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151 Recurrent Headache in 'Cluster' Pattern by Kunkle et al -- AnnotationsStudy of cluster headaches.Card Catalog Index Cards
152 Relation of Experimental Histamine Headache to Migraine and Non-migraine Headache by Von Storch -- AnnotationsStudy of experimental histamine headache to migraine and non-migraine headaches.Card Catalog Index Cards
153 Richerche Sperimentali Sulle del Cervello by Luciani and Tamburini -- AnnotationsStimulation of different points of the hemisphere (pupillary reactions).Card Catalog Index Cards
154 Richerche sperimentali sulle del cervelloStimulation of different points of the hemisphere (pupillary reactions).Print References
155 Scanning Electron Microscopy of the Monkey Eye in Miosis and Mydriasis by Van Alphen -- AnnotationsStudy of the monkey eye in miosis and mydriasis.Card Catalog Index Cards
156 Schaefer on the temporal and occipital lobes by Ferrier -- AnnotationsOcular and head movements upon cortical stimulation (pupil dilation).Card Catalog Index Cards
157 Segmental Distribution of Certain Visceral Afferent Neurones on the Pupillo-dilator Reflex in the Cat by McSwiney & Suffolk -- Illustrations and AnnotationsStudy of the segmental distribution of certain visceral afferent neurones of the pupillo-dilator reflex.Notebook Illustrations and Annotations
158 Significance of Minor Eye Signs in Headache of Migraine Type by Kunkle and Anderson -- AnnotationsStudy of minor eye signs in migraine headaches, inferred to be partial Horner's Syndrome.Card Catalog Index Cards
159 So-called Vascular Headache of the Migraine Type: One or More Nosological Entities? by Sjaastad -- AnnotationsStudy of the vascular headache, partial Horner's syndrome, cluster headache, and chronic paroxysmal hemicrania.Card Catalog Index Cards
160 Some Observations During Stimulation of the Human Hypothalamus by Kalyanaraman -- AnnotationsAutonomic and behavioral effects of hypothalamic stimulation; pupil dilation during stimulation was most common and most accurate indicator of electrode placement; equal or unequal pupil dilation during stimuli.Card Catalog Index Cards
161 Stimulation and Destruction of the prelemniscal radiation or its adjacent area in various extrapyrimidal disorders by Ito -- AnnotationsStimulation and lesions in the area of the pre-lemniscal radiation.Card Catalog Index Cards
162 Stimulation of the hypothalamus with the Horsley-Clarke stereotaxic instrument by Magoun, Barris, and Ranson -- AnnotationsAutonomic effects and snarling expression with hypothalmic stimuli in cat.Card Catalog Index Cards
163 Studies on the Conditions of Activity in Endocrine Glands. XV. Pseudoaffective Medulladrenal Secretion by Cannon and Britton -- AnnotationsStudies on the conditions of activity in endocrine glands; "sham rage."Card Catalog Index Cards
164 Studies on the changes of intraocular pressure induced by electrical stimulation of the hypothalamus by Nagai, Ban & Kurotsu -- Illustrations and AnnotationsStudy using electrical stimulation of the hypothalamus to measure changes in intraocular pressure, pupillary dilation.Notebook Illustrations and Annotations
165 Syndrome Paratrigeminal de Raeder by Nano -- AnnotationsStudy of Raeder's paratrigeminal syndrome.Card Catalog Index Cards
166 The Anatomy of the Eye and Orbit. Including the Central Connections, Development, and Comparative Anatomy of the Visual Apparatus by Wolff -- Illustrations and AnnotationsBook containing description of the eye, its appendages, most of the nervous structures concerned in vision, and their anatomical relations. Two chapters are devoted to the development of the eye and comparative anatomy.Notebook Illustrations and Annotations
167 The Arrangement of the Connective Tissue in the Stroma Iridis of Man and Monkey by Van Der Zypen -- AnnotationsStudy of the connective tissue of the iris of humans and primates.Card Catalog Index Cards
168 The Clinical Link Between Migraine and Cluster Headaches by Medina and Diamond -- AnnotationsStudy of the link between migraines and cluster headaches.Card Catalog Index Cards
169 The Cluster Headache by Duvoisin et al -- AnnotationsStudy of the cluster headache.Card Catalog Index Cards
170 The Collagen Network in the Stroma of the Rat Iris by Lim and Webber -- AnnotationsStudy of the collagen network in the iris.Card Catalog Index Cards
171 The Development of the Third Nerve Nucleus and its Bearing on the Argyll-Robertson Pupil by Paton & Mann -- Illustrations and AnnotationsStudy of the development of the third nerve nucleus and its bearing on the Argyll-Robertson pupil.Notebook Illustrations and Annotations
172 The Functions of the Brain -- Chapter VStudy of the functions of the optic lobes or corpora quadrigemina.Print References
173 The Functions of the Brain -- Chapter VIIIStudy of the functions of the optic lobes or corpora quadrigemina.Print References
174 The Functions of the Brain by David Ferrier -- AnnotationsPupillary effects of cortical and collicular stimulation.Card Catalog Index Cards
175 The Functions of the Brain by Ferrier -- Illustrations and AnnotationsAnimals deprived of cortex respond to painful stimulation by groans and cries, instinctive emotional expression; true conscious feeling; 'the dilation of the pupils, which is readily induced by irritation of the corp.qu. is probably [...] an expression of sensory irritation'; painful stimulation of ...Notebook Illustrations and Annotations
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