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151 Neuromyelitis optica: two new cases and review of the literature.1985-12ehsl_novel_jnoText
152 Social bases of neonatal and postneonatal mortality: an ecological analysis of Alberta, Canada1981ir_uspaceText
153 Theory to practice in administrator preparation: an evaluation study1995ir_uspaceText
154 Theory to practice: a description and multi-dimensional evaluation of the University of Utah's educational administration Ed.D. program1995ir_uspaceText
155 Where have all the flowers gone? reconnecting leadership preparation with the field of organization theory2004ir_uspaceText
156 Anxiety levels of psychiatric patients during a course of electroconvulsive therapy1969-06ir_etdText
157 The effects of belief systems and the amount of debate experience on the acquisition of critical thinking.1971ir_etdText
158 New urban democracy, economic hard times, and political participation: local voter turnout in South Korean cities, 1995-20062009-09-25ir_etdText
159 Personality adjustment of children with cystic fibrosis1975-06ir_etdText
160 Commercial Law in the Middle East: Between Classical Transactions and Modern Business2000-01uu_law_clpText
161 Determinants of FDI inflows by industry to asean (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam)2010ir_etdText
162 Differences identified in a group of psychiatric nurses through use of the California Psychological Inventory1962-08ir_etdText
163 Dissertation on the history, occurance, mining, and economics of Gilsonite1905-05-02ir_etdText
164 Peasant Studies Volume 15 number 3 Spring 19881988ir_uspaceText
165 Questioning development: global integration and the carbon intensity of well-being2014-12ir_etdText
166 Utah Law Review 2002 Number 42002uu_law_clpText
167 China: hyper-development and environmental crisis2007ir_uspaceText
168 Discovering Your Family in Digital Libraries2019-02-28ir_uspaceText
169 IAIMS Newsletter Fall 20002000-08-10ir_uspaceText
170 IAIMS Newsletter- Fall 20002000ehsl_hhsText
171 Minutes for the Utah State Board of Regents, February 23-24, 19761976-02-23ir_borText
172 Mitochondrial genetic variation among howler monkeys2014-12ir_htoaText
173 The Relation of caloric-volume intake to physiologic weight loss of the newborn.1968-06ir_etdText
174 The theory and practice of deliberative criticism: rhetoric, digital archives, new media, and public policy deliberation2011-08ir_etdText
175 Values of reducing substances in the stools of premature infants.1975-06ir_etdText
151 - 175 of 370