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151 Interview by Richard Hart of Theodore Edaakie and Chester Gaspar, August 24, 19731973-08-24wwdl_nehText
152 Central Utah Project Litigation Documents1973; 1974; 1975; 1977; 1978; 1979; 1980wwdl_nehText
153 Comments of the Hualapai Tribe before the Department of the Interior National Park Servicewwdl_nehText
154 Crystal Creek diversion tunnel documents, 1978-19791956; 1976; 1978; 1979wwdl_nehText
155 Note from E. Richard Hart Papers ZHWX116wwdl_nehText
156 Tube 214: Maps -Swallow Canyon, Utah-Colo (1952)wwdl_nehText
157 Tube 217: Maps - Delta Colorado (1980)wwdl_nehText
158 Brief History of the Zuni Nation1983wwdl_nehText
159 Zuni Water Use at Kolhu/wala:wa1990-08-23wwdl_nehText
160 Bill to direct the Secretary of Agriculture to formulate a plan for the management of natural resources in the Zuni River watershed upstream from the Zuni Indian Reservation, and for other purposes.1990-07-18wwdl_nehText
161 Catalogue of Specimens Collected by F.H. Cushing1881wwdl_nehText
162 Letter, John Collier to the Editor of Indian Truth, dated November 2, 19241924-11-02wwdl_nehText
163 Second Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology to the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution 1880-'81 [Excerpt]1883wwdl_nehText
164 Road to California: the search for a southern overland route, 1540-1848 [Excerpt]1978wwdl_nehText
165 Taos trappers: the fur trade in the Far Southwest, 1540-1846 [excerpt]1971wwdl_nehText
166 Plight of the Pueblos1923-12-26wwdl_nehText
167 Wells Hydro-electric development, Columbia River, Washington: Detail map of project area1957-07wwdl_nehText
168 Citizens for a Responsible Central Utah Project, correspondence, 1979-1980wwdl_nehText
169 Kolob-Rosy Seth Project documents1973; 1975; 1977wwdl_nehText
170 Patterns of Land Use and Environmental Change on the Zuni Indian Reservation, 1846-1985: Ethnohistorical and Archaeological Evidence1985-09-30wwdl_nehText
171 Note from E. Richard Hart Papers Dated April 10, 19841984-04-10wwdl_nehText
172 Introduction to Zuni Ceremonialism [Excerpt]1932wwdl_nehText
173 Statements Made by Missionaries In Zuni Pueblo May 9-10, 1924 [Excerpt]1924-05wwdl_nehText
174 Interview, Zuni Religious Leaders by Richard Hart, February 4, 1986 [Excerpt]1986-02-04wwdl_nehText
175 The Ruins at Kiathuthlanna Eastern Arizona [Excerpt]1931wwdl_nehText
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