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151 Hofmann, Linda CarolThe Career Paths of Female Nurses: Decisions Associated with Intention to Leave Direct Patient CareThis study was designed in two sequential phases; 1) to describe the career paths of experienced nurses related to the intention to leave direct patient care and decisions associated with changing or advancing their education, and 2) to explore how pregnancy, childbirth, and mothering young children...Nursing2017
152 Jugle, MichaelSynchrotron Texture Analysis of Fine Grained Earth MaterialsSynchrotron x-ray diffraction can be a useful tool in the study of fine grained materials. The highly focused, high energy beams combined with fast 2-dimensional detectors allow for the quantitative study of crystallographic preferred orientation (texture) of these difficult to study materials. Here...Geophysics2017
153 Jiao, TianzeInvestigation of the Optimal Timing of Treatment Change to Maximize the Delay of Onset Mucoid Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Pulmonary Infection in Pediatric Cystic Fibrosis PatientsCystic Fibrosis (CF) is the most common life-shortening autosomal recessive disorder. Those patients who have CF suffer from multiple comorbidities. Nearly 85% of the deaths related to CF are caused by lung disease. CF lung disease begins early in life with inflammation, impaired mucociliary clearan...Pharmaceutical sciences; Epidemiology; Biostatistics2017
154 Hossain, Md AbidMeasuring Electric Power System Susceptibility to Cascading BlackoutsThe purpose of this research is to develop methods and software tools to measure stress and the susceptibility of bulk electric power systems to cascading blackouts. We define some metrics to evaluate stress, compute those using real data from Western Electricity Coordinating Council (WECC) and rela...Electrical engineering; Energy; Engineering2017
155 Hennick, Emogene ElizabethThe Homeless Court in Salt Lake City, Utah: Access to Justice and Mercy for a Disenfranchised PopulationHomeless individuals gain entry into the criminal justice system when they are cited for misdemeanor offenses and/or infractions, fail to appear in court, and are booked into jail based on warrants issued from the court. Dependence on the criminal justice system to minimize the visibility of homeles...Law enforcement; Social work; Criminology; Ethnic studies2017
156 Grist, Jonathan JeffreyCXCL1/CXCR2 Signaling Axis and Disease Progression in Pre-clinical Animal Models of Multiple SclerosisThe Glu-Leu-Arg (ELR)(+) chemokine C-X-C ligand 1 (CXCL1) is widely known to be involved in the recruitment of neutrophils to sites of inflammation by binding to the receptor C-X-C receptor 2 (CXCR2) expressed on the surface of neutrophils. The role of neutrophils in central nervous system (CNS) dis...Immunology; Neurosciences2017
157 Gao, YuanyuanUser Opinion LearningThe theme of my dissertation is users' opinion learning. We propose three different studies to learn users' opinion using various approaches and to address several important research questions. Firstly, in order to discover the significant factors that induce the rating differences from user-generat...2017
158 Fasoli, BenjaminModeling Urban Carbon Dioxide Using Light-Rail Measurements and the Modified Stochastic Time-Inverted Lagrangian Transport Model (Stilt-R Version 2)The Stochastic Time-Inverted Lagrangian Transport (STILT) model is comprised of a compiled Fortran executable that carries out advection and dispersion calculations as well as a higher level code layer for simulation control and user interaction, written in the open source data analysis language R. ...2017
159 Gotter, Natalie E.Intimacy for Deconstruction: The Role of Female Relationships in ChoreographyThe questions posed in this research involve the physical socialization of the female body and how inhibitive socialization can be challenged. The female body in traditionally patriarchal societies has been socialized to take up less space than a male body, be focused on how the body appears instead...Dance2017
160 Gingrey, Alexandria C.Relationships Between Extreme Rain Rates and Convective Intensities from the Perspectives of Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission and WSR-88D RadarsTropical Measuring Mission (TRMM) precipitation radar (PR) 2A25 V7 retrievals show that precipitation features (PFs) with the tallest maximum 40 dBZ echo heights are rarely the same PFs that exhibit the most extreme near-surface rainfall rates. To investigate the impacts of potential weaknesses in t...Atmospheric sciences2017
161 Edwards, SamanthaWhen the Losers Write History: The Story of Barcelona Under Siege in the Final Year of the Spanish Civil War (1938-1939)Barcelona's most prominent newspaper, La Vanguardia, framed a fierce resistance to Franco during the Spanish Civil War even when it became clear that defeat was imminent. Its writers and editors made a desperate plea for democratic values, not just to struggling locals or the international community...Communication; European history; Mass communications2017
