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151 The Local Flu SituationRoosevelt Standard1919-02-12
152 School and the FluRoosevelt Standard1919-01-29
153 Flu Prevents W. S. S. MeetingsRoosevelt Standard1919-04-16
154 Local NewsRoosevelt Standard1918-11-27
155 The FluRoosevelt Standard1919-01-15
156 Flu Epidemic Checks All Activities in Uintah BasinSun1918-12-13
157 Mrs. Cameron "Flu" VictimPiute Chieftain1919-01-23
158 Spanish "Flu" Attacks ManyPiute Chieftain1918-10-17
159 Flu Takes Many in GripPiute Chieftain1918-10-31
160 Spanish "Flu" on the WanePiute Chieftain1918-11-14
161 Flu Takes a New HoldPiute Chieftain1918-12-05
162 Flu Now on the DeclinePiute Chieftain1919-02-06
163 Hunting Reasons for the FluSun1919-01-31
164 Dr. E. M. Neher Has the FluSun1918-12-27
165 Flu Raging at PanguitchPiute Chieftain1919-01-16
166 Flu Appears for Second Time in Mount PleasantMt. Pleasant Pyramid1919-03-21
167 13 New Cases of Spanish "Flu" Reported When Mt. Plesant was Practically FreeMt. Pleasant Pyramid1918-11-29
168 Lamar Anderson is Claimed as Victim of Spanish "Flu"Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1918-10-25
169 Flu Situation Much ImprovedMt. Pleasant Pyramid1919-04-04
170 Dr. Olof Sundwall Advises People How to Fight DiseaseMt. Pleasant Pyramid1920-01-30
171 Flu CureParowan Times1920-03-17
172 Local and PersonalRichfield Reaper1918-12-14
173 MonroeRichfield Reaper1919-01-11
174 Salina Matron is Victim of "Flu"Richfield Reaper1918-11-23
175 Quarantine Will Not be Lifted SoonRichfield Reaper1918-11-16
151 - 175 of 1,172