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151 Category-specificity in sexual arousal/interest as a complex function of sex and sexual orientation2008-01-30Textir_etd
152 Cathedral cave fishes2000Textir_uspace
153 Cautionary note on the use of omega squared to evaluate the effectiveness of behavioral treatments1981Textir_uspace
154 Cell phone effect on motor vehicle fatality rates: a Bayesian and classical econometric evaluation2010Textir_uspace
155 Cellular aging and restorative processes: Subjective sleep quality and duration moderate the association between age and telomere length in a sample of middle-aged and older adults2014-01-01Textir_uspace
156 Challenges to health promotion among older working women1988Textir_uspace
157 Challenges to mental health promotion among working women in Canada1993Textir_uspace
158 Change in trait impressions of the self and others2018Textir_htoa
159 Change processes in relationships: a relational-historical research approach2006Textir_uspace
160 Changes in attachment, affect, and cognition2008-08Textir_etd
161 Changes in contraceptive method uptake with the removal of cost barriers2017Textir_etd
162 Changes in earnings distribution in Peru: 2004-20142014-12Textir_htoa
163 Changes in functional limitations and survival among the elderly in Taiwan: 1993, 1996, and 19992002Textir_uspace
164 Changes in patterns of political participation and engagement in Thailand, 2001-20072011-12Textir_etd
165 Changes in women's marital satisfaction across the transition to parenthood: the role of personal adaptability2012-08Textir_etd
166 Changing Agricultural Suitability: Model Development and Applications in the Past and Future2018Textir_etd
167 Changing criterion design1976Textir_uspace
168 Characteristics of Venezuelan school refusers toward the development of a high-risk profile1987Textir_uspace
169 Characterizing the relationship between Ku-band radar backscatter and snow accumulation on the Greenland ice sheet2012-12Textir_etd
170 Child growth as a measure of resilience to food insecurity in burkina faso2017Textir_etd
171 The child support incentive program: constraints and the capacity for organizational cheating by street-level bureaucrats2010-12Textir_etd
172 Childhood Undernutrition within the Dry Zone of Myanamr: Does Geographic Location Influence Health Outcomes?2017Textir_etd
173 Children's and adolescents' narrative accounts of harming: assuming and mitigating blame2013-08Textir_etd
174 Children's distress during hospital procedures: the role of child life specialists2015Textir_etd
175 Children's emotional security in response to marital conflict: the role of emotions and strategies in parents' conflict2010Textir_etd
151 - 175 of 1,207