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151 Missionary tells of modes of travel in China1916-08-01uum_sbtsText
152 Letter dated 26 September 1906 from Susan Tallmon to Mr. Patchell of the San Jose Church1906-09-26uum_sbtsText
153 Photographs from Lintsing, from Susan B. Tallmon: set 81906; 1907; 1908; 1909; 1910uum_sbtsText
154 Annual report of the Lintsing Memorial Hospital, Lintsing, Shantung, China, 19351936uum_sbtsText
155 Undated letter from Wang Wen Hsu, a Chinese Christianuum_sbtsText
156 Letter begun 20 November 1908 from Susan Tallmon to her family1908-11-20uum_sbtsText
157 Chinese language samples (6), letter by Chin Feng Linuum_sbtsText
158 Letter dated 4 May 1914 from Susan B. Tallmon to her sister Hester1914-05-04uum_sbtsText
159 Letter dated 10 April 1918 by Ben Sargent at Lintsing1918-04-10uum_sbtsText
160 Letter dated 11 August 1908 from Mary Williams Hemingway to Hester Tallmon1908-08-11uum_sbtsText
161 Letter from Dr. Vincent Wagner relating how Dr. F.F. Tucker confronted a thief1931-07-17uum_sbtsText
162 Letter dated 6 January 1909 from Susan Tallmon to her family1909-01-06uum_sbtsText
163 Lintsing Memorial Hospital, Lintsing, Shantung, annual report 19291929uum_sbtsText
164 Letter dated 5 January 1921 from Edith C. Tallmon to Hester Tallmon1921-01-05uum_sbtsText
165 Susie Tallmon, Certificates of promotion, Grinnell Public Schools, 1883, 1884, 1886, 1889uum_sbtsText
166 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Frederick Mooreuum_sbtsText
167 Letter dated 5 June 1936 from Emma Boose Tucker to her children, Part 61936-06-05uum_sbtsText
168 Note from Edith Tallmon to "Florence and Nelly," with added note to Edith's sister Hester Tallmonuum_sbtsText
169 Letter dated 26 June 1937 from Gertrude Wyckoff to friends1937-06-26uum_sbtsText
170 Letter dated 4 June [1916] from Ben F. Sargent1916-06-04uum_sbtsText
171 Catalogue of distances for a trip from Lintsing to Te Chow (1921?)1921uum_sbtsText
172 Additional pages from Susan and Ben Sargent guest book, set 21927uum_sbtsText
173 Work of the W.B.M.I. at Lintsing, Shantung, China, 19201920uum_sbtsText
174 Ardis Hitchcock's notes for Tallmon biography: Chronology, Susan Tallmon Sargentuum_sbtsText
175 Letter dated 27 November 1905 recounting confessions of Chinese Christians1905-11-27uum_sbtsText
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