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176 Studies on NADH(NADPH)-cytochrome c reductase from yeast.1984-03Textir_etd
177 Studies on a double-stranded RNA-binding zinc finger protein1999-05Textir_etd
178 Studies on the Brewer's yeast D-glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase.1972-08Textir_etd
179 Studies on the charge isomers of superoxide dismutase.1983-12Textir_etd
180 Studies on the effects of potassium chloride on the small ribosomal subunit from canine pancreas1978-06Textir_etd
181 Studies on the intracellular status and localization of mouse pancreas ribonucleases1958-10Textir_etd
182 Studies on the pathogenesis of experimental candidiasis1959-08Textir_etd
183 Studies on the structure of ATP-creatine transphosphorylase from calf muscle1972-06Textir_etd
184 Studies on urinary phenolic acid metabolites of norepinephrine1958-08Textir_etd
185 Study of bacterial activity and ecology of Bingham Canyon mine dumps1968-08Textir_etd
186 Synthesis and binding properties of hybrid immunoglobulin light chain dimers.1981-03Textir_etd
187 Synthesis and characterization of oligonucleotides containing 2'-deoxy-6-thioguanosin1993-03Textir_etd
188 Synthesis and evaluation of novel hepatoprotective L-cysteine prodrugs1997-12Textir_etd
189 Targeted recombination in Xenopus oocytes1996-12Textir_etd
190 Tests of specific models of homologous recombination in Xenopus oocytes1990-12Textir_etd
191 The Effects of Dietary Iron on Hepatic Glucose Metabolism and Circadian Rhythm2014-05Textir_etd
192 The Identification and Function of the Mitochondrial Pyruvate Carrier: Lessons from Yeast, Cancer, and Stem Cells2016-08Textir_etd
193 The Role of Caenorhabditis Elegans Dicer in Endogenous Small RNA Silencing Pathways2010-02-17Textir_etd
194 The Role of Loquacious-PD in Small RNA Biogenesis in Drosophila melanogaster2018Textir_etd
195 The Role of Mitochondrial pyruvate carrier in Tumor Initiation2019Textir_etd
196 The Sulfur distributin of papain and related studies.1960-12Textir_etd
197 The carbohydrate component of a human gamma globulin1958-03Textir_etd
198 The chemistry of egg white lysozyme1949Textir_etd
199 The chemistry of the nucleic acids.1949Textir_etd
200 The esw/fli fusion protein drives metabolic misregulation in Ewing Sarcoma2017Textir_etd
176 - 200 of 215