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151 Clean and secure energy from domestic oil shale and oil sands resources: Quarterly progress report: July 2011 to September 20112011
152 Clean Coal Technology for the 21st Century RTD Strategy in the European Union1994
153 Clean Fuel Injection for Toxics Abatement1990
154 Co-Axial Turbulent Diffusion Flames with Directed Oxygen Injection2012-09-06
155 Co-firing Pulverized Coal with Pinion Pine/Juniper Wood in Raw, Torrefied and Pyrolyzed Forms2012-09-07
156 Coal Combustion in Fuel Rich Flames: A Review of Experimental Behavior1988
157 Coal Combustion Technology in Wide Load Range Burners1991
158 Coal Conversion of the District Heating Power Station in Vasteraas, Sweden1982
159 Coal Preparation for Coal Utilization Purposes1983
160 Coal Slurries as Alternate Fuels for Oil-Designed Boilers1982
161 Coal-Fired Plant Furnace Computer Simulations1988
162 Coal-Water Mixture Combustion and Flame Studies at TRW1983
163 Coal/Water Slurries: Fuel Preparation Effects on Atomization and Combustion1984
164 Cofiring Alternate Fuels in Coal Fired Cyclone Boilers1996
165 Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Measurements of Temperature and Species Concentrations in Coal-Particle-Laden Combustion Flows1985
166 Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Spectroscopy CARS Measurements in a Laminar Flame Coal Combustor1988
167 Combined Convection-Radiation Heat Transfer in a Surface Combustor-Heater1989
168 Combustion 2000 - Burning Coal in the Twenty-First Century1992
169 Combustion Aerodynamics of a Pulverized-Coal, Low NOx Swirl Burner: Influence of Flow Types on NOx Emissions1996
170 Combustion aerosols from municipal waste incineration - effects of feedstock composition and boiler operation2009Combustion aerosols were measured in the 22 MWth FASAN Waste-to-Energy (WtE) boiler while applying changes in feedstock composition and grate operation conditions, respectively. The changes in feedstock composition were applied by adding (one-by-one) dedicated waste fractions, comprising PVC plastic...
171 Combustion Chambers with Microdiffusion Combustion of Gas1997
172 Combustion Characterisitcs of Occidental Coal-Oil Mixtures1982
173 Combustion Characteristics of Alternative Liquid Fuels-I: Fuel-Bound-Nitrogen-to-NOx Conversion Efficiency as a Function of Coal-Derived Liquid Fuel Boiling Range1981
174 Combustion Characteristics of Fuels With Preheated Oxygen Enriched Air1986
175 Combustion Characteristics of Occidental Coal-Water Mixtures1983
151 - 175 of 927