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176 Venkatasubramanian, SureshPower to the points: validating data memberships in clusteringsIn this paper, we present a method to attach affinity scores to the implicit labels of individual points in a clustering. The affinity scores capture the confidence level of the cluster that claims to "own" the point. We demonstrate that these scores accurately capture the quality of the label assig...2013-01-01
177 Gooch, Bruce; Reinhard, ErikPerception-driven black-and-white drawings and caricaturesIn this paper, we present a method for automatically creating black-and-white drawings of human faces from photographs. We then demonstrate new techniques for deforming these drawings to create caricatures intended to highlight and exaggerate facial features. A number of psychophysical studies we...Caricatures; Human faces2002-01-22
178 Carter, John B.AS-COMA: An adaptive hybrid shared memory ArchitectureScalable shared memory multiprocessors traditionally use either a cache coherent nonuniform memory access (CC-NUMA) or simple cache-only memory architecture (S-COMA) memory architecture. Recently, hybrid architectures that combine aspects of both CC-NUMA and S-COMA have emerged. In this paper, we pr...AS-COMA; Hybrid shared memory1998
179 Thompson, William B.; Willemsen, Peter; Gooch, Amy A.; Creem-Regehr, Sarah HopeDoes the quality of the computer graphics matter when judging distances in visually immersive environments?In the real world, people are quite accurate judging distances to locations in the environment, at least for targets resting on the ground plane and distances out to about 20m. Distance judgments in visually immersive environments are much less accurate. Several studies have now shown that in vis...Visually immersive environments2002-12-05
180 Hansen, Charles D.Interactive volume rendering using multi-dimensional transfer functions and direct manipulation widgetsMost direct volume renderings produced today employ one-dimensional transfer functions, which assign color and opacity to the volume based solely on the single scalar quantity which comprises the dataset. Though they have not received widespread attention, multi-dimensional transfer functions are a ...Volume rendering; Volume visualization; Direct volume rendering; Multidimensional transfer functions; Direct manipulation widgets; Graphics hardware2001
181 Cohen, ElaineAutomatic sculptured five-axis milling with check surfacesAn approach to 5-axis milling of B-spline surfaces is presented. Within its domain, it provides better check surface handling than APT. The scheme for tool position generation is based on a B-spline curve refinement method and a set of criteria for tolerance control which allows the tool positions ...B-spline surfaces; 5-axis milling; Tool paths1989
182 Boll, Steven F.Suppression of acoustic noise in speech using spectral subtractionA stand alone noise suppression algorithm is presented for reducing the spectral effects of acoustically added noise in speech. Effective performance of digital speech processors operating in practical environments may require suppression of noise from the digital waveform. Spectral subtraction offe...Suppression; acoustic noise; noise suppression algorithm; digital speech processors; Spectral subtraction1979
183 Sobh, Tarek M.Analysis of tolerance for manufacturing geometric objects from sense dataIn this work we address the problem of manufacturing machine parts from sense data. Constructing geometric models for the objects from sense data is the intermediate step in a reverse engineering manufacturing system. Sensors are usually inaccurate, providing uncertain sense information. We constr...Manufacture1993
184 Weinstein, DavidLead field basis for FEM source localizationIn recent years, significant progress has been made in the area of EEG/MEG source imaging. source imaging on simple spherical models has become increasingly efficient, with consistently reported accuracy of within 5mm. In contrast, source localization on realistic head models remains slow, with sub-...FEM source localization; Source imaging; EEG; MEG1999
185 Wald, Ingo; Shirley, Peter S.Geometric and arithmetic culling methods for entire ray packetsRecent interactive ray tracing performance has been mainly derived from the use of ray packets. Larger ray packets allow for significant amortization of both computations and memory accesses; however, the majority of primitives are still intersected by each ray in a packet. This paper discusses ...Ray tracing; Interval arithmetic; Ray packets; Frustum culling2006-08-16
186 Brunvand, Erik L.; Smith, Kent F.Self-timed design in GaAs - case study of a high-speed parallel multiplierAbstract-The problems with synchronous designs at high clock frequencies have been well documented. This makes an asynchronous approach attractive for high speed technologies like GaAs. We investigate the issues involved by describing the design of a parallel multiplier that can be part of a floati...1996
187 Brunvand, Erik L.Reduced latency self-timed FIFO circuitsSelf-timed flow-through FIFOs are constructed easily using only a single C-element as control for each stage of the FIFO. Throughput can be very high in FIFOs of this type because new data can be sent to the FIFO after communicating locally with only the first element of the FIFO. Therefore the thro...FIFO circuits; Self-timed; Flow-through; Reduced latency1994
188 Organick, Elliott I.Transformation of ADA programs into silicon (82 Mar. 1 - 82 Oct. 31)This report outlines the beginning steps taken in an integrated research effort toward the development of a methodology, and supporting systems, for transforming Ada programs, or program units, (directly) into corresponding VLSI systems. The time seems right to expect good results. The need is evide...Transformation; Silicon; Ada program units1982
