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151 Dilute Oxygen Combustion1996uu_afrcText
152 Nitrogenous Emissions the Role of Sulphur and Equivalence Ratio1998uu_afrcText
153 Progress in Development of the Burner Engineering Research Laboratory1992uu_afrcText
154 The Latest Gas Burner Control System Intelligent Burner System (IBS)1998uu_afrcText
155 External and Internal Flue Gas Recirculation: A Comparison with Respect to Flame Stability and NOx Emission1996uu_afrcText
156 The Burning Properties of Dust from Asphalt Firing in Pulverized Coal Fired Boilers1998uu_afrcText
157 The Real Cost of NOx Emission Reduction1998uu_afrcText
158 Retrofitting Duct Burners for CO Control1996uu_afrcText
159 Nitrogen Oxide Reduction by Staged Combustion of Biomass Gas in Gas Turbines - A Modeling Study of the Effect of Mixing1998uu_afrcText
160 Future Industrial Combustion: A Vision of Improved Productivity and Product Quality1997uu_afrcText
161 Reduction of N2O Emissions from a Coal-Fired Circulating Fluidised Bed Combustor by Afterburning1998uu_afrcText
162 Application of Regenerative Burner for Ladle Preheating System of Electric Furnace1998uu_afrcText
163 Low NOx Oxy-Gas Burner1997uu_afrcText
164 Analysis of Local Turbulent Reaction Rates from CFD Predictions of a 2MWt Natural Gas-Fired Turbulent Diffusion Flame1997uu_afrcText
165 Ultralow NOx TM Burner Technology to Meet SCAQMD 1109 & 11461991uu_afrcText
166 An Update on NOx Emissions Control Technologies for Utility Coal, Oil and Gas Fired Tangential Boilers1991uu_afrcText
167 Experimental Study of Ultra-Low Emission Radian Porous Burner1991uu_afrcText
168 The Effects of Coal Particle Size on Reductions of NOx and Unburnt Carbon1991uu_afrcText
169 Spatial Structure of a Confined Swirling Flow Using Planar Elastic Scattering and Laser Doppler Velocimetry1991uu_afrcText
170 Staged Fluidized-Bed Coal Combustor for Boiler Retrofit1991uu_afrcText
171 Breakage and Mass Transport of Coal Particles in Ring-roller Mills1991uu_afrcText
172 Performance Testing of Ultrafine Pittsburgh #8 Coal in 12-Inch Advanced Flotation Column1991uu_afrcText
173 Ash Deposition as a Function of Coal Type, Location in a Boiler, and Boiler Operating Conditions: Predictions Compared To Observations1991uu_afrcText
174 Application of Reburning Technologies for NOx Emissions Control on Oil and Pulverized Coal Tangentially Fired Boilers1991uu_afrcText
175 Simultaneous SOx/NOx/Particulate Removal in a High Temperature Baghouse1991uu_afrcText
151 - 175 of 890