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151 Design, Development, and Initial Evalution of a Terminology for Clinical Decision Support and Electronic Clinical Quality Measurementir_etdText
152 Molecular Epidemiology of a Bacillus Cereus Outbreakir_etdText
153 Mechanisms Controlling the Direction Epitheial Cells Extrude and an Emerging Role for Basal Extrusion in Tumor Cell Invasionir_etdText
154 Behaviors Among Latino Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkersir_etdText
155 Factor Associated with Neutral Sphingomyelinase Activation (FAN), A Member of the Beach Family of Proteins, Regulates Lysosome Sizeir_etdText
156 Communication in the Nursing Home: A Grounded Theory of Nurse-CNA Communicationir_etdText
157 Quality Improvement and Informatics Techniques in Workflow Analysis Using Heart Failure eMeasure as an Exemplarir_etdText
158 Candidate Locus Analysis for PHACE Syndromeir_etdText
159 Cellular and Molecular Analysis of Axon Development in Zebrafishir_etdText
160 Development of Pathway-Based Biomarker in Breast Cancer and Assessment of Feasibility of Integrating Transcriptomics Data in Electronic Health Recordir_etdText
161 The Public Health Impact of Eve Teasing: Public Sexual Harassment and Its Association with Common Mental Disorders and Suicide Ideation Among Young Women in Rural Punjab, Indiair_etdText
162 Modulation of Lymphocyte Development and Function Via Snail Family Transcriptional Regulatorsir_etdText
163 Divergent Evolution of Animal Excretory Systems: Evidence from Molecular and Functional Studies in Planariansir_etdText
164 Reversible Inhibition of Lysine-Specific Demethylase 1 is a Novel Therapeutic Strategy for Solid Tumorsir_etdText
165 A Peptide-Based Small Interfering RNA Delivery System as an RNA Interference Approach for Neurodegnerative Disordersir_etdText
166 Experiences and Perceptions of Iraqi Muslim Refugee Women and Health Care Providers in the Health Care Encounterir_etdText
167 Random testing of open source C compilersir_etdText
168 Hydrotreating heavy oils over a commercial hydrodemetallation catalystir_etdText
169 The kinetics of the pyrolysis of tar sands and of the combustion of coked sandsir_etdText
170 Fluid bed thermal recovery of synthetic crude from bituminous sands of Utahir_etdText
171 Effect of bitumen-derived coke on deactivation of hydrodemetallation catalyst (Abstract)ir_etdText
172 Asphalt ridge tar sands - flotation behavior and process design (Abstract)ir_etdText
173 Application of three phase ebullited bed reactors to petroleum upgradingir_etdText
174 Application of dynamic supercritical fluid extraction to the recovery and upgrading of complex hydrocarbon mixturesir_etdText
175 Supercritical fluid extraction of oil sand bitumens from the Uinta Basin, Utahir_etdText
151 - 175 of 21,725