The current study manipulated both narrative features in a human ...Cancer prevention; Cervical cancer; Health communication; HPV vaccine; Narrative persuasion; Transportation2015-05
184 Hohlios, Stephanie MarieGaitō kamishibai in postwar Japan: picture-storytelling performance in the democratic public sphereThis thesis examines a popular Japanese form ofpicture-storytelling street theaterknown as gaitō kamishibai, a pervasive form of children's entertainment from circa 1925 to 1965. In gaitō kamishibai,a live performer uses sequential painted picture panels in tandem with his own voice and bodilygest...Gaito; Kamishibai; Popular performance; Postwar Japan; Public sphere; Street theater2015-05
185 Orucu, TulayTeaching English grammar in a hybrid course: student performance and teacher and student perceptionsThis M.A. thesis reports on an action-based research project that used a quasiexperimental design and was conducted in two sections of an English grammar and editing skills class taught at the University by the same instructor. One section was a traditional face-to-face (f2f) class while the other o...ESL; Hybrid; Linguistics; Perception; Second language acquisition; Teaching English2014-08
186 Dixon, Daniel HobsonLeveling up language proficiency through massive multiplayer online role playing games: opportunities for English learners to receive input, modify output, negotiate meaning, and employ language-learning strategiesThe purpose of this study is to gain a better understanding of the usefulness of online videogames for promoting second language (L2) acquisition. To achieve this goal, I analyzed the specific types of interaction that take place between English language learners while playing the online videogame e...ESL; Language proficiency; Linguistics; MMORPG; Second language acquisition; Video games2014-05
187 James, KinzieEyes to light: a concept albumEyes to Light 1s the title of a music album I have written, recorded, and produced. The concept of the album is a consciousness that isn't aware of anything but its own internal monologue and its yearning for light and sense after not having it for so long. To portray this consciousness and its desi...Journalistic design; Computer music2015-04
188 Walkup, Fairfax ProudfitThe general trends and characteristics of Utah pioneer dress from 1847 to 1875The problem of this thesis is to investigate the trends and characteristics of Utah pioneer dress from 1947 to 1875. It attempts to find out in what particulars Utah pioneer dress followed the general lines and characteristics of current fashion, and why; to find out in what particulars Utah pionee...Utah pioneers; Clothing; Fashion; Pioneer costume1947
189 Limbos, Tomas ZamoraAmerican colonial policy in the Philippines (1916-1932)The United States' colonial policy in the Philippines as first enunciated by President McKinley contemplated the preparation of the islanders for a speedy participation in the government with the ultimate object of granting them independence under a democracy in the form of a republic.Philippines; American colonial policy; Jones act1933-05-15
190 McFarlane, Megan DianeU.S. military policy and the discursive construction of servicewomen's bodiesThis study examines U.S. servicewomen's experiences that distinctly revolve around their bodies-those of rape, abortion, and pregnancy-and how these experiences are represented and understood. Following other feminists, I label these "embodied experiences" as they involve an overlapping of the lived...Abortion; Gender; Pregnancy; Servicewomen; Sexual assault; U.S. Military2015-05
191 Piotrowska, Monika WiktoriaPart-humans: how human are they and does it matter?Six miles from Reno, Nevada, a flock of sheep gather behind the fence of a farm. Although they look like ordinary sheep, their livers, hearts, brains and other organs contain a large percentage of human cells. In California, human neurons are inserted into mice. In Minnesota, pigs are born with huma...Bioengineering; Biotechnology; Chimera; Human-nonhuman; Identity; Part-human2011-08
192 Jackson, David MichaelThe human right to democracyIn this dissertation, I argue that democracy is a human right. In order to support this claim, my argument will proceed from a foundational moral grounding (Indirect Utilitarianism), through analyses of the concepts involved (human rights and democracy), to my conclusion. I begin by specifying the d...Democracy; Human rights; Political philosophy; Utilitarianism2013-12
193 Pineda W., Suan L.Trottoirs de Buenos Aires: Julio Cortazar and the tango nationTango and the national narrative of Argentina are inextricably connected. Tango, which rose from its déclassé origins at the dawn of the twentieth century to become the nation's symbol, has mirrored the roller-coaster trajectory of Argentina, from political crisis to economic prosperity and catacl...Buenos Aires; Cortázar; Nation; Paris; Tango; Trottoirs2013-05
194 Kuban, Adam JeremyPreparation for the profession: an examination of the triangulation among University of Utah journalism educators, their students, and the Salt Lake Valley media practitioners who hire themJournalism educators must make critical decisions about their undergraduate curricula, determining how to best prepare their students for professional careers. Present scholarship indicates that a disconnect exists in what journalism students think they ought to know and/or be able to do upon gradua...Educators; Journalism; Practitioners; Preparation; Skills; Students2012-12
195 Whelm: a book of poemsWhelm is part wildness and part witness, part love song and part lament. It is an elegy to former times and selves that admits fear of a future where humanity, community and strangeness are lost to manmade systems, and is also an ode to oddity and intricacy. These poems attempt to understand how dif...Excess; Flood; Poetics; Poetry2012-08
196 Dyer, Emily LeeTransfiguration: a collection of artist booksThe collection consists of thirteen artist books in text form. The artist books explore the transfiguring power of loss, grief, love, forgiveness-all a kind of knowledge. Each textual piece in this collection represents a three-dimensional artist book. These books study how space, fold, and physical...2012-08
197 Brown, Barbara Jones"Enemies at home": race, citizenship, and the roots of Japanese American internment policyOn February 19, 1942, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066, authorizing the mass incarceration of some 110,000 Japanese Americans and aliens from the West Coast, southern Arizona, and Hawaii. About two-thirds of those interned were American citizens; most of the others were lo...Internment; Japanese American; Policy; "Race"; World War II2012-08
198 Kesler, Virginia IreneThe impact of trauma in family activity systemsThis project uses structurating activity theory to understand the effect of traumatic experiences on family activity systems. Fourteen adults participated who had experienced an identifiable, acute traumatic event that resulted in a disruption to their family system. Interview data demonstrated ways...Coping; Crisis; Family crisis; Family trauma; Structurating activity theory; Trauma2012-08
199 Reynolds, Dynette IvieAtomic frontiers: how the bomb is transforming the literatures of the American WestThe cultural interaction between nuclear technology and the American West was a two-way process. On one side, an elite brotherhood of scientists and engineers at Los Alamos incorporated the romance of the frontier into the nation's atomic origin story. On the other side, the mythical construct we ca...American west; Atomic bomb; Downwinders; Eco-literature; Nuclearism; Nuclear studies2012-05
200 Silva, Wilson de LimaA descriptive grammar of DesanoThis dissertation provides a linguistic description and analysis of Desano, an endangered Tukanoan language of the Vaupes region of Brazil. Much valuable knowledge would be lost if this language were to become extinct without documentation. Several of the Tukanoan languages in the upper Amazon are h...Desano; Description; Documentation; Grammar; Morphosyntax; Tukanoan2012-08
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