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151 Revisiting Informal Justice: Restorative Justice and Democratic ProfessionalismDebates over informal or popular justice recur periodically in sociolegalInformal justice; Sociolegal scholarship; Professionalism; Democratic professionalism; Salt Lake City Passages Program2003
152 Dynamic simulation, control, and design of a novel solar thermal hybrid power plantSolar power is among the promising technologies leading towards cleaner fuel. However, there are still technological challenges regarding the reliability of power generation due to its intermittency. This work demonstrates the synergies that exist in integrated hybrid systems, where a dispatchable f...Solar energy--Research; Solar thermal energy--Research; Solar power plants--Research2017
153 Critical analysis of information: an epidemiologic perspectiveA slideshow presentation discussing methods for critically evaluating medical literature and observational studiesLife sciences literature--Evalutation2017-04-21
154 Characterization of exosomesExosomes are nano-vesicles secreted by cells. They are found in extracellular space and all body fluids. This poster describes the methods for the isolation and characterization of the exosomes and my plans for future research.Cancer--Research2017
155 ARL Circulation Data 1995-20151995; 1996; 1997; 1998; 1999; 2000; 2001; 2002; 2003; 2004; 2005; 2006; 2007; 2008; 2009; 2010; 2011; 2012; 2013; 2014; 2015
156 What Do Psychiatric Advanced Practice Nurses Know About Trauma Treatment?APRNs have identified the need for psychotherapy training to treat psychological trauma. APRN graduate programs should evaluate their curriculum and increase content on the treatment of psychological trauma using evidenced-based psychotherapy models.advanced practice psychiatric nurse, education, psychotherapy, trauma2017
157 Prearchaic Adaptations in the Central Great Basin: Preliminary findings from a stratified open-air site in Grass Valley, NevadaEarly Holocene occupants of the Great Basin preferentially occupied highly productive habitats surrounding pluvial lakes. While growing evidence details in the adaptations of these Prearchaic foragers in the Eastern (e.g., Madsen et al. 2015) and Western Great Basin (e.g., Jenkins et al. 2012), our...Anthropology, Cultural - methods - United States; Anthropology, Cultural - methods - Great Basin; Anthropology - Grass Valley, Nevada2016
158 A Feasibility Study of a Transfer of Federal Lands: Assessing the Triple Bottom LineThis feasibility study identifies various aspects of the proposed transfer of public federal lands to individual states by characterizing the most significant challenges that the transfer entails for civil and environmental engineers.2016
159 Accelerating Technology Adoption by Health Sciences LibrariansThe Rogers model for adoption and diffusion of innovation can be applied to the adoption of new technology. We know innovators need to start with the early adopters to build capacity before reaching the majority level. The National Network of Libraries of Medicine MidContinental Region (NN/LM MCR) s...NN/LM; RML; National Network of Libraries of Medicine; MidContinental Region (MCR); Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library2009
160 The influence of the Pinyin and Zhuyin writing systems on the acquisition of Mandarin word forms by native English speakersThe role of written input in second language (L2) phonological and lexical acquisition has received increased attention in recent years. Here we investigated the influence of two factors that may moderate the influence of orthography on L2 word form learning: (i) whether the writing system is shared...Second language acquisition(SLA); Mandarin; Pinyin; Zhuyin; Orthographic input; Second language phonology; Second language word learning2016-03-06
161 Genotyping accuracy of high-resolution DNA melting instrumentsHigh-resolution DNA melting is a closed-tube method for genotyping and variant scanning that depends on the thermal stability of PCR-generated products. Instruments vary in thermal precision, sample format, melting rates, acquisition, and software. Instrument genotyping accuracy has not been assesse...2014-01-01
162 FliT selectively enhances proteolysis of FlhC Subunit in FlhD4C2 complex by an ATP-dependent protease, ClpXPWe previously reported that the ClpXP ATP-dependent pro-tease specifically recognizes and degrades the flagellar master transcriptional activator complex, FlhD 4C2, to negatively control flagellar biogenesis. The flagellum-related protein, FliT, isalso a negative regulator of flagellar regulon by in...2014-01-01
