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151 Fabricability and Design Considerations of Heat Resistant Alloys1986uu_afrcText
152 Pollution Control1986uu_afrcText
153 Characterization of Natural Gas Fired and Alternative Steel Reheat Technologies1986uu_afrcText
154 Combustion Characteristics of Fuels With Preheated Oxygen Enriched Air1986uu_afrcText
155 Parametric Study of the Thermal Performance of a Natural Gas Fired Furnace1986uu_afrcText
156 Key Factors Affecting the Economics of Oxygen Enriched Air Production Via Membranes1986uu_afrcText
157 Ferrous Metal Heat Treating a Comparison of Natural Gas and Alternative Technologies1986uu_afrcText
158 Use of Spectral Flame Analyzer for Combustion Control in Industrial Boilers1986uu_afrcText
159 A Numerical Simulation Methodology and its Application in Natural Gas Burner Design1986uu_afrcText
160 Pyretron, a Variable Gas/Oxygen/Air Combustion System1986uu_afrcText
161 Flue Gas Stratification in Industrial and Utility Boilers1986uu_afrcText
162 Combustion Problems in the Steel Industry1986uu_afrcText
163 Modeling of Combustion Systems1986uu_afrcText
164 Effects of Oxygen Enrichment on the Performance of Air Fuel Burners1986uu_afrcText
165 Flow and Combustion Modeling of Vertical Lime Kiln Chambers1986uu_afrcText
166 Regen Regenerative Burner for High Performance, Heat Recovery in Aggressive Environments1986uu_afrcText
167 Demonstrated Fuel Savings and Uniform Heating With 100% Oxygen Burners in a Continuous Steel Reheat Furnace1986uu_afrcText
168 Combustion Progress, Problems, Needs in the Glass Industry1986uu_afrcText
169 Combustion With Preheated Air Introduction1986uu_afrcText
170 Some Innovative Techniques in the Glass Industry1986uu_afrcText
171 Experimental Evaluation of a Radiant Tube Combustion System Fired With Oxygen Enriched Combustion Air1986uu_afrcText
172 Fuel Staging Burners for NOx Control1986uu_afrcText
173 Catalytic Radiant Tube For Industrial Process Heating Applications1986uu_afrcText
174 Computation of Adiabatic Flame Temperatures and Other Thermodynamic Quantities1986uu_afrcText
175 An Analysis of Metal Partitioning in a Hazardous Waste Incineration System1987uu_afrcText
151 - 175 of 994