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151 Cofiring Alternate Fuels in Coal Fired Cyclone Boilersuu_afrcText
152 Prospective Techniques for Controlling Combustion Generated NOx Emissionsuu_afrcText
153 A Numerical Study of the Effects of Biomass Coal Cofiring on Unburned Carbon and NOx Emissionsuu_afrcText
154 Development and Performance Evaluation of the New Low NOx CGRI Burner for Use with High Air Preheatuu_afrcText
155 Low NOx, High Performance Industrial Burneruu_afrcText
156 GNOCIS a Tool for Continuous Combustion Optimization of Utility Boilersuu_afrcText
157 Prospective Techniques for Controlling Combustion Generated NOx Emissionsuu_afrcText
158 Control of NOx Using Modified Response Surface Methodology (MRSM)uu_afrcText
159 Lifted Flames: A New Concept of Ultra Low NOx Combustionuu_afrcText
160 Development of a Vane Swirler for Use in a Low NOx Weak Swirl Burneruu_afrcText
161 Commercial Operating Experience with the Rapid Mix Ultra Low Emission Burneruu_afrcText
162 Gas Reburning and Advanced Gas Reburning for Control of NOx Emissionsuu_afrcText
163 Prediction of Flame Surface Density Shape in Various Combustorsuu_afrcText
164 The Strong-Jet/Weak-Jet Problem and Aerodynamic Modelling of the CGRI Burneruu_afrcText
165 Demonstration of Reburning Technology on an MSW Furnaceuu_afrcText
166 Effect of Low-Nox Firing Conditions on Carbon-in-ash in a Wall Fired Boileruu_afrcText
167 Air Regulatory Outlook for Combustion Processesuu_afrcText
168 Use of an Electric Field to Enhance Stability in a Cyclonic Combustoruu_afrcText
169 Future Industrial Combustion: A Vision for the Combustion Communityuu_afrcText
170 Multi-Fuel Firing in a Preheater Cement Kiln Using a Precessing Jet Burneruu_afrcText
171 Fossil Fuel Combustion in an O2 CO2 Medium Preliminary Data From Highvale Coaluu_afrcText
172 Appendix 1 Status of IFRF Research Projects October 1984uu_afrcText
173 Flow Reactor Studies of the Thermal De-NOx Processuu_afrcText
174 An Experimental Study of the Burning Spray of an Unstabilized Synthetic Oil Water Emulsionuu_afrcText
175 Two Simple Models for the Noncatalytic Reduction of NO with NH3uu_afrcText
151 - 175 of 890