163 W-band sparse synthetic aperture for computational imagingWe present a sparse synthetic-aperture, active imaging system at W-band (75 - 110 GHz), which uses sub-harmonic mixer modules. The system employs mechanical scanning of the receiver module position, and a fixed transmitter module. A vector network analyzer provides the back end detec...2016-04-08
164 Regional Aggregation and Discovery of Digital Collections: The Mountain West Digital LibraryThe Mountain West Digital Library (MWDL) is a digital collaborative of over 180 partners from five states in the U.S. West, sharing free access to over 775 digital collections with over 950,000 resources. Partners of the MWDL work together on providing regional discovery via an online portal at m...Mountain West Digital Library; Discovery; Metadata aggregation; Digital libraries; Regional digital libraries2016
165 On why male foragers hunt and share food: Reply to Hill and KaplanMy argument is this: Some food resources, notably large animals when they are unpredictably acquired, are too expensive to defend. Other can claim shares of them without repaying shares of the same foods later.1993-01-01
166 Family provisioning is not the only reason men huntGurven and Hill (2009) ask, "Why do mean hunt?" As they say, "The observation that mean hunt and women gather supported the simplistic view of marriage as a cooperative enterprise. Greater sophistication suggests that males may often be motivated by mating and status rather than offspring investment...2010-01-01
167 On Human fertility: Individual or group benefit?Caldwell et al. (CA 28:25-43) have pointed to the pervasive influence of Carr-Saunders's (1922) concept of population regulation throughout two-thirds of a century of anthropology and demography.1988-01-01
168 On optimal foraging models and subsistence transitionsLayton, Foley, and Williams are right: "progress" doesn't explain transitions from hunting and gathering to agriculture, by theory and models from behavioral ecology might.1992-01-01
169 On sharing and work (a comment on Bird-David)Bird-David (CA 33:25-47) discusses reasons for the persistent vitality and wide appeal of Sahlins's influential characterization of hunter-gatherers as representatives of 'original affluence."1992-01-01
170 Unduplicated empirical theories in communication reported in 2015All empirical articles in seven journals for the volume year 2014 from: Communication Monographs Communication Research Human Communication Research Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media Journal of Communication Management Communication Quarterly 254 ...Empirical theories; Communication2015
171 Empirical theories in communication reported in 2014 & 2015All empirical articles in seven journals for the volume years 2014 and 2015 from: Communication Monographs Communication Research Human Communication Research Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media Journal of Communication Management Communication Quar...Empirical theories; Communication2015
172 Unduplicated empirical theories of 2014All empirical articles in seven journals for the volume year 2014: Communication Monographs Communication Research Human Communication Research Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media Journal of Communication Management Communication Quarterly 231 artic...Empirical theories; Social science theories; Communication theories2014
173 Performance modeling and parametric study of a stratified water thermal storage tankThermal energy storage (TES) can significantly increase the overall effciency and operational flexibility of adistributed generation system. A sensible water storage tank is an attractive option for integration in building energy systems, due to its low cost and high heat capacity. As such, this pap...2016-02-13
174 A primer on grant writing for foundation support for first-time grant writers in academic libraries: challenges and opportunitiesIn a majority of academic disciplines, grant writing is a skill that is often self-taught or acquired informally by trial and error. Few academic discip lines have grant writing as standard part of their curriculum at the graduate level. In the past, grant writing has received little or no emphasis...2015-09-01
175 A librarian runs for political office (or Cincinnatus looks outside the Ivory Tower)Librarians have long been activists for social and political causes outside of their profession; however, few take the crucial step and actually run for political office at the local, state, or national level. In March 2014, after being involved in local and state politics for over ten years and ...2015-08-23
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