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151 Modification of a monoclonal anti-GAD antibody with poly(ethylene glycol)ir_etdText
152 Nursing personnel and patients' perceptions of nursing functions contributing to patient comfortir_etdText
153 Evaluation of database software in a medical environmentir_etdText
154 Coal briquettingir_etdText
155 Functional analysis of 2C protein in hepatitis A virus and poliovirus genome replication,ir_etdText
156 Plasminogen activator from cultured baby hamster kidney cellsir_etdText
157 Profile of the competency requirements for effective job performance in the head nurse roleir_etdText
158 Kinetic studies of thermal dissolution of high volatile bituminous coalir_etdText
159 Shigatoxin 1 regulates vasoactive factor production by human glomerular epithelial cellsir_etdText
160 Role for RNA association in the function of the nuclear pore protein Nup153ir_etdText
161 Control of granulosa cell replication and functionir_etdText
162 Biorecognizable polymer conjugates containing 5-fluorouracil for the treatment of colon cancerir_etdText
163 Case study approach to health science: design and implementation of an online courseir_etdText
164 Middle-aged caregivers: an exploratory study of three cohortsir_etdText
165 Policy analysis: federal support for nursing researchir_etdText
166 Chemical and biological studies of secondary metabolites from Lissoclinum patellair_etdText
167 The interaction of viruses with fetal and adult ovine cells in vitroir_etdText
168 National survey of critical care nurses' perceptions of end-of-life care and effect of incentives on survey response ratesir_etdText
169 Computerized laboratory alerting system to warn of life-threatening eventsir_etdText
170 Regulation of pap pilin phase variationir_etdText
171 Mechanism of cannabinoid incorporation in hairir_etdText
172 Prodrugs of thiolamines as radioprotective agentsir_etdText
173 Effects of stimulation on intracellular calcium in frog sartorius muscleir_etdText
174 Evaluation of platelet transfusions from histocompatibility locus: a matched and nonmatched unrelated donors to thrombocytopenic patientsir_etdText
175 Stratum corneum domain effects on solute uptake and transportir_etdText
151 - 175 of 21,717