162 Ghashami, MinaOn Frequent Directions, A Streaming Matrix Sketching AlgorithmMatrices are essential data representations for many large-scale problems in data analytics; for example, in text analysis under the bag-of-words model, a large corpus of documents are often represented as a matrix. Many data analytic tasks rely on obtaining a summary (a.k.a sketch) of the data matr...Computer science; Computer engineering; Engineering2017
163 Altinok, DursunQuantifier Scope and Prosody in TurkishA sentence containing multiple quantifiers can be ambiguous in languages like English. In some other languages, these sentences are unambiguous and the inverse scope reading is not readily available. These languages are called scope rigid languages. In some of these languages, it has been argued tha...2017
164 Campbell, Leah SuzanneInfluences of Orography and Coastal Geometry on Lake- and Sea-effect SnowstormsImproved understanding of the ways in which orography and coastal geometry affect lake- and sea-effect storms is crucial for snowfall prediction downstream of major bodies of water. This dissertation employs observational datasets and Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model simulations to exami...2017
165 Driggs, Jonathan DavisAn Improved Channel Estimation Algorithm for Filter Bank Multicarrier Spread SpectrumChannel estimation techniques are crucial for reliable communications. This thesis is concerned with channel estimation in a #12;lter bank multicarrier spread spectrum (FBMC-SS) system. We explore two channel estimator options: (i) a method that makes use of a periodic preamble and mimics the channe...2017
166 Allen, Dania LisetteThe Effects of a Bullying Prevention Program on Bullying Expression and Overall School ClimateThe purpose of this study was to determine whether a bullying prevention program would decrease student reports of victimization, perpetrating of bullying acts, and witnessing bullying behavior, as well as increase student-reported feelings of safety. Teacher reports of school climate and witnessing...2017
167 Maag, Margaret JudyDiscrimination against the negro in Utah and institutional efforts to eliminate itThis thesis is a look at the Negro in Utah, his history and his position from early settlement to the late 1960's. The Negro population in Utah increased steadily during most of this period, but it never became more than one-half of one percent of the total population of the state. The Negro populat...1971
168 Reeder, Clarence Andrew Jr.The History of Utah's Railroads 1869-1883The nation's railways hold a fascination for thousands of enthuiastic Americans, young and old I who band together in model railroading clubs and organizations formed to study the history and folklore of the railroad. These arm-chair "railroaders" demand and are provided with numerous periodicals an...1970
169 Robyak, James EdwardRelationships among personality type, classroom structure and performance in a study skills courseThe purpose of this study was to examine the differences in the study skills scores, satisfaction scores and GPAs of students who were (1) classified as either Judgers or Perceivers according to their scores on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (METI) , and (2) enrolled in study skills classes in whic...1976
170 Miller, David HenryThe Impact of the Gunnison massacre on Mormon-Federal Relations: colonel Edward Jenner Steptoe's command in Utah Territory, 1854-1855.The purpose of this study is to describe, evaluate, and analyze the impact of the Gunnison Massa9re on Mormon federal. relations. In particular this thesis examines the social and political relations between the Mormon community in Utah and the officers and soldiers of the command of Colonel Edward ...1968
171 Kahn, JeffreyJudas Iscariot: a vehicle of medieval didacticismThe role of Judas Iscariot in the French Passion plays of the f1iddle Ages shows itself to be of particular interest, not only because of the possible interpretations offered by this figure of semi-darkness, but also because some authors of fifteenth-century Mystery plays inserted a very curious leg...1976
172 Christensen, James BoydA social survey of the negro population of Salt Lake City, UtahPrior to world War II the average oitizen in Salt Lake City was not conscious of the Negroes. From the time they arrived in the Great Salt Lake Basin with the original company of Mormon colonizers in 1847 until 1941 they constituted an average of .25% of the total population of Utah.1948
173 Layton, Stanford JohnThe politics of homesteading in the early twentieth-century American West: the origin and supersession of the Enlarged homestead act and the stock raising homestead act1972
174 Lyman, Edward LeoHeber M. Wells and the beginnings of Utah's StatehoodAt about mid-day January 4, 1896, Salt Lake City erupted into enthusiastic celebration, triggered by a shotgun fired in front of the Western Union Telegraph Office. At the sound of the shot, sirens shrieked, whistles blew, bells rang and people went wild with excitement, Bands played patriotic music...Wells, Heber M. (Heber Manning); 1859-1938 Statehood (American politics) Utah -- History -- 19th century1967
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