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176 Three essays on institutionalism and economic development2014-12Textir_etd
177 Three essays on United States trade unions2011-12Textir_etd
178 Solid organ transplant: child life and impact on family2014-08Textir_etd
179 Striking oil in the West: crafting responsible legislation on the federal oil shale program2009-05Textir_etd
180 Subliminal activation of social ties moderates cardiovascular reactivity during acute stress2010-12Textir_etd
181 Storytelling dramatization as a community building activity in an early childhood classroom2010-08Textir_etd
182 Working memory capacity influences cognitive flexibility: understanding the control dilemma through stroop2016Textir_etd
183 Impact of youth gardening on emotional wellbeing2016Textir_etd
184 Expressive suppression deleteriously impacts cognitive aspects of motor output2015Textir_etd
185 Violent origins and the emergence of electoral authoritarianism2016Textir_etd
186 Sex differences in virtual navigation influenced by visual factors and individual differences2016Textir_etd
187 Active transportation on a complete street: objective and subjective walkability correlates2016Textir_etd
188 Cardiovascular activity during routine interactions in romantic relationships2016Textir_etd
189 Information theory of the firm2015Textir_etd
190 Institutions, economic transition, and urban land expansion in china2016Textir_etd
191 Posttraumatic overmodulation, callous traits, and offending among justice-involved youth2017Textir_etd
192 A new ancestral diploid species of echinocereus endemic to southwestern utah and northern arizona2017Textir_etd
193 Arctic prehistory through ancient dna2016Textir_etd
194 Attention problems as a predictor of type 1 diabetes adherence and metabolic control across adolescence2015Textir_etd
195 Child growth as a measure of resilience to food insecurity in burkina faso2017Textir_etd
196 Common property and cosmology: conservation incentives among the miskitu of nicaragua2015Textir_etd
197 Comparing urban vegetation cover with summer land surface temperature in the salt lake valley2017Textir_etd
198 Deconstructing neuropsychological practice effects: contributions of learning and response to task novelty2014Textir_etd
199 The development of a lab-based paradigm to explore principles of adherence engineering in the context of hand hygiene2017Textir_etd
200 Domestic labor and wellbeing: the Evlatlık institution in turkey2016Textir_etd
176 - 200 of 1,049