189 Riloff, Ellen M.Exploiting subjectivity classification to improve information extractionInformation extraction (IE) systems are prone to false hits for a variety of reasons and we observed that many of these false hits occur in sentences that contain subjective language (e.g., opinions, emotions, and sentiments). Motivated by these observations, we explore the idea of using subjecti...Subjectivity classification; Information extraction; Subjectivity analysis; MUC-42005
190 Flatt, MattScheme 2003: proceedings of the fourth workshop on scheme and functional programmingThis report contains the papers presented at the Fourth Workshop on Scheme and Functional Programming. The purpose of the Scheme Workshop is to discuss experience with and future developments of the Scheme programming language?including the future of Scheme standardization?as well as general aspe...Scheme 2003; Scheme programming2003-11-07
191 Gopalakrishnan, Ganesh; Kirby, Robert Michael IIVerification of MPI programs using SpinVerification of distributed systems is a complex yet important process. Concurrent systems are vulnerable to problems such as deadlock, starvation, and race conditions. Parallel programs written using the MPI (Message Passing Interface) Standard are no exception. Spin can be used to formally ver...MPI programs; Verification; distributed systems; Message Passing Interface; Spin2004
192 Shirley, Peter S.; Parker, Steven G.Temporally coherent interactive ray tracingAlthough ray tracing has been successfully applied to interactively render large datasets, supersampling pixels will not be practical in interactive applications for some time. Because large datasets tend to have subpixel detail, one-sample-per-pixel ray tracing can produce visually distracting popp...Temporally coherent; interactive ray tracing; large datasets2001
193 Keller, Robert M.; Lindstrom, Gary E.An architecture for a loosely-coupled parallel processorAn architecture for a large (e. g. 1000 processor) parallel computer is presented. The processors are loosely-coupled, in the sense that communication among them is fully asynchronous, and each processor is generally not unduly delayed by any immediate need for specific data values. The network supp...Loosely-coupled; Parallel processors1978
194 Wehrli, RobertARCAID: The ARChitects computer graphics AIDARCAID?The ARChitect's Computer Graphics AID?is one part of a two-part research program at the University of Utah under the direction of David C. Evans. ARCAID is a specification for the organization of computer processes including data and procedures for the use of architects, engineers, and other...ARCAID1970
195 Cohen, ElaineSecond order surface analysis using hybrid symbolic and numeric operatorsResults from analyzing the curvature of a surface can be used to improve the implementation, efficiency, and effectiveness of manufacturing and visualization of sculptured surfaces. In this paper, we develop a robust method using hybrid symbolic and numeric operators to create trimmed surfaces each...Surface analysis; Hybrid symbolic operators; Numeric operators1992
196 Balasubramonian, RajeevExploring the design space for 3D clustered architectures3D die-stacked chips are emerging as intriguing prospects for the future because of their ability to reduce on-chip wire delays and power consumption. However, they will likely cause an increase in chip operating temperature, which is already a major bottleneck in modern microprocessor design. We...2006
197 Riloff, Ellen M.Case study in using linguistic phrases for text categorization on the WWWMost learning algorithms that arc applied to text categorization problems rely on a bag-of-words document representation, i.e., each word occurring in the document is considered as a separate feature. In this paper, we investigate the use of linguistic phrases as input features for text categoriz...Learning algorithms; Text categorization; Linguistic phrases; Information extraction patterns; AutoSlog-TS1998
198 Riloff, Ellen M.Unified model of phrasal and sentential evidence for information extractionInformation Extraction (IE) systems that extract role fillers for events typically look at the local context surrounding a phrase when deciding whether to extract it. Often, however, role fillers occur in clauses that are not directly linked to an event word. We present a new model for event extract...Information extraction; Phrasal evidence; Sentential evidence; Role fillers; Event extraction; Sentential event recognizer; Plausible roll-filler recognizer2009
199 Subrahmanyam, P.A.FUNLOG = functions + logic: a computational model integrating logic programming and functional programming (Rev. May 1983)Funlog, a computational model which attempts to integrate functional programming and logic programming is described. The model supports computations with infinite data structures without the introduction of complex control issues at the user-level. Control characteristics are improved as compared wi...FUNLOG; Functional programming; Logic programming1983
200 Starkey, MikeSwitchbox routing by pattern matchingMany good algorithms have been designed that provide good solutions to the wire routing problem in VLSI. Unfortunately, many of these algorithms only consider a small subset of different parameters such as number of layers, routability of layers and technology. We believe that these algorithms can b...Switchbox routing; pattern matching; wire routing problem; VLSI1991
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