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151 Snow plow parked in front of a cabin.P0379 Brighton Ski Resort Photograph CollectionP0379n1_07_140
152 Group of children on the shore of a lake holding their fishing poles and catch.P0379 Brighton Ski Resort Photograph CollectionP0379n1_07_142
153 Women and children sitting on a bench outside a cave.P0379 Brighton Ski Resort Photograph CollectionP0379n1_07_143
154 View of the Brighton Hotel and nearby cabins.P0379 Brighton Ski Resort Photograph CollectionP0379n1_07_144
155 Zane Doyle, center, with other skiers standing near the ticket officeP0379 Brighton Ski Resort Photograph CollectionP0379n1_07_145
156 Young girl riding a horse or mule away from the Brighton Hotel.P0379 Brighton Ski Resort Photograph CollectionP0379n1_07_146
157 Early historic views of Brighton. (Larger copies can be seen earlier in the collection.)P0379 Brighton Ski Resort Photograph CollectionP0379n1_07_147
158 Young children on skis looking to where their ski instructor is pointing with his pole.P0379 Brighton Ski Resort Photograph CollectionP0379n1_07_148
159 Family hiking together in Brighton.P0379 Brighton Ski Resort Photograph CollectionP0379n1_07_149
160 Man and young boy posed for the camera.P0379 Brighton Ski Resort Photograph CollectionP0379n1_07_150
161 Two men standing on the porch of a cabin near their skis, drinking from a large mug.P0379 Brighton Ski Resort Photograph CollectionP0379n1_07_151
162 Two young children standing next to, and sitting on a chair.P0379 Brighton Ski Resort Photograph CollectionP0379n1_07_152
163 Man and three boys on the shore of a lake holding their fishing equipment.P0379 Brighton Ski Resort Photograph CollectionP0379n1_07_153
164 Newspaper clipping about Pioneer Day at Brighton.P0379 Brighton Ski Resort Photograph CollectionP0379n1_07_154
165 Horse pulling a small carriage filled with children and a man through the streets of Brighton.P0379 Brighton Ski Resort Photograph CollectionP0379n1_07_155
166 Woody Anderson wearing a knit hat and sunglasses.P0395 Robert Smith Photograph CollectionP0395n1_01_01
167 Woody Anderson wearing sunglasses.P0395 Robert Smith Photograph CollectionP0395n1_01_02
168 Lee Snedaker standing at a counter ready to take an order.P0395 Robert Smith Photograph CollectionP0395n1_02_01
169 Lee Snedaker retrieving something from a shelf.P0395 Robert Smith Photograph CollectionP0395n1_02_02
170 Lee Snedaker playing with a dog.P0395 Robert Smith Photograph CollectionP0395n1_02_03
171 Portrait of Lee Snedaker, ski instructor at Brighton Ski resort.P0395 Robert Smith Photograph CollectionP0395n1_02_04
172 Roger Haran.P0395 Robert Smith Photograph CollectionP0395n1_10_10
173 Roger Haran, Park City ski instructor.P0395 Robert Smith Photograph CollectionP0395n1_10_22
174 Roger Haran.P0395 Robert Smith Photograph CollectionP0395n1_10_23
175 Woody Anderson.P0395 Robert Smith Photograph CollectionP0395n1_11_14
151 - 175 of 938